Monday, 29 February 2016

29th February

Well its the 29th February the day when ladies can officially propose to their men.
Ahhh you lucky boys, now who will I choose?
Well sadly for me those that I would chose are already spoken for, so that means that I will not break my 'never get married again' rule.

I had a message from besty friend 'Black Knight of the Ferrari' who is 'down under' doing 'stuff'. He was reminding me not to ask him as he also has a rule that he is never getting married!. I told him he should think himself lucky if I did!

However back to today, it was with great sadness that I read, that my 'favourite Priest. Father Jack has passed away. Frank Kelly who played the drunken priest in my favourite programme ever 'Father Ted' announced in November that he was suffering from Parkinsons Disease.
He passed away yesterday.

Yesterday saw me return home to Chateau de Champions and get on with important things like washing and loading the dishwasher ( which seems to be all that I do). I also went to 'Narnia' ( the cupboard under he stairs) and cleared out some junk in  my attempt to empty the Chateau of everything that is no use to me now.
After taking three loads to the charity shop last week you would think that there was nothing left, sadly that is not the case!.

The clear out continues.

As does another week in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office so this is a very short one as I have to nip off now and start my working week.

Oh and The dame and I have a VIP invitation to the grand opening of the New Smoke BBQ restaurant in Glasgow in April!

That's chuffing brill news!

Sunday, 28 February 2016

a wonderful day

So at stupid o'clock Dame Didi and I set off on our trip to Leeds, as neither of us were driving we were left in the hands of an able driver to get us to Leeds safely, and he  did in just over an hour too.

First stop was a jewellers were we spied a green amethyst and diamond pendant. We went in to have a closer look and decided that they may be the last purchase of the day!

We wandered up into the city and then hit the shops until it was time for lunch.....................

......................we hot footed it to Smoke BBQ even though we were 30 minutes early for out booking. We were not disappointed ( this was our first visit to the Leeds restaurant), and this time we even managed ( just) to eat dessert and  have coffee, both of which were top notch.

The staff deserve a mention and I have to say that nothing was too much trouble, they were instantly at your table and the food was served very very quickly.
Another restaurant and staff for Duka to be very proud of.

Whilst there we happened to find out that our very first visit to Smoke in Sheffield was in fact only days after they had opened their doors. For the Dame and I that was a visit that we will never forget as we had been ignored in a restaurant around the corner and left waiting over 10 minutes for a table.
We left that place walked round the corner looked in the window of Smoke, one of the staff opened the door, said 'Hello,come in ' and for us the rest is food history.
If you are in either Sheffield or Leeds( and some Glasgow) you have to try it.

Well long day short, we went back and purchased the pendant and then we headed home, were after watching  a spot of TV I was in bed by 9pm, and fast asleep not much after that!

A spot  of crickety news, As financials for the clubs appear now and again it is interesting to see that although  Worcestershire did not have a great season on the field, they recorded a sixth annual profit and  probably should be giving the other clubs a 'masterclass' in sums!!!

Kent  announced that their finances were improving.

Now I have to shoot as I am heading off in the Lady Lainey limo back to Chateau de Champions  to get ready for what ever the coming week will hold.

Have a peaceful and restful Sunday.

Just to say anyone reading this in Glasgow, you will be lucky enough to havce your own Smoke in April, so good luck with that one ( the Dame and I are palnning how to get to visit it)

Saturday, 27 February 2016

It's an away day

Woohooo it is Saturday and it is an away day!
Yes the Dame and I are off to Leeds,sadly not the Headingley area of Leeds but we are going to the Harvey Nichols area which is equally brilliant.

We are having lunch at Smoke BBQ our restaurant of choice in Sheffield and now available in Leeds!!!

Well I am actually super flipping tired this morning as I was woken up in the wee small hours by the 'slumber orchestra'. Dame Didi and youngest monster nephew both snoring, one in the room below me and then other in the room across the landing from me.
Eventually I managed to drift off only to be woken up by the Dame coughing and then a cock crowing ( who the flip has a cockerel around by Dame Didi's chateau???) and then an owl started hooting its head off.
Time to get up I thought and so here I am.......................totally exhausted.

Well news form the cricket world............................................
...................and I don;t like to say I told you so but Steve Finn is now out of the World T20 due to a calf injury.
He is being replaced by Liam Plunkett who needs to keep himself fit if he is to really get a bite of the cherry. I think that they will keep him on the bencjh and only play him if hey really need to.

I think that Finn is ruling himself out of any future Enlgand call ups, or what I really mean is that England need to stop selecting him!!!

Kent have also relaeased Ben Harmison  after four seasons with the club. Ben went ot Kent after spells with Durham where he spent most of his time in the 2nd XI and following in the wake of his older ( and very boring) brother.
I am surmising that he will be back in Durham 2nd's this season!!!!

He has spent the winter playing football for Ashington FC the club that is managed by his brother.Who said nepotism was dead!

At the local charity bookstall yesterday I managed to pick up some fab cricket books, one being the  autobiography of Alec Stewart.
I posted a picture on Twitter and would you 'Adam and Eve' it, Surrey contacted me and have offered to get the book signed by the great man himself!.
A wonderful gesture by the Club and one very happy Lady Lainey.

Right I now haver to get myself dressed and off to Leeds.

Have a great day, Ii know that I will.

Friday, 26 February 2016

It's F(ryan)day

well it is F(ryan)day and the end of  my working week and hopefully the start of me feeling a little more energetic. Although I cannot be too energetic with my back being as it is, but at least the thought of a jaunt to the centre of the Universe tomorrow ( that's Leeds to the  uninitiated!) is filling me with excitement..

However before that I have to get through 7 hours of looking pretty in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office.And boy do I think that there will be fireworks today, as I was informed yesterday that work form HQ in London is coming my way as they cannot cope with the workload, well to be honest nor can I  I am now with one extra draughtsman and another on the way. My thoughts are that London should employ more staff...........................but as it is cheaper to do it in the North East ( ie give it all to me) that's how it stands at the moment.

There is very little cricket news  as we are in the build up to the World T20 series which starts very very soon!!

Notts have lost Peter Siddle who cannot fulfil his contract this season due to a stress fracture in his back which  has ruled him out  and will involve lots of rehab.

Chris Lewis the former England player who was jailed after being convicted of drug smuggling is set to return to the game as a mentor for young players. He is working with the PCA to educate young players about the pitfalls that are around when they have money to burn.

