Sunday, 22 May 2016

Lazy Daisy

Well it's nearly 9am and I have just crawled out of 'mon lit'! Not like me at all!!!

Well after last night it is not surprising.

I have arranged to go and have dinner with my friend Chris, she is  one of my bestiest friends and currently  adjusting to life on her own ( well  with 3 very large dogs) after husband of a million years up and left her for a wealthier model. Leaving her with.................nilch.

This was an arrangement that could not be altered, I know personally that support is essential when you are going through a marriage breakdown.

Anyhooooo 2.5 bottles of champers later, along with a superb vegan meal, we have put the world to rights, forsworn off men for good ( although I had my fingers crossed, so I can still ogle His Royal Ryanness ), and I though I was paralysed after having Leo the diabetic Doberman fall asleep on me.
I have no recollection of what time I got home, but I obviously had a very late night or a jolly brilliant lie in!

Now is there anything else to report....................................

Oh yes!!!

We won the first Test!!!!

and although rain affected it was all over  before I had considered getting ready to go out.

An innings and 88 runs was how they did it, there were a couple of dropped catches, but it did not affect the outcome.

Man of the match had to be the wonderful Jonny B, I hope now  he shaves that beard off. A brilliant performance from a fine young cricketer, who wants to, and has lots to give.

Rain caused a two hour and 45 minute delay, as it had caused delays on the previous days. I am sure everyone there yesterday didn't care!

Next week they trundle off to Chester le Street. My ticket for Sunday has hopefully gone to someone who can attend, I however am trundling off to Headingley, it's the Roses match part I.

Now my gripe is, why are the early tests played in the Northern grounds?

Is the ECB trying to kill off test cricket too?

Lets not got into a strop on Sunday morning.

So today I have washing in and am about to throw myself into the shower and head off to church.
When I return I think that I might settle down for a jolly nice nap!

Oh and after having my hair chopped by 'Magic Jack' yesterday, I may be going super orange today instead of 'wishy washy orange'..............................time and tiredness will be the deciding factor!

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