Saturday, 28 May 2016

In total overdrive today

Yes it's all system go here at the ch√Ęteau and I am packing 'stuff,' organising essential vegan food 'stuff' and generally trying to get 'stuff' done ready for the off. And that has been on going since I got up at 4.30am, having been awake since 3.40AM!!!!


last night I was mega busy when I got home from work and shopping and getting myself sorted  ready for T20. ( in 3 weeks I will be getting ready for T20 with Fun Sophe cannot wait!).

Washing machine went on ( obviously), dinner was cooked, eaten and then the dishwasher went on, I checked what had happened at the test even though I had been listening to it all chuffing day.

I put TMS on in the kitchen so that I was supporting my 'Tykey Vikings' who were in action at home and then I sat down to cheer on Worcestershire..........................

Ooohhhhh,  'Lord Commando ' never one to disappoint Her Ladyship, taking the first wicket. put me in high spirits as I swigged my Merlot and  tried to avoid the Yorkshire Twitter feed.

Worcestershire were looking good and Warks finished their 20 overs on 155-7

Somehow, at the start of the Worcs innings, a trip to the 'little ladies room', checking on the washing and refilling my glass, I came back to find that 4 wickets had gone!

I was in shock. no need to be though,  they rallied through and had a 5 wicket win.

Now over in Headingley it was not going so well, a young team was fielded and with 'Little Timmy Bresnan' back and taking the first wicket in the first over, it was looking positive.
Leicestershire hit 174 in their 20 overs.

Yorkshire went in  and the top 4 were back in the pavilion before 9 overs were out.
They were 120 all out in 18.4 overs.

I dared to look at Twitter!!!!!!

Well shame on you all those who call yourselves Yorkshire supporters and then slate the team, the coach, the selection, the cat from up the road!!!

It was a bad game, they did not play well but chuffing heck  SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!!!!

Don't kick them when they are already down! I doubt that any of you felt as bad as they did!

I love Yorkshire and trust in the decisions made by the support staff.

I really dislike seeing negativity aimed at the team by supporters.

Last night was one battle, the war is still to be won!

And finally..................... isn't it funny that feeling unwell tends to make you reflect on things.Have you ever had someone come into your life and you welcome them. Letting them enter into your 'bubble', only to find that they are in fact a 'leech'?
Well if not then beware, they are out there

And so  on that thought I will wish you a Super Saturday and fabulous Bank Holibob weekend

I am going to Headingley  to SUPPORT my boys, and that is the best feeling in the world

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