Thursday, 31 March 2016


Well, well, well, what can I say about the cricket??
England pulled off a great win against New Zealand to motor their way into the final.
With a 78 from Jason Roy and 3-26 from Ben Stokes they managed to not 'do an England'. Lets hope this follows through to the final on Sunday!

Sadly England's women did not fair as well, as they crashed out to Australia.

So now everything is geared for Sunday!

What I can say is that I am now  just over two weeks away from my first sojourn to The Headingley Lodge this season,and watching my beloved Tykes.
The bag is packed already, I have packed something for every possibility! You just  never know in April!

I went off to get the barnet chopped off last night in preparation for a 'big weekend', tonight sees the grand 're oranging' as I attempt to return to all things ladylike.

After feeling so poorly, so suddenly on Tuesday evening, besty friend Francesca and 'little man'Lucky popped round last night for a cuppa.
True to form the evening was spent in fits of laughter, most especially at my attempts to try to text her in between bouts of sickness!!
yes you know who your friends are!

And so to today and all the joy that it holds, yes, archiving has never been so appealing most especially as it is either that or listening to to latest in the seemingly endless traumas  that is Trill Boys relationship, I tell you if I was in a relationship that was half as hard as his pertains to be, I would be out the door with my Louis Vuitton suitcase, trip tapping down the path as quickly as my Jimmy Choos would allow.

Well its a short one today as I head off down the A1 to Ladylaineyworkville, luckily due to school holibobs there is seemingly no traffic, do children not work to school anymore!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wow it's Wednesday!

would you 'Adam and eve' it, it is Wednesday already!
yes I am half way through the week and I have only put in one day.

Today England are in cricket action against New Zealia, I am hoping for an England win, but am not holding my breath.
Their current form is good, but they have the knack of making it hard work, so anything could happen.
All set to tune in at work.

Ben Stokes has gone on record as saying that England have 'the mental edge over New Zealand', hmmmmm  that could be true in one form !!!

Surrey have suffered a bowling set back before the season starts as Stuart Meaker suffered a groin injury and will require a 'minor procedure' to repair the damage. he is hoping to be back in the squad soon.

Besty friend Francesca was due to come round last night for a chat and a cuppa, but half an hour before she was due I became very sick and I  then spent an hour on the bathroom floor before crawling into bed at 7.30pm and falling asleep. I am pleased to say that I feel on top form this morning, but a very strange turn of events last night!

Needless to say their was no needle clicking action in the chateau last night but lots of ZZZZZZ's

Kiki the elder statesman of the family is back from her latest voyage and true to form is ill after two weeks on the high seas, this is a recurring event after her travels and I for one would be knocking it on the head, actually I for one would never be seen dead on a cruise ship!

Imagine being trapped  in a metal box with all those people!

My idea of bliss on holiday, the middle of no where ( with wifi) and reclining on the terrace watching the stars at night, I'm sure that it beats 'dancing girls and bingo'!

Right off to work and prepare myself for a day of archiving and  O & M ing, yes it never ends.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Back to work

Ah well the lovely long weekend has gone by way too quickly and I am sitting here in my home office typing this before I head off down the A1 to Super swanky Lady Lainey office. Well that's another  long weekend over for a few weeks.

However we are nearly into April and the cricket season, I am counting off the days on my Yorkshire calendar ( which I don't want to turn over from March' which has a picture of  His Royal Ryanness).
Not long now!

Before that though we have the remainder of the World T20  to see out and  tomorrow sees England take on New Zealia  for a place in the final.

My thoughts on this, well New Zealia look strong, England look OK, it could go either way. I will however be wearing my England hat and listening in from my desk.

I have a busy week and that will keep me out of mishchief although I can say that I will probably be in bed as soon as I get home tonight as I was still awake at 2am this morning. To say that I am tired this morning is an understatement.

Still lots to do here at the chateau and the sitting room has been taken over as 'Crciknits' central as orders have been coming in for all things 'crickety'. the Teddy jumpers are the most popular followed by tea cosy and car dangler.
The sound of clicking needles will be echoing around the room , it also means that it if I knit through my lunch hour it will stop me spending my hard earned cash at the shops!

Right with that it is time to head off to shout at boys drink copious amounts of black coffee with a 'redbush' tea chaser and look pretty for 7 hours.
it's a hard life.

Monday, 28 March 2016

all calm this morning far.

Well it was all calm but now suddenly the wind has got up and the sky is getting darker by the minute.

We are still being lashed by Storm Katie, and yesterday she unleashed wind rain and hailstones on us, and I mean literally on us, I was out with Dame Didi and eldest monster nephew Lord Christophe!
It was safer to be in indoors with the heating on.....................

Although watching the cricket was a bit turbulent!

Long T20 short.
West Indies lost to Afghanistan.......................

Australia lost to India..........................

So now we are down to the semi's when England take on New Zealia on Wednesday.

I want to be full on England but fear that they will...............'do an England'! I suppose we will have to wait and see.

It may be Easter Monday but I still have lots to do here at the Chateau, a trip to the shops is in order as I have tun out of dishwasher tablets!!! Flipping heck that could possibly be nearly as bad as running out of washing powder.....................although maybe not!

So I am hopping off down the shops now to get things whilst it is quiet.

Then back home for a full on day of cleaning, clearing and sorting. which may stop at 2pm when I will be watching South Africa.

I am now 3 weeks away from my cricket season and I need to get things in order here.

Ohhh and the super new all singing all dancing fridge is the best thing in the whole world! I flipping well loves it!

I also have lots of orders coming through for my 'Crciknits', so that should keep me busy lunchtimes through the week.
It's all go, so I guess I should be gone.

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, 27 March 2016


these were the scenes in Chateau de Champions yesterday as the news came through from the Yorkshire AGM  ( thank you Gary!) that  Geoff Boycott has not been voted onto the board. you may think that this is a tad unsportsmanlike but I personally had my reasons.

1. The board needs business brain and not cricket brain.

2. The board keep the club moving in the right direction.

3.The board takes into account the members, the life blood of Yorkshire.

4. The board does not interfere with the playing side of the club.

I feel personally felt that Geoff Boycott would not be able to adhere to these most especially the last one.

I will say that Geoff has been a true and faithful servant of Yorkshire and hopefully always will be.
The members cast their votes and made their voices heard.
He told the Telegraph that he was saddened not to have been elected and that he had no plans to interfere with the cricket.
However I feel that, like myself ,the members felt that it would have been only a matter of time before it was too tempting for him to give his 'two penneth worth' regarding the cricket.
The boys need no other help than the amazing back room staff that they already have.
The business is now sorted and we move onto the start of the season.

