Thursday, 19 May 2016

Test Thursday

So this will be my office today and I for one cannot wait.

Yesterday in the office we had another wonderful boys' version of a classic song

 'By the rivers of Babylon' blasted out on the radio  and  Pony Paul  sang his heart out, it was great to hear the lines

'By the Rivers of Babylon, where we sat down
Yeah its ok when we were in Saigon'


I also found a friend to sit beside me at the cricket today and I am picking him up on the way through Collingham this morning.

And then there was cricket, well Surrey and Middlesex were rained off so despite Middlesex's best efforts  it resulted in a draw,

Which is what happened at Taunton, I bet that Peter Trego said a few sharp words like 'drat' and 'botheration', I Lady Lainey however said words like ' chuffing heck' and thank flip for that'!

Warwickshire beat Notts  even though Big Lukey had been bowling brilliantly and Samit Fatel Patel put on 68. A real shame for the Notts as I really wanted them to win,

Durham did win against Lancashire which made me smile alot and meant that Lancs are 4 points behind Yorkshire who in turn are  1 point behind Warwickshire.
Yorkshire now have 10 days off and in those days I expect  some serious work, to bring themselves up to speed. AND I expect some word from the county on His Royal Ryanness.

I am 'mushroom girl' at work I do not expect to be it in the Yorkshire camp!!!!!!

And so now I am setting off to the say that I am excited is an understatement!

Happy Thursday

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