Sunday, 6 December 2015

still blowing a gale

Oh for the heady days of summer when the temperature is usually  a balmy 10c ( well I do live in the icy wastes of the north) rather than the  freezing rain lashed gale blowing hooley we are having at the moment.

When I eventually ventured out into the extensive grounds at the rear of the chateau I seem to have faired better than some people and managed to get the mess cleared in a short time.

However walking around Ladylaineyville was a different matter as I nearly got blown over a few times and was rather windswept by the time I got home.

I was going to have the grand unveiling of the Christmas Chateau last night, but a surprise visit from besty friend Francesca put paid to that and we consumed two bags of kettle chips and a bottle of Chenin Blanc very civilised!!!!!

 Gillespie the Gallant flew out to Oz yesterday and I am guessing that he will have been making great time with that wind blowing.

The Chateau is about to go 'Strikers' mad.

Over in India the South African fans will have very little to cheer about as India built a commanding  lead over the visitors. South Africa only managed over 120 runs and Lady Lainey's SA fave, Abraham Benjamin put 42 of those on!!!

I can see the England team now all smiling, but remember when you meet them they are on their home turf!

Today is going to be about getting the final things in place for Xmas and getting the last of the pressies wrapped ready to send off to various corners of the UK.

I also have some things that I am dropping off at the Domestic Abuse  Refuge. Christmas is a bad time for violence in the home and some woman and children may be there without any pressies, so just a few things to help out those in need.

And as I am lazing in bed writing this, I think that first stop is the shower and then get onto the jobs in hand.

I hope that you are not too wind battered where ever you are 

Stay warm.

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