Sunday, 13 December 2015

we have snow

What a day yesterday!!!!

Zena Warrior Rottweiler and I went out for a walk and it started to rain. We were soaked to the skin but after a quick change I headed out to deliver xmas cards.
I stopped ofc at Pauly Pauls and had a coffee and chat and came out of his house to a winter scene.

Snow continued to fall until evening by which time the garden was 4in thick in places.( the pic above was taken at 1pm).

This morning it is cold but the sky does not look as threatening as yesterday.

I am about to head out whilst Zena goes out with the dog walker.

Cricket saw the end of the South African T20 season and saw the Titans  beat the Dolphins. I have watched bits of this but was totally bored by the fact that most commentary  referred to 'he who must not be named in the blog'.
Well he lost yesterday so I guess his head will not be too sore this morning but will be a little deflated.

I am now on countdown for the BBL and when I get home today will set the timer to record the whole series.
Friday the day of the Strikers first game I will be on the train to London so will watch it on skygo.

I apologise again for any typos  I am still doing this on my phone as I didnt go home to get my laptop.

Normal service will resume tomorrow

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