Well lets hope that it works.

drugs and sport will always be a problem, in fact drugs will always be a problem fullstop.
Is 'mentoring' the way round this???

I myself am not sure but hope that the name of cricket does not continue to be blighted with drug related stories.
Right its a short one today as its work and then off to Chateau Saltcurn for an eveing with the Dame before heading 'back home' to Leeds tomorrow.

Have a great F(ryan)day whatever you do!.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Thoughts for Thursday

Isn't it funny that you trundle through your life and make friends and lose friends along  the way, school, work, pub, supermarket queue...........these were the sort of places that you made friends.

Well now  its a little bit more different.

In the last few years being on Twitter I have met and made some wonderful friends. The lovely Sam and Simon, who I managed to drag into one of Lady Lainey's crazy escapades ( see above).

I also met the lovely Sophie and cannot wait to meet up again this time at Headingley were we will be sitting on opposite sides of the fence for the match and sharing the same bottle of vino afterwards. ( I bet I  can get Sophie in to a photo with some Yorks CCC player).

I met the lovely Janey and her hubby, my besty sushi pal Alan, through Twitter and we now all meet up at Chester Le Street, for cricket, where we have coffee and cake and monster munch!!!!
Pauly Paul and Mr Funky the chauffeur have been in my life 'pre twitter' but deserve a mention too, most especially that cheeky Pauly Paul who makes very rude remarks about His Royal Ryanness, not sure what he will have to say to me when HRR  retires ( perish the thought!)

Friends are not always the people that have been in your life for eons ( as I know to my cost, blog 1/4/13 ).

The one thing that I can say about these friends, is that we all got to know each other through Twitter and through our mutual love of cricket...................what better friends to have in your life than super cricket chums!
There are lots of other people that I have have 'met' through Twitter and will hopefully see (again) this season, Gary, Nigel and Mark to name but three.
Cricket is a wonderful and very sociable game and Twitter is great for bringing like minded people together.

And talking cricket those Australian boys have  hit the number one Test ranking spot again. After beating New Zealia they topped the pile and I am secretly glad ( not so secret now!).

On this day

1938 Farokh Engineer Indian cricket wicket keeper was born

1989 Javed Miandad scores 271 v NZ  at Eden Park

1991 New Zealias Andrew Jones scored a twin test  centuries against Sri Lanka

And with that I am off!!!
To do much less interesting stuff!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

It's hump day

Its mid week and I  should be happy that I am mid way to the weekend, however  I am wishing the  week away and cannot wait for the weekend..............................

....................hang on!!!! No chance of lying around in  bed all weekend, Dame Didi and I are off to Leeds!!!! oh yes we are. I am not sure if Leeds is ready for us, Sheffield is just to say recovering.

I had a very busy day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office yesterday  and can see that today will be much the same, however it keeps me out of mischief.

I spent last night in work mode, as I reopened the doors of the mini empire of Dame Didi and I , over the past two years we have not done too much with the business and it had stagnated.
However I have decided that I need to step up and take the opportunity to  get the business back on track.
It also means that I get the chance to go sourcing new products which is like shopping but spending  the business money!!!

I am hoping that the next few weeks might prove profitable for us.

Over in Cricket Land, it was announced that Andrew Flintoff has been elected as President of the PCA!!!!!!

Well as Joe Scuderi said
 'Woohooo free pedalos for everyone'
I couldn't have put it better myself Joseph!!!

It was also announced that the squad, for the MCC tour to the UAE to take on champions of the world, Yorkshire, had been given a bit of a shake up. Scott borthwick is not going and Samit Patel is taking his place.

The chunky monkey that is Samit will always have a place in the hearts of Mr Funky the chauffeur and I, as we had to sit through a match with 3 drunken Scots sitting behind us, chanting 'Samit, Samit...' every time he was near us ( and even when he was on the other side of the field).
If we hadn't known who he was before we certainly did by the end of the day!!!

I have been listening to the to an interview with a group of cricketers, who every year in February play a game of cricket at St Moritz!!!!! on ice!!!!. If you get the chance to listen to it you can find the link on the BBC Sport, cricket page.

Right I have to get a wriggle on, there is no ice but it is jolly frosty outside the chateau. Luckily the Lady Lainey limo is tucked up in the garage so no scarping for me!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tuesday Shmuesday!!

I woke up this morning thinking that  I had no pain.............and then I tried to get out of bed!!!
Yes its going to be an interesting day a I struggle to put one foot in front of the other!Just when I thought I was feeling better too.
Having found it impossible to sleep or  on my side, or my back. I have now taken to sleeping on my front something I have never ever done, and when I say sleep I actually mean lie in bed watching the clock.
I am tired, in pain and very grumpy!!!!

Meanwhile in New Zealia the test is looking as if it could go any way. Australia need 131 runs to win and  have lost their top order quite cheaply. Although New Zealia's batsmen did rack up 335 they lost their retiring skipper for 25.

Its all hotting up down under.

In Surrey they have announced that they have appointed Michael di Venuto as their Head coach. di venuto a former Durham player, has spent the last two season with Cricket Australia. Lets see how that works out for Surrey this season.

The Scottish cricket team are looking forward to their time at the World T20, they are hoping that they are will make their mark on the cricket world. Scotland (whom I have seen many times at Chester le Street)  say they are 'one outstanding performance away from changing lives'

they have to win their preliminary group to get through to play the 'big boys'

I wish them all the best in their endeavours.

well it is day light outside which is a bonus and it is light when I come home form Super swanky Lady Lainey office which means only one thing.........................

...................the cricket season is getting soooooo much closer!!!

Monday, 22 February 2016

and it is Monday again!

And so it all starts again, yes it's Monday and its nearly time to hit the road  and head off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office.

Before I head off there I will take the time to recap  on the cricket that took place yesterday.

Well after watching the England Captain  not sing the national anthem  ( well he is Irish!), they took to the field and although initially they were looking OK, they managed only 171 runs in their innings and lost their last 7 wickets for 14 runs.

South Africa swept in and with Abraham Benjamin giving an amazing display ,scoring 71 off 29 balls,  the Proteas won by nine wickets!!

England's 5th successive limited overs defeat was a shambles and they may have won the test series but they are not looking hot favourites for the upcoming World T20 series.

I think some questions need to be asked about selection and Captaincy ( he has under performed in a spectacular fashion).

Over in Christchurch  Australia were racking up some runs and saw Steve Smith and Joe Burns both hitting centuries.
There have been centuries a plenty  in this test on both sides and  it was only day two!!!
Australia are 1 up in this two match series.