I spent most of the day avoiding the  apocalyptic weather as we were hit by Storm kate. Well she was obviously in a foul temper as the skies went black and  we were lashed with torrential rain and high winds.

I went to visit my friend Lorraine, what a pair, her with her broken back and me with my 'rear end injury'.  A great four hours were passed laughing and reminiscing  about our years as 'Brownies'.

I got home to watch England very nearly 'do an England', in the World T20 .
It was a rollercoaster to say the least, and England pulled through to reach the semi -finals.
I predict that things may get worse for them now, as they need to really up their game.

Today sees sunshine but a bitterly cold wind.
I am having a visit from Dame Didi this afternoon so I think that I need to get on and do some housework before she arrives.

And it is Easter Sunday, so time to tuck into your Easter eggs, or in my case eat your body weight in nuts and fruit.

Have a peaceful Easterday.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

It's D day

It is D day and that is no reference to 'dehydration' which was the feeling that I had at 4.30am this morning!

Yes I had an early start with Francesca ( 5pm) yesterday and by 9.30pm I was struggling to get into a cab and wend my way back to Chateau de Champions!!!!

Which brings me nicely to 'D Day'

Yes today is the day of the AGM!

The day when Yorkshire decides!

Due to the arrival of the 'all singing all dancing' new fridge I am unable to attend, however I have my 'spies in the camp' and will be notified instantly that the committee names are announced!

sadly this year Lady Lainey Robinson will not be one of them, but who knows about another year!

I have the champers chilling ( in the old fridge) ready for the notification and as you can tell I am hoping that the result goes the way that I want it to.
Even with the hangover from hell I will go the extra mile for my beloved Yorkshire, yes, no matter how rough I feel, I am prepared for champers o' clock!!!!

Come on Yorkshire!!!

It also means that I can watch England v Sri Lanka from the sofa, although it would have been far better reclining on one of the huge beds at The Headingley Lodge with a view of the hallowed turf, however it was not to be!

South Africa were crushed by the West Indies yesterday and not even my super Abraham Benjamin could pull a rabbit out of his hat to rescue them!
Oh dear!

I had the christening of the new rotary clothes line yesterday and got all my washing dried, ahhh happy days!

And now??
well I am off to have another pint of water, some porridge and soya milk and  get into work mode, I have a lot to do today.

I wait with bated breath for the ballot results!

Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire

Friday, 25 March 2016

Good F(ryan)day

Good F(rayn)day and welcome to the long Easter weekend.
It is a fun packed day today as I have lots to do before the arrival of the new all singing all dancing fridge, I tell you, I know how to pack fun into my weekend off!
Before it arrives though I have to clear out the old fridge and move it and move the freezer...................hmmm and I am going out to  dinner with besty friend Francesca too!
And I have to put up the new washing line!
The excitement never stop!

Lots to do, although I guess it will keep me out of mischief!

Quite a bit  of crickety news today as Hampshire announced that they will be joined by Darren Sammy for the T20 blast series. Sammy played at Notts last year and was a great influence on all the fave of Fun Sophe, Big Luke Fletcher.

In Australialand it was announced that Shane Watson would be retiring form international cricket, a shame to see a great sledger go although little Joey Root got the measure of him at Lords.

Joey walked out to bat and Shane said,

'Here comes the choir boy, get yourself back to choir school'

Joey retorted
' That would be why they call you Watto not Witto!'.

great cricketer all the same.

Both Australia and South Africa are in action today ( although not against each other ) so that will mean frequent trips to the TV to see what is happening in between washing and tidying and .......well all the usual nonsense that happens here.

England are not in action until tomorrow when they take on Sri Lanka in Delhi.

Hope the fridge arrives before that all kicks off!

Well it is that time sadly, time for me to head off to the kitchen.

have a great F(ryan)day and don't forget your fish or in my case, smoked tofu!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Last day at work......for this week!

Oh yes 7 more work hours and then it is time for me to put my feet up and 'chillax'. I cannot flipping wait.
The coccyx is still a major problem and although I am no longer walking as if I have just dismounted a horse, I do know that this is not going to ( unfortunately for me ) be a quick fix. Problem is that I fractured it previously and there in lies the rub!!!!!

However 4 days away from Super Swanky Lady Lainey office  will make me fell super better, four days away from stupid office boys and their foul mouths and 'foulier' ( super made up word) habits!!!

And talking about boys, 'My boys' to be precise, only chuffing lost against the MCC....................lost against a side captained by the man with no lips!!!
Well now!! I think that a stern talking to is on order and if that fails then naughty step for the whole lot of them, Gillespie the Gallant too.

Do they not know that I have sacrificed some of my 'tiara money', I have put 20p each way on them winning the County Championship!!!!!

England had a bit of a shock yesterday as they were nearly rolled over by Afghanistan!
yes it was all going jolly pear shaped by 10am yesterday morning and I was about to switch off the commentary.
The top order crumbled and it took an heroic effort by Moeen Ali (41)  to put on some runs.
Luckily the England bowlers were able to reciprocate when they took to the field.
England won by 4 wickets, but not before their cricket lives and careers had flashed before their eyes.
Well played Afghanistan for giving them a run for their money.

No cricket today as everyone has a spot of R & R or in England's case a lot of batting practice!

Dame Didi told me last night that she had been watching TBTV, and she too noticed Captain Gale in his undies!
We did however spend a good part of the conversation howling at His poor Royal Ryanness ( which is not very Ladylike) as he underwent surgery on his offending appendage.

Fanbloodytastic news here at the chateau , I have a new washing line!
After my 'Minky rotary line' gave up the ghost a few months ago, the massive amount of washing that I generate has been drying around the chateau.
however yesterday I purchased a new one, and it will be getting  christened tomorrow, weather permitting.

But before all that excitement I have to head off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and finally finish the O & M manual.
A bientot

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Its mid week!

But  in reality it is only 14 working hours until the long Easter weekend.

Wooohooo c'est le paque!!!

Pourtant I can not 'mange' a 'chocolat oeuf'

I am not allowed them now!!!!

Luckily this Easter will be a lot calmer than Easters of old in Chateau Didi Deux in La Belle France.
Yes I remember excitedly, waiting for 'le lapin du paque', only to drive out onto the road and see him in the middle!! squashed!!!! No Easter eggs that year for me either.

