Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Still blowing a gale outside

It's still blowing a gale and I think that the trusty 'hunters will be staying in the boot of the car for yet another day as I head off down the A1 to Lady Lainey workville.
Yesterday we even had some snowy/sleety type stuff falling out of the sky, I thought it was the apocalypse as it turned pitch black at 2.30pm!!!! Luckily it wasn't ,as you all know how scaredy I am of horses and I tell you if 4 horsemen had come cantering down Coniscliffe Road I would have been under my desk.
I woke up this morning convinced that it was Thursday it took a while to get my head round that it was Wednesday....................well at least we are halfway through the working week!

cricket news must be scarce as we have been granted an insight into 'Fatty' Flintoffs life, yes he has been known to have to take the tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and even done some washing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am sure that this will boost many men to now turn to the large white appliance that lurks in the corner of the kitchen,  goof grief if Flintoff can do washing..........................well any man can!

I also read that when the England team received MBE's for winning the Ashes one member of the team managed to do this having only scored 17 runs in the series, I know you can't be selective! In that case  I should petition for Gillespie the Gallant to get a knighthood, went in to bat as night watchman in his final test appearance and scored 201! Flipping heck that was in one game. Makes 17 runs look silly!

Talking Gillespie the Gallant, The Adelaide Strikers are certainly making him work for his pennies. They had him clambering over the roof of the stadium yesterday!!!! Luckily he was firmly secured. No chance of anyone doing that in the UK at the moment!!!

We are still being told that there will be more rain and our thoughts go out to the people of the North West who are  still wading through water.
 As I said yesterday this is a complete tragedy as we are only 2 weeks from Christmas. I have noticed that lots of local businesses are giving their time for free to help, and this truly  restores your faith in people.

All small acts can help in a big way.

Keep safe warm and dry today.

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