As the papers are full of the  'referendum' and will be until June, I have made this one mention of it.
Please be aware that 'Tales from the Boundary' will be a referendum free zone, as it is a political free zone.
I believe that your political views are your own.

Well it is a short one today as I have lots to do and to be honest have no desire to do any one them.
First thing is to parcel up the 'stuff' I sold on eBay ready to take to the Post Office later, looks like the major clear out is reaping rewards, now if I could just lift the boxes of  charity shop stuff into the car , I would be able to see the landing again.

Right time for off, hope the start of  your week is a good one.

Sunday, 21 February 2016


this is how I looked this morning trying to get out of bed......except that my hair did not look as tidy!!!

After my heroics on Friday helping to push a car I am paying for it with a lot of pain, but it was worth it to help someone in distress.

I would like tojust thank all my friends for the offers of doing shopping etc over the past week, very kind!!

Yesterday was busy as I continued the 'cull' here in the chateau, I didn't take it to the charity shop a I thought that I would wait until I had finished the whole clear out and take it all in one go!. Although looking at the landing,which is now full of boxes, I think that it may take more than one journey.

Excitement was the name of the afternoon as I will soon be the ownerr of a new fridge, its a flipping all singing, all dancing one too, well it is super tall (like moi) and has a special rack in it for wine which in theory was the deciding factor!
Now I will no longer have to shift the milk along to fit in the wine or move the salad stuff out of the drawer to make way for champers. Oh yes it was the most excitement I have had in weeks!!

The pain in my back was nothing to the pain of watching England in their T20 match against South Africa from Friday, I already knew the score but the watching of the match was to say the least a 'pain in the bum'

I am getting myself in readiness for the match today and hope to get lots done before I settle down at 12.30pm to watch the series decider.
Do I have any predictions?
Well I predict that I may be asleep before the match finishes.

I had forgotten to mention yesterday that Yorkshire announced that they had signed Travis Head to replace Kane Williamson from July 18th.
good news for the boy who shone in the BBL for my Adelaide Strikers, however I was hoping for 'Big' Billy Stanlake!

Well lots to do and not a lot of time to do it in, well really plenty of time its just that I do everything at a snails pace at the moment.

So without further ado I am off to get sorted  before the cricket starts.

You can see how this house is run!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Saturday and what to do today?

It's Saturday and I am wondering about going out for a spin in the Lady Lainey limo (sadly,  not the one above, I would love a Maserati but it would have to be in 'Blu Sofisticato,).

By the time that I have shifted my battered and bruised posterior, there is no doubt that I will spend a good part of today lying on my side on the sofa.

I managed to get washing done last night ( well ill or not I have to do my washing), and I also managed to tidy up the Boot Room before heading off to besty friend Lorraines for dinner.

I may venture into the dressing room and the office and see if I can make some headway in there, I only said I might!!!

The other thing is that I have decided to check out what I may need for the upcoming cricket season and think that I may have a  'dress situation'  going on, so best to leave the dressing room until I have sorted that little dilemma out.

This 'situation' consists of every dress that  I own being hung up in the dressing room and then tried on whilst I decide if they stay or go and if I need new ones.
One thing to note is that I RARELY go to cricket in a dress ( especially at Chester le Street as it is usually somewhat chilly), and in all seriousness am not sure what all the panic is about. However you never know this season I may turn over a new(ish) leaf and go to cricket more 'Lady' than 'Bag lady'.

Take 'winter coats',  I have long ones, ( 2 camel, 1 cream, 2 navy, 1 blue mix, 1 grey, 1 brown) then knee length ones ( 1 red, 1 grey,1 grey mix, 1 camel, 1 black) and the short ones (2 cream, 1 red, 1 grey, 1 black). Do I need them all.....................well funnily enough I have worn all of them this winter so they can stay.

Now do I start a shoe and sandal situation?????

Its going  to be tough old day!!

I have been sorting things out for the charity shop and being really ruthless ( not the namby pamby  cull I have had previously). I now have the landings full of boxes and I am not stopping until I really can see a difference. I cannot believe in 3.1/2 years how much 'stuff' I have accumulated and I don't really need it either.

Anyhoooo enough of the wardrobe woes of Her Ladyship, England had woes a plenty as they took on South Africa in the first T20 match.
Now I only saw a smidgeon of the match and am yet to watch in full but just to say that they lost on the final ball, so its tomorrow that is going to be exciting!.

Dinner with Lorraine and Zena was lovely, what a pair Lorraine and I made, me with my poorly coccyx and her with her broken back!

Lorraine has spent her working life a a nanny to the stars and has  been jet setting around the world, but a freak accident a couple of years ago was the cause of the broken back and meant that she will never go back to the job she loves.
She is however the most cheerful person I know and we had a great evening going over memories of the fun that we have had when we were not sentenced to a life of drudgery in Ladylaineyville.
She was the first person  I really got to know when I moved here, I met her over the fence when she was at her Grans, whose garden backed onto ours. She was dressed up as a birthday present for the town carnival ( where she won first prize!).
Ahh yes lots of fun memories especially of when we were in The Brownies and went on pack holiday.  We used 10 bottles of Windolene on the outside windows and they had to get a professional window cleaner in to finish the job!

Well lots to do and lots to sort, and also have to catch up on 'Question of Sport' from last night. His Royal Ryanness was on!!!!

Friday, 19 February 2016

F(ryan)day and I am exhausted

Hello F(ryan)day, thank goodness you have arrived and just in time too I would say.

I am ready for two days when I can relax and take it easy as well as  take the weight off my overly bruised coccyx!
It has been a long and painful week which has not been helped by the total lack of communication between London HQ and Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, which has caused some very big headaches for me.

However two days to let it all wash over me.

In the crickety world, England are playing their first T20 match against South Africa this afternoon.
It starts after 4pm, so I should see some before I walk round to have dinner with besty friend Lorraine and Zena warrior Rottweiler.
As regular readers will know I do spells of 'Zena sitting' when Lorraine goes off on her travels, however Zena who is now knocking on a bit having hit 12 years old, has  been struck down with diabetes, so I have to learn how to give her the injections that she needs daily ready for my next duties.

Anyhoo I digress,

England play the first of two T20 matches and Captain Morgan has been saying how 'exciting' the team is........................................well we'll see how exciting they are this afternoon.