However there are still 14 hours until I can really start to get demob happy.

Yesterday  over in The UAE Yorkshire had obviously read my blog before heading out onto the field as they turned over the remaining MCC batsman before 7am!
I was trying to put my slap on and nearly poked my eye out when 'Bunny' Onions went!!!
We also saw/heard Tim Bresnan pick up his 450th FC wicket.
Ahhh I had forgotten how much I love waking up and getting ready to cricket.

We were also treated to another instalment of 'TBTV' on  the YCCC website, well as I was tucking into my oats and soya milk, I never thought that I would be seeing His Royal Ryanness recumbent on the 'fizzio's' bed.

We were then entertained by the puncturing of HRR's toenail whilst he went a colour even paler than my porridge.
It was obvious the most entertainment that the team had, had in a while as they were all watching Kunwar the 'proper good fizzio'  'operating.

the sight of Captain Gale in his 'undies' was also something that a Lady should never see at breakfast!

Worry not though His Royal Ryanness is back on his feet and as bouncy as his curls.

Day three of the cricket saw my boys rack up 239 runs and going into day three with a lead of 123. Steve Patterson and Will Rhodes resume the innings in approx 21 mins!.

Over in the World T20 New Zealia played their way into the semi finals with a win over Pakistan.
England are in action today against Afghanistan which kicks off at 9.30am.

well I am about to go and wash the orange birdsnest afro and get myself ready for the day ahead.

Don't work too hard!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


This is I, Lady Lainey,  the owner of the crazy orange curls....................  beware of imitations!!!!!

This is Nigella Lawson doing a very poor imitation of me!!

I would say that Nigella and I  have a 'couple' of things in common, but sadly her attempt at taking on the hair colour of moi is not a success.

Nigella!!!!!!  leave this  hair colour to Her Ladyship! She wears it far better!!!

Now that I have got that off my chest, lets turn to all things cricket, I was able to tune into the whole day of cricket from The UAE where Yorkshire are taking on the MCC.
I sent an email to Cally Cricket and even got a mention on air, from Cally AND Gillespie the Gallant no less!!!!
Well if you think there was any chance of work after that you can think again, I had to go and lie down in the spare office!!!!.

There was some top Tyke bowling  work with two wickets falling before I had time to gulp down my porridge!
Then after dismissing Bell the MCC decided to dig in!!!. they closed the day on 0282-6.
Today needs some strong work form the bowlers, and a brilliant opening spell from Lyth and Lees.
Yorkshire expcects.......

In the  World T20 Australia managed to pull off a win against Bangladesh, although they are not showiong themsleves to be the top form team of latter years. IS this why Gillespie the gallant was practising his bowling the other day? are we looking forward to an amazing return from the 'big fella'?

well a lady can dream can she not?

Today sees New Zealand  in action against Pakistan,  would guess on a NZ win.......................but you never know!.

My day is going to be full and boring but I get to have an hour with Cally cricket before I head off to Ladylaineyworkville.

Until tomorrow.......

Monday, 21 March 2016

It's spring!

it's spring!!! and what a glorious spring day it was here yesterday in Ladylaineyville.

I got all the washing dry and 'blanky' is now folded and ready for the start of the cricket season proper in a few weeks. Ahh it is all becoming very real.

So yesterday my Yorkire boys were in action against the MCC and as I left you Captain Gale and Gary Ballance were at the crease.
However no sooner had I finished the blog, then Captain Gale finished his innings!!!
Gary went on to score 105 and is showing great form. Will Rhodes hit a career best 95 which included an amazing 6, he said himself that he doesn't think he had hit one that far before!

So after some worrying times at the start of the day, Yorkshire ended their innings on 275.

I was also tuning into the World T20 where South Africa were playing Afghanistan.
After the loss of Amla way too early it turned into the 'Abraham Benjamin' show as he hit 64 which included 29 off one over!!!

Afghanistan put up a fight and at times looked as if they could be victorious, however Morris with bowling figures of 4-27 managed to stem the flow of runs and South Africa won by 37 runs.

Well that was way too much excitement for  a Sunday so I settled down to have a nap!

Today may not be quite as exciting as the mountain of work continues to pile up and I am back in O & M mode.

Yes they are really working the Lady at the moment!

well that will have to stop!!

I am about to tune into the morning session from Dubai and see how my Yorkie bowlers get on ( His Royal Ryanness is not playing this match so.....)

and then it will be that time again!! WORK!!!!

Oh well have a great day and remember it is only a four day week this week for most people.

Yeay!!!! 4day weekend coming up!!!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

up with the larks & the blackbirds & the magpies.......

Yes my little feathered friends managed to wake me up  which was a good thing as coverage of the  MCC v Yorks match is on 5live sport for the next few day and I will be listening, Sadly as I type Yorkshire have lost their two opening batsmen and Captain Gale is in with Gary Ballance.

It's also great to hear the 'Voice of Yorkshire' Dave Callaghan  giving the commentary, the season is well and truly here!!!

Yesterday was a busy day in the chateau with washing being the order of the day and then getting on with a spot of sewing, which is a top secret project for a present. As well as 'sorting ' out a surprise Easter pressie.

Then I made sushi!

Yes indeed I did, I made sushi vegan style.

And it was delicious!
I  also made bread and soup  which is to set me up for lunches for the next few days.

Today I am washing again, this time it is the trusty 'blanky' who has many a trip out to the cricket at the start of the season ( and sometimes until July at Chester le Street).
I am also going to start the cleaning of the flasks in preparation of the many cups of coffee they will be carrying over the course of the next 6 months.
Yes it's a full on cricket prep day as well as Yorkshire listening day.

In the World T20 India defeated their rivals Pakistan in a rain affected match (which seems to have been quite a lot of the matches).

Today South Africa are taking on Afghanistan which has a 9.30am start (GMT).

I am now off to have a super vegan breakfast of mushrooms on toast and prepare everything for the coming working week.

So with that I will take my leave but not before letting you know that the score as it stands at 7.55am is 59-2 and there is the  prospect of hearing Gillespie the Gallant talking to Cally later this afternoon.

Happy Sunday

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Silverware and underwear!

What a crickety day it was yesterday!
Yorkshire were taking on the MCC in the T20 tournament, beat them! and then played the final against Lancashire.
Well I think the picture says it all!, yes more silverware for the boys and the season hasn't started yet.

It sure made me smile!

