Friday, 20 May 2016

F(ryan)day at last

Well it's F(ryan)day and last day in the office this week, 7 working hours until the weekend and FREEDOM, well sort of as it looks as if I will be doing early morning  lawn mowing, washing and housework and then settling myself down for cricket.

and talking cricket....................

..............yesterday was my 'free' day at the test!.

So up I got and headed off to Headingley where I picked up Stephen in Colllingham and off we drove.
We managed to get a parking space in my top secret road just a  4 minute walk from the ground.

We picked up our tickets and went to find our seat, well we were nearly sat on the boundary, not my usual spot but virtually opposite.

We had a saunter around the ground and were on our first pint before 10 am. Top work!

So England were batting and  we were all on the edge of our seat. Captain  Cook was close to hitting his 10,000 runs but it was not to be he  fell on 16, 36 short,  and then there seemed to be a collapse!

Nick Compton who I have constantly said I do not rate ( and stick by that) went for a duck.
Now unfortunate as this was for him, I think that it shows he is a great county player but not international standard  #justsaying.

To the roar of the crowd in came Little Joey Root, who we all know is international standard.................but not yesterday. His warm up act took longer to complete than his innings sadly and he too was out for a duck.
He was not a happy boy as he trailed his bat back to the pavilion.

Vince came and went for 9. Stokes came out full of p**s and vinegar. took off at light speed and was shot down on 12.
Meanwhile back at the crease Alex Hales had been plodding along and it took until Jonny Bairstow came out for him to step up a gear. They were playing brilliantly, a couple of times we thought we were going to lose Jonny but he was not out on either occasion.

And then it rained.

And then it cleared up

and then it rained again and they called the whole thing off until today.

Now in between this we had been entertained by the Yorkshire tea band and the 'choir' of the Western terrace ( hilarious),
Large parties of school children, who had a great time with their 'bangy things' ( of which I have numerous in my handbag!).

And a group of gentlemen in Christmas attire complete with Santa!

Yes it was a great opening day to the test and as I dropped Steve at home and headed back to Lady Laiineyville, I can only say thanks to 'All Rounder Cricket'  for the tickets.

What a fantastic day out especially as I cannot go to Chester le St  next Sunday as I am......................

At Headingley of course!!!

Happy F(ryan)day

Come on Jonny & Alex!

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