The MCC team to take on my Tykes in the UAE next month has been announced. As we already knew 'the man with no lips' will be Captaining the team. There are no real names of note in the squad, well nothing that registers on my radar,and I am hoping that my boys will 'roll them over' easily.

 I am gutted that I will not be in the UAE when the boys are there, but I will be at Headingley for the first  County Championship match of the season and that is much more important ( and colder).

Right I am 7 working hours away from the weekend, so best go and get it over and done with.

See yo all tomorrow.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thursday and I can now sit down properly

Well whoop di flipping do I can now sit on both buttocks!!!! For about 10 minutes, and then I have to return to the one buttock lop sided sitting that I have been used to since last Fridays events.

I am still unable to lie on my back in bed or to turn over without huge amounts of pain and what seems like some kind of military manoeuvre , but I seem to be getting 'there'.  I am not sure where 'there' is or how long it will take to get 'there' but I am obviously moving in the right direction!

Well to be moving is a blessing and that seems to be getting easier every day, hell, I will be back in the gym with young 'Mr Nice Smile' before you can say 'Lady Lainey Robinson'.

I was coaxed yesterday, into emailing the lovely editor of the BBC re the job in Derbyshire. She was super lovely and said that sadly  I no journo experience whereas  a lot of  the applicants   did.............. but she did say that they would keep me on standby as you never know what might happen.
Holy macaroni!!!!!

Wouldn't that be amazing, she who was born with a silver bat in her hand, being on the BEEB!!!!

Hahahahaha that will take some topping.

Thank you to my 'coaxer' for pushing me to take a risk!

I think that Cally Cricket in Leeds should have a sidekick............................

So England had a little warm up T20 match yesterday afternoon  in preparation for Friday and Sunday's matches.
They beat South Africa A, and even Captain Morgan managed to rack up some runs ( 42).
They won by 44 runs.
Now we just have to wait until tomorrow to see if this T20 team are as good as the hype surrounding them.

Little bits on Twitter yesterday were hinting that 'He who must not be named in the blog' was thinking of 'trying out' for South Africa. Goodness me!!!! he will have more nationalities than I, Lady Lainey ( french, Yorkshire, English).
I was fair having a chuckle, (a full on belly laugh is out of the question with the back injury), they didn't want him originally hence him  coming to England.
This morning I have read that he has no intention of attempting to return to international cricket with South Africa....................................or maybe he realised that they still don't want him.
As he has not played international cricket since 2014, he could be eligible in 2018, which would make him 37, knocking on a bit. ( to be honest as I am only 21 any one over 25 is knocking on!).
I think that it is time that he gave it up.
'Come on Kev' your international days are over'

So endeth the KP rant!

Yorkshire have loaned out Josh Shaw for the season. Shaw made two appearances in the T20 squad last season but failed to take a wicket.
Letting the youngster go and work with another team is a great move for him and hopefully he will return next season with some tricks up his sleeve.

Right I am off to work.............................well you know the score, shout at boys, drink copious amounts of coffee with a green tea chaser and look pretty for 7 hours.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

half way there ( again)

Well it is mid week which means that I have nearly made it half way through the working week and I am closer to the weekend and lying around ( or at least balancing on one buttock to avoid pain) and doing nothing.

However I have to get through the remainder of work at Super Swanky Lady Lainey office before I can do any of that.

News from  around the cricket counties see the  retirement announcement by David Balcombe, ex Durham University boy and Hampshire boy, who had seen the last couple of season out at Surrey. Which probably explains why he is leaving the county and going off to work for the 'He who must not be named in the blog' Foundation.
I wish him well and will hope that it is a success for him.

I had been given the heads up and all the info on a job working for The BBC for the upcoming season..................sadly not in Yorkshire but in Derbyshire. I was contacted again yesterday by the lovely editor asking if I was going to be applying for the position.
It was with great sadness that I had to decline, I have no journalistic experience ( however if you read the Mail online, it appears that none of their writers have either) but have masses of enthusiasm and passion for the game,  I did however feel that this was not enough and took myself out of the equation.
It would have been an amazing season if I had got the job..........................imaging me trying to be enthusiastic about another county!!!!

Now if anyone from the BBC in Leeds is reading this and wants a roving reporter to follow the team around for the season,I'm your Lady.....................I follow them around  most of the season anyway.

Here in the North East of Blighty we are being subjected to hideous weather and yes I know that it is winter, but that still doesn't mean that I have to like it.
We have been having regular falls of snow and then last night it was blowing a hooley and lashing down with rain.
I seriously want to hibernate for the next month or so, that way at least my poor coccyx would be on the mend and I might be feeling a bit more 'perky'.

Well sadly no hibernation for the wicked, so guess I will head off to super swanky Lady Lainey office and sort out the boys.

Ohhhhhh BBC please come and rescue me!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Another day............................

another penny in the cricket fund, well that's how I am trying to see  my time at work for the next few weeks, which will get me through the mountain of work that is accumulating daily in the drawing office.

Yes things are super busy which I suppose is not a bad thing.

Well I chose not  to read the post mortem of the South Africa stealth attack on England in the ODI series. It was bad enough watching it without reading some hacks rehash of the events.
However I read with interest what Captain Morgan had to say about the future for the team............

......... that they will continue to play aggressively ( and leave the field in the same way for some of the players!).
That they would be getting better and more consistent ( well he has batted consistently badly, so that's true),
they are still in the learning phase  of learning ( oh come on!!!! they say this every time they lose!!!)

The World T20 is approaching and to be honest I do not see us getting through to the semi finals, I am not  being defeatist, I am being a realist.

Mark my words!!!!!!

There are too many chiefs across too many sections of the game and then  some of the Indians think the are chiefs too or are running wild.
Time for some rethinks, methinks, but it wont happen.

Other news.

I had my first night of more than a couple of hours sleep last night after  besty friend Lorraine brought me some painkilling patches to ease my hurty painy back.

I slept for over 4 hours and then dozed on and off until time to get up.

That is the best thing ever and hopefully I will get some decent sleep tonight too.

The swelling and then bruising is really not good but it will get I will ever sit on those hideous plastic chairs at cricket is another matter!!!.

Well time to head off to super swanky Lady Lainey office ands getting in and out of the car is another matter all together. Best to wear trousers as it is not too 'Ladylike' I can tell you!!!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Oh dear!!!

well it is Monday and probably enough  reason to say 'Oh Dear'

however now that it is Monday there are more reason  to say 'Oh Dear'

1.Oh Dear, poor Lady Lainey, I am still struggling with the hideous  coccyx injury which happened on Friday and has blighted my weekend I  can now sort of bend down without passing out which is a plus.