England were in action against South Africa and boy was that a match!
after it looked as if South Africa had  it wrapped up in the first 5 overs ( slight exaggeration), England made an amazing comeback and by amazing I mean they didn't 'do an England' and choke.
Yes they won, but my fear is how many will now be on the 'crocked' bench after that game!.
Reece Topley sadly did not shine for me and I am still wondering why Liam Plunkett was even selected to go to the tournament when he is being overlooked!

Anyhoo well done to the England boys.

I had a very quick drink with 'Black knight of the Ferrari' who is back in the UK due to a family bereavement. he declined tofu stir fry and headed home with a kebab!!!

He is loving his time in Australia and can;t wait to get back.

After the excitement of the all singing all dancing, window in the door washing machine , I have put all plans to buy it on hold, £800 could be better spent and I have to learn to retrace my steps BEFORE I set the machine going. SOOOOO much cheaper.

And talking washing I hear the sound of the spin cycle so I am off to hang my smalls on the line, however by the look of the sky they will not be hanging out there for very long.

Off to do 'stuff'

a tout a l'heure

Friday, 18 March 2016

Fuzzy headed F(ryan)day

And I am not talking about my curls!!!!!
You know how much I like summer with its bright mornings and long evenings, well I had forgotten about the flipping birdies tweeting their chuffing beaks off before it is even light.
Yes its the middle of the night, I know this because it is nearly the time I get up and believe me although I get up super early I am struggling with the feathered chorus  at the moment.

I am also 'stiff as a board' after taking a tumble down the stairs at the Chateau last night luckily it was only to the 'little' landing and not all the way down. I managed to avoid going down on my bottom!! I was also sober for the record!

Yesterday 'me boys' lost their T20 match against Leicestershire Foxes ( probably because His Royal Ryanness wasn't playing) and today take on The MCC in the T20 Tournament.
 Tomorrow they have a day of R & R before the 'biggy' starts on Sunday.

In the World T20, Sri Lanka beat Afghanistan and today Australia take on New Zealia ( I know who I want to win there), whilst England take on South Africa.......................hmmmmm now there's a toughy for her Ladyship!!!!

I was watching TV last night when an advert came on that got me super flipping excited!.
You will all know my passion for washing, I tell you my machine is the hardest working in the world.
Well now you can buy a washing machine that has a little window in the door meaning that ( if like me) you drop half your washing on the stairs as you take it down to load the machine,  when you find them ( usually 10 minutes after I set the machine away), you can open the 'little' window and 'pop' them in!!!!

Ingenious and something I have been needing for a chuffing age!!!!
Well done those boffins at Samsung ( well it wasn't really rocket science was it?).

I am shaking the piggy bank as I type to see if I can get one!

Anyhoooo back to F(ryan)day. I have 7 hours of O&M work to do before the weekend and then I will be running round the office with my Yorkshire shirt over my head ( one of those things is not true and it's not the Yorkshire shirt bit).

Also there are only 5 days to get your ballot papers in to Yorkshire.


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

How much more sad news can we get

As I was driving to Super swanky Lady Lainey office yesterday I heard that the wonderful Sylvia Anderson had passed away. I don't think that you have to be of any particular age to recognise the voice of this lady or rather the voice of her 'alter ego' Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward.

Yes Sylvia was the voice of Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds. The elegant diction and annunciation that made Lady Penelope the role model for I, Lady Lainey and probably lots of little girls over the years.

And now to cricket news.

England were in action against the West Indies,
After the news that Liam Plunkett wouldn't be playing and David Willey would be, I settled down to listen.

England posted 182 in their 20 overs and took to the field.

well it can only be described as a master class in batting from Chris Gayle as he hit 11 6's against our boys, he hit the joint third fastest hundred in T20  internationals and  saw his team through to the winning line.

Time for England to regroup I think.

For Yorkie fans, there was another episode of 'TBTV' on the website where Gillespie the Gallant was talking about his 'veganism' I think that we will be seeing a little bit 'less' of him when he returns to the UK as he appears to have been living on oranges!
Luckily in the now vegan chateau, we were tucking into veggie tortillas, mexican style with vegan cheeses and spinach salad with edaname beans, followed by a soya yogurt.
Not tickling your taste buds?

well I have to say it was jolly tasty and I have yet to succumb to the desire for cakes, crisps and chocolate.
day 6 is about to begin!

Time to head off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office and all the joys that will entail now that Pony Paul is back from his jollies.
Ahh yes the peace will be shattered.


yes it;s midweek and only 21 hours until the start of the weekend, not that I am wishing my week away I have way to much work to do.............yes you heard me correctly, I have work to do!!

well sometimes I do more than file my nails and look pretty!

My Yorkshire boys were looking pretty (good) yesterday as they took on Lancashire. Even TLJL got to have a bowl and took a wicket!! what a top boy.
His Royal Ryanness looks as if he is saving himself as no wickets from him.
Galey was pleased with the boys efforts in their first match back out on grass.
Ohhh not long now until I see the boys in action at Headingley.

I had the pleasure of meeting my twitter pal  @johnhutchison10 yesterday when he delivered some cricket books too me. Small world as we discovered that we both sort of worked in the same industry!

The books will give me some much needed entertainment at lunchtimes!
it sure beats listening to 'boy chat'! i swear if I hear any more football talk I might scream!

Well today England play their first proper match, and yesterday New Zealia  ( as they are known in these parts)  completely  rolled India over winning by  47 runs!
pretty impressive.

For any of my Yorkie mates who haven;t seen it, go to the Yorkshire website and catch up on 'TBTV', entertaining viewing hosted by 'Little Timmy Bresnan'.
Highly entertaining.

Well I was woken up at 'birdy o' clock' this morning, no damned idea what time it was but it was dark and my feathered friends were singing with great gusto.
I however was not feeling quite do euphoric!

I am now showered and dressed so best get a wriggle on and head off to the 'oriface'.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Has spring arrived?

What a beautiful sunny day we had here in the north east of Blighty yesterday. After being woken up by the birds singing, the sun came up and it was a wonderful spring just know that it won't be like that for the start of the cricket season!

Yorkshire were baking in sunshine ( with a bit of wind) in their opening pre season match in The UAE against Lancashire.
Adam Lyth went very very early and Gary Ballance and Alex Lees took the helm and steered the boys onwards. Ballance hit 103 off 188 balls. Before retiring.
Yorkshire  posted  313-6 with TLJL adding 35 to the score.
it's looking good for today.

England were playing their second warm up match which saw 'new Tyke' David Willey take a hat trick, lets hope that this is the start of something good for the forthcoming season.

