Friday, 27 May 2016

Not feeling too grand this F(ryan)day

I think the stresses of the last few days both at work and with 'Gillespiegate' have taken it's toll on I Lady Lainey.

Yes, what seemed to be the old heart palpitations and temperature spiking lurgy seemed to take hold yesterday and by the time I finished work I thought it best to get checked out.
So after a full MOT they said that I was fine and that it was possibly the start of a coldy/fluy thing and to make sure that if it got worse to go to the doctor. I DO NOT want a repeat of the last 4 years with frequent stays in hospital, eating hideous food!

so no chance of a days bed rest for me today !

right enough of this feeling sorry for myself , I do feel better today so it looks like  I will be revving up the limo to head to Headingley for a long weekend after all.

The second test starts today and as we all knew Stokes is out and now Woakes is in. and it all kicks off at 11am, I will be listening on't wireless, you can be sure of that!

I got home last night just in time to wrap myself in blanky, throw some chickpea dhal and brown rice down my cake hole and watch Surrey v Glamorgan  in T20 action.

well it could have been T10 action ( is that the next BIG THING???).

To say that Gareth Batty's boys got a spanking is an understatement and for once 'the mouth' was relatively silent. It was a great game and I am actually enjoying watching the short form, on TV at least.
Tonight I will get home as quickly as possible and get settled before Worcestershire start.
I am hoping that 'Lord commando' is playing I will be watching with interest!.

 Well no other news of interest so I will keep this short, get myself sorted and head off to work for the last day until next Wednesday.
I love a cricket holiday!

Have a great F(ryan)day!

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