2. Oh Dear to all those friends of mine who chose to spread the news of their undying love for their spouses/ significant others  all over FaceBook, when in the case of some of them I know the truth and cannot believe the garbage that they are posting.

3. Oh Dear to the England cricket team who even though I struggled to get out of bed for 8am yesterday morning, still managed to 'do an England' and let the game and series slip through their fingers.

4. Oh Dear its Monday and I have another 5 days in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office!!!

5. Oh Dear I sound like an old misery when in fact I am just being a  'peanut'

5 Enough  'Oh Dears!!!

lets take England, they had a 2-0 advantage in the ODI series, they were so full of hubris going into the 3rd match and then South Africa decided to up the ante.....................and again and again and so England lost the series 2-3.

What can you say to that!!????

Not a lot really except that the Captain of the team has underachieved, the team have been left with egg on their faces whilst South Africa are chewing the billtong of success, and the upcoming T20 series will be interesting.

I love cricket, I love all things cricket ( apart from he who must not be named in the blog), I love Australian cricket and West Indian Cricket and just cricket really.
I love to write about cricket even if my readers do not agree with my views.

But I do like to see England win..........................................

Well that killed that didn't it???!!!

So back to the week ahead......

I have lots of important work to do on V important documents at work ( see I don't just shout and file my nails)

|I am also heading off to the gym tonight to go swimming as this will not only ease my aching coccyx, it will also make me fell better in myself

And after having a very bad week,last week with various things I intend to put it all behind me and take the new week as a new start.

Lets see how long that lasts!!!

Here's to Monday and the week ahead

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines Day

Now please don't think that I am unromantic, but I don't understand why people have to have one day of the year to say how they feel.
It is just a marketing mans vision of a mahooosive money making scheme?

The price of flowers has gone through the roof and  if you are sending red  roses ( *shudders in horror*), then you will have to remortgage your house to send a dozen.

I have always been of the thinking that if you are to mark this day then put your craft skills to good use and make something. This I feel is far more personal.

Sitting in the office day in day out listening to the 'boys' calling their respective spouses worse than mud for 364 days of the year, they are all trying to out spend  each other on presents for the said spouses now that Valentines Day is approaching.
Oh yes, we have a platinum/diamond eternity ring from one, this has  set the bar for the other to try to outdo and to be honest listening to it is ridiculous.
So overly expensive weekends away in country hotels, with 'hot tub on the patio' and champagne cream tea is one booking being made.........................this made me think, is this just boys view of what women want?

You may  all be thinking that I am sounded disgruntled or jaded, but in all my romantic attachments ( there have been a couple), I have preferred a homemade card and meal to some overly priced, mass produced card from Hallmark.

And this year, well as I love me very, very much I have rewarded myself with the chance to see as many Yorkshire matches this season as I can squeeze in . Best Valentines pressie to myself ever! And I did sort of 'make' it myself as I had to work for it.

And also I am spending today watching cricket which is better in my books than making my skin pruney in  hot tub, whilst sniffing country air.
I would like to say that I am sitting comfortably watching cricket but my coccyx is saying other things!!!

I am making lunch for Black Knight of the Ferrari, who is nipping in on his way to the airport as he heads off on his head clearing, life inspiring travels.
And if you think that I am preparing anything romantic......think again, homemade chicken nuggets with homemade oven chips, ratatouille and sweetcorn fritters. Not a romantic meal at all.

For everyone reading this who is in love (shudders), well good on you, and I hope that you all enjoy your day.
I however am enjoying the cricket and a fab book by Scot Mariani ( another pressie for me from me, via the church roof appeal book stand, so doing my bit to help out too) called 'The Martyrs Curse'. I can see I will be searching out more by this author.

Happy Valentines Day

Saturday, 13 February 2016


Oh no!!!! it was all going so well....................... and then I took a tumble sown the office stairs and bumped my ample behind off every one of them.

'No damage' I hear you all thinking especially with the 'padding' that is on it!

Sadly ( for me) I have damaged my coccyx ( again) and am in extreme pain!

Who knew that lying in bed could cause such pain ( well I did but had chosen to forget).
I nearly passed out  on the driveway of the Chateau as I attempted to open the garage door!!! its going to be a long and painful weekend!!!

the doctor said I am to keep moving which is easier said than done, and now all fun plans for the weekend have gone out of the window.
Never mind the important thing is to get better ( and for the wonderful bruises to disappear).

Apart from that yesterday, I also listen/ watched the most amazing game of cricket.

Yes it was the 4th ODI as South Africa took to the field wearing pink ( in support of breast cancer), The sight of the gorgeous Abraham Benjamin in pink is something that will stay with me for a long time to come.

England went out to bat and did an 'England' as wickets tumbled steadily. Little Joey Root steadied the ship and a cracking 39 from Rashid helped the total creep up after it looked as if it could all be a disaster for them.
Broad did a spot of showboating, and was out for his efforts.

Then South Africa went into bat and they did an 'England' losing 3 wickets for 63 runs!!!
it wasn't looking good.
All hopes were on AB who was then run out for 36.

Who would have thought that Chris Morris would be the star of the show?. Having hit 62 he lost his wicket and once again it looked as if England could pull back and get the series win that they wanted.
Nope it was Tahir who hit the winning run and is making Valentines Day look very interesting!

So now we go into the 5th ODi all square.

I hope I am able to sit comfortably through it all!

And now I am off to try to hang out the washing ( yes all great plans down the pan and back to mundane chores), do a spot of housework and then see if I can have a nap.

Have a super Saturday

Friday, 12 February 2016

And F(ryan)day is here

YEAY!!!! It is F(ryan) day and I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself.

Only 7 hours at Super Swanky Lady Lainey office.

I could sleep for a week.........................well that's a fib as you all know that I rarely sleep beyond 5.30 am whatever day of the week it is.
And as I have been up since 4am I think I deserve it this weekend.
If only the eedjit over the road did not sit in his car with the engine running for over 20minutes at all times of the night!, I might get a night of undesturbed sleep!

Well, James Anderson was awarded the OBE yesterday.......................for his services to cricket..................hmmm His Royal Ryanness has played 19 seasons, played for his country and is a prolific wicket taker, I think I will lobby for him to get a sainthood!!!