All eyes on the team for tomorrow.

Things in the  chateau are hotting up in the  ongoing  'clear out', as lots of things were being packed up ready to be posted after a mammoth selling spree on ebay.
I am not sure whether this is helping in the determined effort to find out the colour of the dressing room carpet, but at least things are being disposed of.

I am making it my mission to continue this  massive effort until I am no longer surrounded by so much junk.............................looks like this could be ongoing for a while!
I am just not sure how one person has managed to accumulate so much 'stuff;!

Today is full on at the chateau as I tackle another  O & M manual, if only they were as easy to sort out as my blog, I would be flying through them.

So with that in mind I am off to do my thing.

And we are day 4 in the vegan challenge.

This evening we are having 'veggie' cakes with  asparagus, whilst falafel and pea shoot salad is the lunchtime treat.

well off to shout at boys, drink copious amounts of green tea and look pretty ( tired) for 7 hours.

Monday, 14 March 2016

back to the grind

I was woken up at 4am this morning (I had managed to get some sleep) by the sound of birds singing. And they were singing their little hearts out.
Now as the sun is coming up it actually looks as if it is going to be a lovely day.

Over in  The UAE it is looking to be a good day for my boys as they play their first match against Lancashire in their pre season tour.

This builds up to their match later in the week against the MCC

Jack Leaning was interviewed just after arriving  at the weekend and he looks as if he is ready for the up coming season, and looking forward to the arrival of Travis Head.

England are playing another warm up match today against Mumbai XI before their first match later this week.

They are taking on the West Indies..............not sure how that will pan out.

Rain has been playing havoc with a lot of the matches over the last week, I think it has been dryer in the UK!!!

I caught an article about a group of Masai woman who have formed a cricket team out in Kenya, they have decided to follow the lead of the men.
Their aim is also to highlight FGM which is sadly part of the culture.
These women intend to have their voices heard and are using cricket to do this.

Cricket without Boundaries a UK charity has been out in Africa for over 10 years spreading the word of cricket whilst educating against the spread of HIV/AIDS and FGM.

this is short today as lack of crickety news and also because I have lots to do.

Until tomorrow

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sad news

well as they say it never rains but it pours, and yesterday it was pouring with tears, as the beautiful Zena  left us.
She was one of the most loving dogs and even when her arthritis was flaring up, would still hobble over with her newest favourite squeaky toy to let you have a play.
the past few months had been hard on her as she developed diabetes.
Sadly a sudden bout of gastroenteritis ( which the vet said is rife on the town at the moment) was more than her 12 year old body could cope with.

She is now at peace.

RIP Zena warrior Rottweiler

And that sort of took up my Saturday.

I half heartedly tried to do some housework but in the end I headed to bed.

Today is cold and misty  and  no chance of getting any washing out to dry ( at the moment), so it will be down to trying to sort out some more of my junk to dispose of.

In cricket yesterday ( which was the last thing on my mind). Scotland recorded their first T20 win in 21  attempts. Zimbabwe lost to Afghanistan who go through to the Super10.

the Netherlands held an emotional press conference as they were eliminated  without really even brandishing bat or ball, the weather being their foe.

They are playing Ireland today and I am hoping that they win.

England won their warm up match against New Zealia ( as it is known in the chateau).

And now I am going to start the second day on my vegan regime, so porridge with almond milk and banana and linseeds is the order of breakfast.

Until tomorrow.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Busy morning!

well I would like to say that I was up bright and early this morning, well I suppose that 7am is early, but I had a bit of a lie in after besty friend Francesca's housewarming last night.

I was a little the worse for wear when I got home and am not feeling 100% this morning, but I still have the first (of many) loads of washing on the go.
I am not sure how my wheatflakes and almond milk are going to settle this morning, however one high spot is that England are in action and I am going to have to hurry to Lady laineyville to drop things at the charity shop and then get home in time for the start......................or do I watch it and do everything this afternoon?
decision, decisions!

News came through last night that the wonderful Don Robson had sadly passed away. Don was the man who finally brought first class cricket back to Co Durham.
I was lucky enough to be seated with him a few times at Dunelm Cricket Society dinners in London and he  kept me very well entertained with his stories.
His drive saw all the conditions that had been put on him, met, in order to have The Riverside ground built.
A truly great Durham man and one who will be sadly missed.

Over in the World T20  my boys in orange had their matched washed out again. sadly this had meant that Oman go through and The Netherlands are eliminated.

'he who must not be named in the blog'  ( yes he is back), has been reported in the Australian press as saying that England are going to struggle in the T20's.

Well he would wouldn't he?

Of course they would win if he was playing!!
I for one am just looking forward to more cricket in the run up to the County Championship.

And my champs arrived safely in The UAE last night ( as I was champagne swilling), they are now in training for the up coming matches. No doubt they will be around the pool in their speedos later!.

Hark, I  hear the spin cycle, time to go and 'hang me smalls' out.

have a super Saturday

Friday, 11 March 2016

F(ryan)day and a quick rewind

Yes it is F(ryan)day and that I know for sure, the date today???? I have no idea, even though I write it numerous times a day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office. Damaged coccyx, painkillers, 2 hours max sleep a night have not made the last few weeks easy.

And so with this I highlight my recurring error of the T20 matches being played.  I am sure though, that readers do not need me to plan their cricket viewing for them' as they will know themselves what they want to watch and when.

 I will be celebrating 4 years of blog writing this summer, ( and writing it everyday give or take lack of WiFi in West France), it has been a form of catharsis for me after many  physically and mentally draining years prior to staring writing..

'Et voila' ( as they say back in my other home), 'Tales from The Boundary' was born.

It is now a habit and one that I find that I am loathe to break.

And now back to the important stuff.

It's F(ryan)day and the days that 'my boys' head off to warmer climes, leaving me shivering in Blighty.

However it does make the next week or so, a lot more entertaining for me.

Over in the World T20, Scotland have been eliminated after they lost to Zimbabwe. they slumped to 20-4 in search of 148 runs.

sadly it was not to be.

After the shock news a few weeks ago that Darren Lehmann had fallen foul of a DVT , it was announced yesterday that Australian all rounder Grace Harris  has been ruled out of the Womens World T20 as she is has developed a DVT.
It was deemed not safe for her to fly and she is undergoing treatment.

Ah yes the 'joy' of Heperin injections into your stomach and months of Warafin chasers!!. I  remember it well and am sure that I still have the bruises to prove it.
I personally wish her a speedy recovery.

