Monday, 30 May 2016

Running late!!

Morning all I am running jolly late this morning due to sorting out grub for today, and having an extra long lie in .....................yes I woke up at 5.30am and then went back to sleep until 7.30!!!


I am starting my morning again at HQ and watching the mowing and net putting up and all the things that groundsman do

Now to yesterday.....................

Yorkshire were batting first...................................
And it wasn't long before we were 2 down and I was pinning all my hopes on TLJL.

Well short story took Adil Rashid and Little Timmy Bresnan to pull us out of the poo and luckily they did.
we went from 29-4 to 301-9 at stumps
Today  when Lancs go into bat we need to bowl like demons and as we are down our demon bowler then I hope the ones that are left step up , well Patto will as he is suddenly coming into his own.

Now over in Moor Park, Middlesex were taking on Hants at former place of work Merchant Taylors School and of course El Presidenti and the First Lady of Middlesex ( POM & FLOM to their mates) were there sittting close to their old house. ( POM & I worked together at MTS)
And they saw a couple of centuries too.

Over in Taunton Gareth ( motormouth ) Batty decided to show Somerset and Peter Trego what was what and only chuffing well took 7 wickets. yep 7-32 as 18 wickets tumbled on day 2.

He took Trego's wicket  and I bet that there was some words exchanged !

So what is going to happen today?

Well I am going to get my lunch packed up and  head off to my usual seat.

I know this is super short and super late.


I will try harder tomorrow

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