England are in ODI action today and hoping to wrap up a series win. I however think that the South Africans may have another plan,

I have the radio all set up at my desk and so I will be ready at 11.30am to tune in, ah yes it will be feet up at lunchtime whilst I drift off to the sound of leather on willow.

there is still a lot of commenting about the possible 'card' scheme in matches.
Oh how I would love to see this in County games, I could name a few who would get a yellow for their behaviour on field and even more who would be red carded and sent off.

I need to read more on this!

And then it is the weekend!

Woooohoooo have I said that I am looking forward to it?

Well I jolly well am!!!!

I am having a full weekend of R & R and possibly some gym and sauna ( depending on how I feel), I am also going to be wandering around shops and generally chilling out.

Ah yes..............but first there will be lots of shouting at boys, filing of nails, and generally looking pretty for 7 hours.

Well I am nearly there

have a great day

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Another day on the treadmill

And I don't mean at the gym either, just how I feel about life at the moment.
I appear to be the only one who had yet to take any holiday and have not had a sick day ( which I try never to do unless I am hospitalised).

Another few weeks and I will be taking a well deserved holiday and then  the whole excitement of the cricket season will be upon me and I will be getting ready to travel here there and flipping everywhere to see my Tykes.

Oh yes I love cricket and that is what makes me turn up at Super Swanky Lady Lainey  office everyday to earn some pennies to spend on tiaras and cricket. ( have to get my priorities right because I love tiaras more than anything).

The World T20 England team was announced yesterday and Liam Plunkett was omitted,a lot was said about his fitness, however Steve Finn was included so watch out for 'side strain', 'niggling hamstring', fractured eyelash' and  'broken finger nail' because you know its going to happen.'He who must not be named in the blog' was not named in the squad and took to twitter to mock the fact that Luke Wright was not in there. What a nasty piece of work he is.

I, for one will be glad when he hangs up his bat although as he finds it more lucrative to be a T20 cricket whore, let him just keep circling the globe and staying as far away from English soil as possible.

There is talk of a 'card' system for being trialled in club cricket. Well after Right Royal Hooligans record with cards of 'MCC' colours, in footy, I suggest that the rest of the cricket playing Robo clan keep it clean.

Shame they didn't introduce it at county level for such things as bat throwing, door slamming, extra loud swearing etc etc!!

Yesterday was a long day as travel plans were cut short at very short notice and meant that I, Lady Lainey was fast asleep by lunchtime...................after eating lunch that is. ( nothing comes between me and food).

Today is a busy one as I finish off tres important documents for super mahoosive build and can then return to the important jobs of filing my nails, drinking copious amounts of coffee whilst shouting at boys.

Oh well best hit the road.

Have a terrific Thursday.


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

It's going to be a long day!

it was an early start this morning and it is going to be  a long long day, however it is mid week and so it is much closer to the weekend..

Yesterday was 'eat your body weight in chocolate before you give it up for Lent'day , well it wasn't actually  called that but it was in my book as I decided that after abstaining from alcohol for the whole of January ,and after being so unwell on Saturday ,probably for the rest of February.

Yes I decided to deprive myself of chocolate and sweeties  until Easter..........and at 4.30am this morning I nearly caved in .......................good grief it is a long time until Easter!!!

Well, well, well I had predicted that the South Africans would be back fighting and sure enough yesterday after letting little Joey Root get a century and letting England post over 300 runs and so thinking that they had the series in the bag, we were entertained by the de Kock/ Amla show.

And what a show that was,de Kock putting on 135 anf Amla 127 helped to bring the Proteas over the line with a 7 wicket win.

de Kock was also ( and rightly ) named Man of the Match, he still had he 'rabbit in the headlights' look as he was interviewed.
This young man is at the start of his  international career and has already hit 10 ODI century's which is more that 'he who must not be named in the blog' , who in my books is at the end of his career. #myopiniononly

Bad news for Durham as it was announced that John Hasting will not be available for the season as he is having shoulder surgery, after he has played in the IPL ( well you have to get your finances right).

Durham have been sniffing around Kagiso Rabada ( all a bit incestuous as Keaton Jennings dad coaches the SA under 19's). My view, play some of the bowlers who sit around on the balcony and play 2nd's and then get injured and spend their time on Twitter and Snapchat.

Just a thought, their rarely seems to be any bowling rotation at Durham.

Right I have lots to do.

see you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

It's 'Fat Tuesday;

Mon Dieu!!! c'est 'Fat Tuesday', the day when you stuff votre face with 'crepes' !!!! I love crepes!!! and let me just say that  everyday is a fat day in the chateau at the moment, but due to having no crepes ce soir, I am fighting the fat battle again

Ah zut alors, as you all know I am not tres partial  the England  T20 Captain ( although I am rather partial to his rum....or was before 'Dry January') Well to say that the aforementioned Captain Morgan has gone up in my estimations is an understatement.

Ohhh la la it was reported on Twitter ( so it must be true) that CM told Nasser Hussein that the door is firmly shut to ' he who must not be named in the blog'.

Sacre bleu did I laugh my pretty orange tete off, yes I did and whether this is sportsman like or not I did not jolly well care, I was however waiting for the great  Piers Morgan ( not relation to Captain ) to make a comment.

Petit Pois, What a jolly afternoon I had after that!!!

Aujourd'hui we have ODI action as England hope to win the match and the series, lets just hope that they don't 'do an England' and be so full of hubris that they lose! And it wouldn't be the first time.
Best to be prepared.

 Et maintenant  I am off to do 'my stuff' which seems to be piling up more and more each day, so much for having a totally clear desk by the time I  am  gorging myself on oeufs de Paques.

Oh and I am giving  up chocolate for Lent too,so lets see if I do good with that!

And why is the blog in 'Franglais'?

Well it is Mardi Gras!!!

Monday, 8 February 2016

and the weekend is over

Yes it is Monday and I am trying to muster some excitement for the week ahead, and its going to be a busy one.

There is  no cricket today so I can get on and be a busy bee.

Yesterday saw me heading off to Homebase and getting things for Dame Didi,and then I was back home to get my hair 're oranged' which made me feel a lot better, until I got up this morning and the birdsnest was looking ....well like a birdsnest.

I am trying my hardest to control it but it seems to have a mind of its own.

The rest of Sunday went by in a blur as is normal.

I am counting down to cricket, although my Tykes are out in Dubai in March ( isn't everyone darling!!!).
Once they are back in this country it is full steam ahead ready for season.