And now I am heading off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office as we are having a visit of Big Boss from the South today.
More work it sounds like!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

What you don't know.......

........about todays blog is that it is 2.30am and I am writing it!!

'Why???!!!' I hear you all cry,
well I have been trying to get comfortable in bed since goodness knows what time and have finally given up and decided to spend my time constructively instead of getting myself in a tizzy over not being able to get back to sleep.

I tell you those boys are in for a stormy day today as I will be super tired when I get to the office!.

So I have scanned the papers and the BBC sport website, to see what has been happening in the 20 minutes that I was asleep.

In the World T20 my super favourites The Netherlands lost their match by 8 runs to Bangladesh. to say that I am disappointed is an understatement.
However I am sure that my boys in orange will rally round.

Ireland were beaten by Oman which featured an amazing one handed catch by Omans Zeeshan Maqsood which saw the end of Paul Stirlings innings. Oman went onto win  by two wickets with two balls to spare.

News from the Caribbean is that all bouncers at nightclubs will now be issued with umbrellas,

And why would this be happening????

Well Northants have decided to take Monty Panesar on their pre season tour to Barbados.
Panesar who 'lost it' ( to say the least) a couple of seasons ago has become a bit of a  'hot potato' of late.
He was released by Sussex in 2014 and moved onto Essex where he was released after 'off field 'issues'
Panesar had been capped for England 50 times but in the last few seasons seems to have lost his way.
Northants said that although Monty was joining them on the pre season tour, they were unsure if he would be with them for the season.
they are obviously waiting to see how he behaves after a few 'Mountgays'!

I  heard from one of my Yorkie pals that he has cast his vote for the up coming committee election, now I just have to further  'incite ' the masses to rebel against 'Geoff' and all will be right in Yorkland!

And talking Yorkland, my boys must be in full packing mode as they prepare to head off to The UAE on Friday, I was sent some pics from my besty friend in Arabia, which showed flash flooding in Dubai yesterday!

Oh dear all that moisture will play havoc with his Royal Ryanness's curls!!

However rain or not they will be basking in temperatures which are far better than those here.
And as it is chuffing cold here in the Chateau at the moment I think that the time has come for me to dive (well climb in gingerly) back under the duvet and snuggle up with my electric blanket.

Oh yes and to Tony Westmoreland, I have never said nor do I think that 'I am the font of all cricket knowledge'. And yes maybe painkillers and lack of sleep,  have affected some information. If it is so irksome to you then I suggest that you refrain from reading.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Back to some sort of normality

Well luckily this morning there is very little to get me all stirred we can look forward to the latter part of the week  with a sense of calm.

However just to say that the person who left a comment yesterday for one of my  blogs,  yes you were correct in my incorrect dates etc. sadly they chose to remain anonymous meaning that I cannot answer them.
Sometimes writing the blog at 3.30am  when you cannot sleep due to excessive pain , makes grasping information a little difficult.
I appreciate that I was wrong, but at least I put my name to it.

And so the  World T20, which kicked off properly yesterday.

Scotland were taking on Afghanistan and sadly lost.

Zimbabwe were taking on Hong Kong and won by 14 runs.

Today Scotland take on Zimbabwe and Hong Kong take on Afghanistan.

I have checked and double checked the BBC website to make sure that I am correct that these matches are being played today!!!

I was pointed in the direction of an article in The Yorkshire Post yesterday re 'Boycottgate'....................and it looks as if the members committee are calling the faithful to arms ( and not just I, Lady Lainey).
The concerns that they have are that

1. he would try to interfere with the coaching team despite saying that this was not his intention.

2. That he is out of touch with members

3.With this becoming all about 'Boycott' and not to do with the interests of Yorkshire, it shows signs of 'civil war' of the '80's

4. That fact that he thinks he  is always right makes him wrong for the role, ACTUALLY THE MEMBERS COMMITTEE DIDN'T SAY THAT, I DID!!!!!

I can see that it is going to get lively in the next couple of weeks.

after yesterdays blog about the future of the County championship, I am pleased to report that the feedback I have had is in line with my way of thinking.
I was a tad sick of hearing that T20 is the way can 3 hours cricket ever replace 4 day County Championship or 5 day tests ( which will probably be downsized to 3 days of 'Tip and Run' at the next ECB meeting).

I do take on board that T20 is a great introducer for children, it can also be a very exciting form of the game and it brings in much needed funds to the clubs.

Oh dear it was all going so well and now I am off again.

best head of and take out my fury on the office boys.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Prepare for a rant!!!!!

Not content with getting myself into a tizzy over Geoffrey trying to take my spot as 'The Queen of Yorkshire' I am now on the war path with The ECB!!!!.

They have announced their plans to restructure the County system and I for one am not too happy about it.

From next year the top division will have 8 teams rather than 9 and there will be 10 in the second division.
They have also reduced the number of County championship matches from 16 to 14...............................

and this is why I am in a full tiara throwing, cricket bat swirling, migraine inducing fury!!!!.

One day cup matches will be played in April and May ( in these parts cold enough to freeze your wotnots off) with a final in July , doing away with the usual end of season  match at Lords. this makes way for a block of T20 matches  in the second half of the season.
no two tier systems here until 2019, when we may be seeing the franchise system in operation.
Ah yes the joy of

Durham Dinosaurs,

Manchester Marauders

Taunton Twitchers

Southampton Swingers

well you get the drift!!!

So lets get back to losing 8 days of cricket next season.....................

I plan my holibobs around the county fixtures so that I can travel the 100 miles to Headingley or120 miles to Scarbados to see my beloved Tykes. ( and 15 miles to Chester le Street when they are playing there).

I pay my money to two clubs to ensure that I see cricket virtually every weekend and more.

I am disappointed to say the least.
As readers will know I am not a fan of T20 cricket but understand that it is a money spinner for the clubs  ( I will go on the bouncy castle at Chester le Street this season, I will!!) and a way to make money in a short space of time. ( beer being the top sales I imagine)

I have been berated on Facebook by a 'friend' who actually lives in Eastern Europe( and never goes to cricket), who tells me that ALL county grounds are empty for 1st class matches. Well I go, and they are not empty they just are unable to fill the super structures that have been built/ renovated  to accommodate test matches. ( the Riverside at CLS being one such and The Rosebowl at Southampton being another).

sadly no matter how much I scream and scream the decision is made and my plummy voice will have no impact.

