Thursday, 26 May 2016

Well now then!!!!!!.....................

Gillespie the Gallant has denied that he is in talks with Cricket Australia over the bowling coach position.

He said that he has not been contacted by Darren Lehmann or approached by Cricket Australia.

I believe him...............................

But if he is telling a fib, it will worse than the naughty step for him!

 Remember last time rumours were doing the rounds?, when I said lock him away in Narnia ( under my stairs).


Well! I tell you the only 'down under'  he will be going to will be  'down under' my stairs if  this  nonsense rears it's ugly head again!

And so to other crickety news.

Durham pulled off a win against Warwickshire

Notts could not bat out the victory at Hampshire and so the boys of former besty county in the South had a win.
Onward and upward for Notts.

Tomorrow is the start of the second test at Chester le Street, and its raining here in Lady Laineyville so I guess that it is not much better 15 miles away.
It has lashed it down here since 4pm yesterday. I hope that their drainage is up to scratch. they will have some clearing up to do to get the pitch match fit.

More rumours flying around that the poor ticket sales at the ground could kill their chance of International matches.
Well, we all know from the Ashes that the public transport structure to and from the ground is poor.
car parking is at best overpriced and poorly stewarded ( and thats just at a county match). Getting out at the end of a match is nigh on impossible.........................

If there are no international matches at the Club, the rumours of financial woes could be made worse.

Well that's a lot of rumours for a Thursday morning.
Well rumour has it that I am going to have a peaceful day and get the  final pieces of the 'jigsaw' that is the O & M manual for swanky build in Jersey, put together.......................

and then there is the real world.

think I might just send myself to Narnia!!!!!


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