Monday morning is usually the worst morning of the week, but this morning a little cheery message has put a smile on my face and made me chuckle my orange head off.
 And also threw my 'schedule' for getting out the door out of the window!!

Sadly this week sees the last week that besty friend 'Black Knight of the Ferrari' is here in the UK until at least June as he is back off to Australia to do 'stuff'.
He surprised me on Friday after I had jokingly said that  I would like a black diamond ring..............................he only flipping bought me one, but before anyone thinks about buying a big hat or logging on to John Lewis wedding Register.
It was NOT an engagement ring, and there will never be an engagement ring for this Lady.
Once bitten and all that gubbings.
He is one of my closest and best friends and he lets me drive the Ferrari too.

Well I am off to brave the A1 in the wind and the rain, as we are apparently being lashed by another storm, I personally think that is just normal weather for February, what would I know???

Until tomorrow.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

busy day ahead

well it's Sunday and where did Saturday go.....................well I was under a blanky on the sofa watching cricket for most of the day and then Black Knight of the Ferrari came round ( again) and we had a spot of dinner ( fish chips and mushy peas......proper gourmet food in my gaff).
I was suffering from the hangover from hell, after partaking in my first drink since new Years Eve, on Friday night. yes 'cheap date; took on new meaning as after 2 glasses of Cockspur I was rendered worse than useless.

So cricket was the order of the day and South Africa took their bats in hand and looked in big trouble from the start, however AB steadied the ship.
England batted as normal, with only Alex Hales looking prepared.
 I am now losing patience with the fact that  an on field umpires decision is so easily overrulled by a player who wants a 'review'.
The 2 men in white out on the field used to make a decision and that was that, then they introduced a '3rd' umpire  who then reviewed the TV footage, and then the teams were given a chance to appeal a decision.
It's just not cricket!!!

anyhoo England won and are two up in the series.

Elsewhere  ( facebook land), I have a friend who constantly posts pictures of her family, all the things they are doing and what a grand time they have doing it. Not now and again but everyday.
Along with the like 'mantras; I love my daughter/son/grandchildren/partner/step daughter.well you get the gist.

I shudder when I see that she has uploaded another 50 picture in the new album entitled 'Friday night family frolics'   or 'My son being sick after a night out with his mates'

Am I the only person  who thinks this is too much???

I do not feel the need to profess how much I love my sisters/nephews/great neices/next doors dog on Facebook or any other form of social media.
Sadly as I know my friend very well, I also know that what is seen on socail media is not a true representation.
I guess sometimes people think it is important to 'pretend; to have a perfect life.

I know one thing, my life is less than perfect but its perfect for me!!!

OMG what a chuffing ranting blog from me,

guess I had better head to Homebase and gt the things that Dame Didi ordered.

Saturday, 6 February 2016



From  being  just a tiny lady

My cricket memory was never shady

And as I got older and more aware

The game of Cricket was always there.

From club to county I watched it all,

At MTS,  I was never AWOL.

Hampshire took up lots of time

And  Durham as they came into their prime.

But in my heart there was never a doubt

Yorkshire were my champs, with plenty of clout

Watching them through good and bad

Never doubting that victory would be had.

The thrill of the run chase

Still never fails to amaze

Bowling techniques

The ‘howzat’ shrieks

A maiden over

Cow corner in clover!

Mid off or in the slips

My love of the game never dips.

So as the season is nearly here

And I start to  get myself into ‘gear’

I will be sat in sun, or as winds blow

Because I love the sound of leather on willow!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Flipping F(ryan)day !

Oh thank  goodness it is F(ryan)day I am so glad that I am only 7 hours away from the weekend...................yip de flipping do!!!!

Well yesterday was super quiet in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office after the excitement of the racing pigeon.
In fact everyone got on with the jobs in hand and I personally can finally see the colour of my desk.

I intend by Easter to have everything in order so that I can head off to my jaunts in the cricket season without any worries.( yes and I also will be heading off to Headingley on the back of a unicorn!)

News came through yesterday that The man with no lips has been given the captaincy of the MCC in the game against Yorkshire in Abu Dhabi..................well I am now glad that I will not be there at the time of that match!!!!

I know that you will think that I am a little harsh on the lipless one, but to be honest his constant whinging about getting back in the England team blah, blah,blah, smacks very much of 'he who must not be named in the blog'.
Even being made Captain of Warwickshire  did not stop him stating that he wanted back into England.
Oh dear, its a sorry state of affairs.

England are  not in action until tomorrow when it is to be hoped that rain does not affect the match. I predict a win by South Africa and the wonderful AB scoring a breathtaking century.

Only time will tell on that one.

Well lots to do this morning, bags to sort, hair to straighten ( yes I am having a change today) and then full steam ahead.

Short one today......................

but best not forget to say Happy Birthday to 'El Tel' hubby of Fun Sophe.

Have a great day day and enjoy yourselves what ever you are doing,

Thursday, 4 February 2016

I am so ready for the weekend!!!

I really am tired and I can honestly say  I cannot wait for my holidays and its not long!

Well I tipped up at Super swanky Lady Lainey office yesterday morning only to be told that since last night a racing pigeon had been in the car park.
I asked all four 'boys' if they could go down and get the number from the ankle ring it was wearing ( and no it was on a curfew).
As the boys all looked at me in horror, even going to the extremes of pulling faces, I decided that if it needed doing I had best do it myself.

The poor thing must have been buffeted by the excessive winds and was just exhausted. I managed to pick him up and brought him in, placing him in an archiving box with some water and  crushed up Weetabix.
I phoned the Royal Pigeon Racing Association.
The lady was very helpful and after giving her the number on the ring, is was ascertained that the little chap was from Scotland.
The local RPRA secretary came out to collect him and make sure that he got home OK.
I had become quite attached to the little fella.............................

I seriously think that I need a pet of some description and think that maybe Goldfish will be the pet of choice.

Never a dull day in the Life of I Lady Lainey!!!!

After the excitement of the feathered friends I settled down to listen to the coverage of South Africa v England.
England went in to bat and posted a score of 399 with Jos Buttler hitting a century and Stokes hitting a half century. This caused all the hacks and 'sheeple' on Twitter to go into raptures and plagiarise each others tweets in a massive outpouring of love for the players.

South Africa went in and were going great guns , with deKock on 138 as rain came down and continued to spoil South Africa's fun.
Sadly they lost on the Jack and Vera  (D/L method) and then the hacks and 'sheeple' were in raptures and plagiarising other peoples Tweets.