I imagine that losing 8 days cricket will not reduce fees at the clubs either...................

oh dear don't get me started on that point.................

Monday, 7 March 2016

Here we go again!!

Hello Monday how the flip did you get here so quickly?????

I cannot believe that the weekend is over and I am getting ready to head off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, well I had better believe it!!!

Yesterday was supposed to be spent 'pottering ' in the extensive grounds of the Chateau, the sun was shining and it looked lovely outside, however once out there it was flipping freezing and so I hotfooted it back indoors and settled down to watch some cricket.

Ahhhhh!!! Well South Africa were playing Australia and I knew that my derrière was going to be full of splinters from sitting on this fence!
South Africa went into bat and  put on a brilliant 204 runs in their  20 overs.

Australia went in and the top order were out quicker than you can say 'the bar's open'.

It took a fourth wicket stand between David Warner and the wonderful Glenn Maxwell ( super top ex Tyke) which steered Australia in the right direction, but  it was left to Mitch Marsh to hit two off the final ball  to  level the three match series.

However my backing orange campaign yesterday did not bring the Netherlands any luck as they were rained off after only 15 overs of play.

After all that excitement I  continued the mighty clear out of the chateau.

I have given myself a month to sort out everything and get rid of accordingly...........................

................well I now cannot see the carpet in the dressing room as it is covered with items to be disposed of, and of these, I managed to put 50  on ebay!!!

Well if I can make some dosh on my unwanted items why not?????

There is a lot to do as I have managed in 3.5 years to accumulate so much 'stuff' and now I am determined to get rid, and de clutter once and for all.

I am even getting rid of some more handbags and will not allow myself to buy any more for at least 6 month ( well that's the plan!).

Right best get a wriggle on , time and office boys wait for no Lady!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

And breathe........

.............................I think I need to take a BIG breath after all the high jinx that was my Saturday.

After deciding to throw my tiara in the ring and ruffle Sir Geoffs feathers, I found out that I am too late......................................................for this year!!!

Will I,Lady Lainey  be looking to next year?

Well you never know and I think that a female voice might be a welcome addition to the gang.

That being said all eyes are now on the AGM which is less than  3 weeks away.
Make your vote count and lets make the club even greater than it is already.

And then we can all settle down and see how things pan out on the field.

'My boys' are all packing their speedos ready for their trip to The UAE, they fly out on Friday. So in reality the season is closer than we thought.
 The opening match sees Yorkshire take on Lancashire on Monday 14th March. We will all be expecting a resounding win against our enemies.

I have my case out of the garage already to pack for my jaunt to Headingley which is well over a month away, but it pays to be prepared! And yes I am taking a suitcase as I need to pack for every possible weather condition. it is only going to be April.
I have in previous years.

1. Acquired a lovely tan

2. Been soaked to the skin by torrential rain

3. seen snow falling

4. seen the sun shining whilst wrapped up in a blanket in minus temperatures.

and that was July at Chester le Street!!!!!

excitement is mounting  ( well OK that may be a slight exaggeration) as we are only days away from the  start of The World T20.  Although warm up matches are ongoing.

Today I am backing orange ( matches my hair) as The Netherlands take on Scotland.
England play their first match on 12th against New Zealia ( as it is know in these parts).

Well it is time to head off and do 'Lady Lainey' like things, which of course will involve some washing!!!

and hopefully if my back allows it I will be pottering in the extensive grounds of the Chateau. I need to do a 'site survey' of The Deer Park too as some of the railing are in need of a coat of paint......................even the thought of that had brought me out in a cold might just go and have a coffee and a lie down!!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Committee or not committee, that is the question

Well, well, well!!!!!! it was brought to my attention yesterday that instead of calling all the Yorkshire faithful to arms in terms of voting 'the right way', I should dust off my 'Queen Bee' tiara and  put myself up for the job as 4th member of the Committee!!!

As you know I am very determined to be 'the Queen of Cricket' and have my ( some would say Yorkshire biased) views heard. And what better way than to  put my name in the hat!

 So what would I bring to the table?

Well I pack a mean 'cricket tea' so the other members of the committee would not go hungry and my Vegan fruit and nut cake is second to none!
I would look very fetching in  a Yorkshire blazer ( topped off with a tiara with the appropriate gemstones), and I am by far, much better looking than Geoffrey!!

Apparently I have to get 30 votes to be in with a shot, well I have secured 2 already so I am on my way!!!!

Yes indeedy, after standing on the hallowed turf last February,and  in May,having the pleasure of sitting next to Dickie Bird for lunch  when I was an invited guest of El Presidenti and The First Lady of Middlesex CCC ( Harry and Blossom to those in the know), having  my legs whipped under the lunch table by the lovely Queenie ( guide dog par excellence). I think that I could hold my own against Geoff ( I could make a very non Ladylike joke there but I won't!).

Michael Vaughan has spoken out against the mighty Boyc so I need to get  him on side ( 3 votes). And I only have 3 weeks to get another 27 supporters. Best hot foot it to Leeds !!!!

Well now what would Yorkshire make of a fiery  redhead on the panel?????

Serious and sad news filtered through yesterday as it was announced that Worcestershire's Tom Bell has suffered a set back in his fight against testicular cancer and will miss the  start 2016 season due to having to have another round of chemotherapy.

The 22 year old  was informed that there is a small area of cancer in his lymph nodes and this has to be  dealt with quickly.

I wish Tom a full and speedy recovery as I am sure you all do to.

And now????

Well I may have delusions of grandeur but 'would be Queen of Yorkshire 'or not I still have to do the washing and the housework, as staff are short on the ground here at Chateau de Champions!!!

Ah well best get to it!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Fantastic!, it's F(ryan)day

Thank goodness it is F(ryan)day, it's been a long old week, which has been made longer by the pain in my derrière ( and I mean that literally, I am  not talking about the office boys!).

However I, Lady Lainey was much excited yesterday as I was heading off to  'The Riverside', home of former besty home county, Durham, to listen to Dr Dean Allen give a talk on his book,'Empire, War and Cricket in South Africa'.

I had first heard about this book when Dean featured on TMS just after Xmas, talking about it during the lunch interval.
I had been lounging in my bed ( well I was on holibobs), when the interview came on, and was hooked, so through the wonderful interwebby thingy and Twitter I contacted Dean and ordered the book.

Little did I know that plans were afoot to bring the 'roadshow' up here to the icey wastes of the North.

