Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Oh ye of little faith

I read with great interest all that was written about the slow and painful start of the Yorks v Lancs match.
Well let me just say that was Sunday and Monday was a completely different day ..
Steve Patterson never got his 50 but he made up for up in wicket taking, he is turning into something of an allrounder!
And my boys  managed to dismiss Lancashire for 196 avoiding the follow on sadly!
There was some great wickets and  TLJL took a catch, what a boy.

And then they were back in and then it all went a bit wonky as they were  77-3 at stumps!!

Oh it looks like we will be hoping that 'Dilly and Bressy' are up for the challenge again.

Now then news of His Royal Ryanness, who is wandering around with a chuffing mahooosive boot on. Well they say 5 weeks before he is back having broken his fibula......................... Can I hold my breath that long?????
Well it may be longer we will have to wait and see.
I tell you, if I find out he is playing 'Keepy uppy' anymore he will be going to 'Narnia' with Gillespie the Gallant!!!
At least it's not the 'Big R' for 'Big R'.................................................................yet!

And talking about 'narnia' ( the understairs cupboard) yesterday rumours again were circulating about Gillepie the Gallant and the Australia job.
Last weeks comments by Jason on the YCCC website should have stopped those rumours dead!

And besides no one wants to see I,Lady Lainey have a full blown tiara throwing temper tantrum!!

Now,over in Worcester there was a bit  excitement when the wonderful Jack Shantry  batting at number 10 hit a century ( finishing on 106). Well as you imagine I was totally over the moon and so super excited that I nearly  shouted out loud, on the boundary, at Headingley!!!
You tell me how I would have explained that to my Yorkshire buddies!!!!!?????

He only went and took two wickets!!!!!

Ahhh good old Jack.

And finally, regular readers will know all about 'carparkgate' which occurred a few matches ago when I tipped up at The Headingley Lodge and then had to park my car in Outer Mongolia ( well car park F).

After a mass of complaints, Leeds Rugby have  relented and are allowing parking back in the stadium...........

Apart from Mark the team chauffeur who will still have to park the coach in  Car Park F. Sorry Mark

Now I am up, showered, and watching the groundsmen doing there stuff before day 3.


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