My friend 'Fun Sophe' was most upset when she checked in at lunchtime only to see that James Taylor had been omitted from the team. When I saw the team list I  just thought 'face fits'!!

Oooohhh and I am off on another stadium tour at Headingley........yes I know that I know the layout like the back of my hand but it is an excuse for a day out in Leeds.

Right I am off to wash the orange afro as I cannot  do a thing with it .

Have a great day.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Well hello Wednesday, mid week and half way to the weekend.

I can only say that it is very much needed ( I cannot believe I am so tired).

Now, I had an interview all set up for yesterday late afternoon, however when I got to work, I received a call from the 'interviewer' asking if would could reschedule for lunch time as he needed to be elsewhere later in the afternoon.
I had no problem with this at all and headed off.
I will not name and shame the person or the company but let me say that I WOULD NEVER consider working for them.
The 'gentleman' in question spent the  10 minutes that I was in his company with his gaze firmly set south of my chin! ( I was not wearing anything low cut or tight either!)

I eventually  got up and told him that I did not feel the need to continue with the charade of an interview as it was obvious that his focus was not on my abilities.

So I can put that down to experience!

And I can move onto other ventures.....................

Today see the first ODI in South Africa, England will be looking for a series win here too..............................but I deel that South Africa may be on the rise.So it should be very interesting.
I will be listening.
More injurys in the England camp as Jason Roy has a back problem. Well send him home is my answer, lying around the pool in the sun will do him no good!!!!

Durham are apparently looking at South African bowler  Kagiso Rabada, which is interesting as they seem to have more bowlers than you can shake a stick at, but as many of them are crocked a lot of the time  I can see their reasoning,

Aaron Finch has changed sides and headed out to Surrey, which should make me a tad cross but to be honest I feel that he never lived up to the hype that surrounded him at Yorkshire.

Lots of Twittering yesterday about the West Indies U19's run out to help them to a win over Zimbabwe.
They won as the result of a 'Mankad' run out which is within the rules of cricket and which involves a bowler running in and then removing the bails if the batsman is out of his crease.

Well holy hell broke out, and resulted in a great tweet from Tino Best in reply to Eoin Morgan

*England one-day captain Eoin Morgan tweeted: "Disgraceful behaviour in the U19 CWC. West Indies should be embarrassed!!"
Former West Indies fast bowler Tino Best responded: "Everything we do is embarrassing to people like you. I wonder if it was the other way round would you have something to say?"*

It made me laugh.....................a lot.

And with that I am off to 'Whip the bails' off Trill Boys day, he will be working harder today than he has in the last two years.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Counting down

I am on countdown to my first cricket of this year and although the days are in double figures I know that it will not be long before I am back at 'home' at Headingley.

I am sooo excited that I already have my bag packed ready to go, well almost packed as I have no idea what the weather will be like, which never really stops me as I take enough clothes to last me a fortnight!

I had a long chat with my Hynotherapist yesterday regarding 'self esteem' and self worth.
We were discussing how some woman tend to try to be like someone, and channel all their energy ( and money) into having the clothes, cosmetics, body etc like their idol. Sometimes even going to the extremes of surgery to be more like the person they admire.

I have never had an 'idol' that I wanted to copy, I prefer being me ( and that's flipping time consuming I can tell you). I don't 'long' to have hair like 'so & so', or to only wear a particular brand of makeup because 'my idol' does.

I am who I am, I am 6 ft 3in tall, I cannot change that,
 I have mad curly hair which I could straighten if I wasn't so lazy.
 I have a scar on my right cheek the result of a horrendous car accident when I was 17. No plastic surgeon in the world can make my face look like it did before the accident.
I accept  all of this and that I am an individual and to be honest I like being me.
There is no one famous or other wise that I would like to copy.
I have no desire to covert anyone else's life or look.

The grass may look greener on the other side, but that is usually because it has been fertilised with 'b*llsh*t.

Oh early in the morning/week to be on a little rant.

Lets see if there is any cricket news to brighten up my morning

Ah yes!!!!His Royal 'Rolls Royce' Ryanness  has been  chatting about his approaching 19th season in cricket and about the upcoming bowling stars of Yorkshire. He has talked about his role as a senior player to help to nurture the younger players.
Senior he might be but with a 41 wicket haul last season  he is hardly resting on his laurels.
He didn't however speculate on this season.

And late afternoon I have an interview, it was all put together rather hurriedly last night.
So I will head off to see what they have to offer.

And now I am heading out to see what the weather has to offer as it has been blowing a hooley all night and I have been awake since 3.45am.

I feel a nap coming on as soon as I get into Super Swanky Lady Lainey office.

Monday, 1 February 2016

And thats it!!

Yes indeedy, I ave completed my 'Dry January' challenge and  I am super smugly proud of myself!!!

I knew that I would do it as I had commited to raise money for charity, however I did not for one minute think that it would be as easy as it is.
I am now into February and I hope that I can get through this month on a very minimum mount of booze.

To everyone who sposored me, thank you so much, I am keeping my page open until Feb 15th and hope to raise some more money between now and then.

So yesterday involved a bit of everything, I nipped to the shops in Lady Laineyville to get some things for Dame Didi, I then set too and finished cutting back the bushes at the side of the extensive grounds of Chateau de Champions ( yes we are back to out proper name).
I have hacked them back and hope that this will stop them growing and blocking the sun from shining on my Hortensias!!!
I tell you, when I get my hands on 'tools' there is no stopping me. I loved it when I got a sander, and then a drill and now a 'bow saw' is my favourite thing.
I think that I was meant to work with all these items, instead of the 'eedjits' that I am forced to share an office with!!
I may have tidied up the  bushes biut I now have a garden full of branches and I have just heard that we are about to be hit by another massive storm, apparently 'Henry' is on his way and judging by the sound of the wind out there I would say that he is already here.

 There is no crickety news worth a mention today and if I don't get anything interesting soon I will have to start making it up!!!!! ( now that would be interesting)
I did get a  phone call from the lovely ladies at The Headingley Lodge to confirm all my bookings for the season.
Everything is in order and I cannot wait too get back there in April.
3 days of R & R and cricket!!!!

And so now I am off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and begin the month of February.
And tonight my friend Lorraine is popping round, she is the mummy of Zena warrior Rottweiler, who unfortunately is not very warrior like at the moment and is quite poorly.

Well thats it for today.....................................

but the biggest news is that I DID 31 days alcohol free ( and it looks as if I will be drink free until Friday).