What a brilliant evening, Janey came along too and we both sat in complete silence ( now that's a first!!) and listened to the whole story unfold.
I came away with my signed copy and had the pleasure to spend a wonderful  hour + with Dean and Gabi afterwards.

Tonight they are at Richmond ( North Yorks) Cricket club and I would highly recommend that you go, if you are able to, and if not buy the book.

I was going to save it to read when I am at Headingley next month, however, I thought 'one chapter won't hurt'..........................
one led to two, and lights went out here at the Chateau  at 2am!!!!! On a school night!!!!
The book is now in my bag ready to come out at lunchtime at work!!

Tired or not this morning I scanned through the cricket news.....................oh how I laughed!!!!
Even though my back was killing me I was shaking with mirth!!!!

What had brought on this fit of the giggles so early on a F(ryan)day?????

only the news that Stuart Broad wants to play in the 2019 World T20 ( its being played here in Blighty).
Oh how I chuckled, this from the bowler who is 'crocked' more than he is 'uncrocked'!!!
2019 is 3 years away!!!

Well give him his due, he is looking ahead and planning!

Right after a very late night ( early morning) I  am heading off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office to shout at boys, drink copious amounts of coffee ( with a Green Tea chaser), and look pretty for the last 7 hours of the working week.

Bon Journee

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Sad day in cricket

Today  brings very sad  news at the passing of Martin Crowe, one of the greats of New Zealand cricket.

Crowe was regarded as one of their greatest batsmen, and had captained the Kiwis in 16 tests. He scored 17 centuries and 5.444 runs, with a highest score of 299 against Sri Lanka in Wellington in 1991.

He was also named as Wisden cricketer of the year in 1985.

Martin had been diagnosed with Lymphoma and after treatment  received the all clear in 2012, however it was confirmed that it had returned in 2014. This time the disease was terminal and he sadly lost his fight yesterday.

Martin was influential in many cricketers careers most especially that of besty cricket chum Joe Scuderi who became involved with the Italian National team, through Martin.

Our thoughts are with his family at this time.
We in the Walker/Robinson family know only too well the effects of Lymphoma.


Yorkshire announced their 18 man squad for the upcoming pre season tour of The UAE.

No jollies for Jonny Bairstow who is being given a bit of R & R at home, ready for the upcoming season.

However His Royal Ryanness is named and will be running down to get his towel on the lounger as early as possible.

TLJL is also named in the squad, he has just returned from his winter in Australia so he will be desperate to get back to a bit of sunshine.

They are taking on The MCC squad and I for one am expecting a good result.

no pressure on the boys!!!

I am getting myself gee'd up for tonight when I am off to listen to Dr Dean Allen give his talk on his book ' Empire, War and cricket in South Africa'

I am looking forward to this a lot!!!

Will tell more tomorrow.

Right now time to head off and do...............................WORK.....................sorry I hate using swear words!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Zut a flipping lors!!!

Sacre chuffing bleu!!!!!

What the devil has got me so worked up  that I am rambling in 'Franglais'???????

well it is that 'le temps de l'annee'.

Yes indeed!!

Rumours are once again circulating ( and completely ruined my evening last night)  that Gillespie the Gallant is packing his Deep Heat and his box and heading down under where a job as bowling coach with the Australian team is about to open to him.
As Craig McDermott hangs up his jockstrap after the World T20 it appears that  all eyes are  on Jason!!!!

'Saint mackeral'!!!! you all hear me cry, as I quickly delve into the interviews that I did at the end of last season.
I know that he is still under contract with Yorkshire, I know that he said he would have to say no to any England job, but I never for one moment guessed at a job downunder!!!

To say that I am gutted is an understatement, only time will tell if the rumours are true!
I can't believe that he would leave 'my boys' as they approach the season where they are going to attempt the treble!!!

Why would you want to leave Yorkshire with it's howling winds, wild wind swept landscape and super fans like moi????

I feel an on line petition coming on!!!
Give the man a raise Yorkshire, you may be in the red but you will be in the 'merde' if you let this one go!

And talking about all things Yorkshire it appears that 'mutiny' is afoot.
Yes the board, have asked the members not to back the return of Geoff Boycott.
There are four vacancies, they are asking for  votes for Robin Smith ( lovely man who is an OMT too), Mark Arthur and Sir  Gary verity, that leaves one place.........................................

..................hmmmm I am at The Headingley Lodge the day of the AGM, I might just put myself in for the fourth role, that should put Geoffreys nose out of joint, and then I can lock Gillespie the Gallant away and not let him out until the Australian job is filled.

There I have sorted all mine and the Yorkshire faithfuls problems in one!

And now I think that I need to go and lie down on 'mon lit' in 'mon boudoir'.

Oh and by the way the picture at the top is not super motor racing man Damon Hill!!!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Tuesday's here

And its not good news for me, All the inactivity caused by my back injury have led to me putting on a few pounds which in turn will not help my back injury. And round it goes again!

Well I have to go to the gym tonight to see about a less taxing routine for me and  one that will help my back to get better soon.

And talking about my back, I was getting a little concerned about the seating for me at Headingley as it is those  hard plastic seats, well I needn't have worried, in two shakes of a lambs tail the  operations department had it all in hand for me. So her Ladyship will be able to sit in comfort for the season.

Super top tyke boys!

Well over at Nottingham, they have signed Jackson Bird as  a replacement for Peter Siddle who had to pull out of his contract with a calf injury. So the Aussie invasion continues! Lucky Sophie and Terry!

The England and Wales cricket board announced yesterday that the new sponsors for the next 4 seasons will be....................Specavers!!!!!!
The financial terns have not been announced but after 13 seasons of 'The LV County Championship, I am not sure how 'The Specsavers County Championship' sounds.
Does this mean free eye tests for all players?????, two for the price of one on all tickets????? 'Binocular' type specs for spectators?????
No I am sure it just means even more coverage for the business.
What has been highlighted is the appeal of cricket to a broad range of businesses according to ECB commercial director Sanjay Patel.
REALLY!!!! Mass coverage over a 6 month period  and branding on every counties shirts is big business!!

Scotland are geeing themselves up ahead of the World T20. They are sure that they can make a major breakthrough and beat some of the big boys!
The have previously exited in the early stages, but have high hopes of progressing further this time.

Good luck to them, I personally am back The Netherlands.
It will all be orange in the Chateau!

Well it is chuffing well pouring down outside, I have had the worst nights sleep and I am miserable and grumpy as I head out to Super Swanky Lady Lainey change there then!!!!

have a good day where ever you are.