Wednesday, 1 June 2016

back to the real world

Well this morning I am waking up to the sound of the radio, not the same as waking up to the sound of the lawn mower. I will be watching the traffic on the A1 rather than watching the groundsmen doing their thing!
oh and the joy of being back in Super swanky Lady Lainey office with the office boys!

But before that lets get back to yesterday.

I had met up with my pals from Dame Didi's side of Yorkshire and we were very excited that 'carparkgate' had been resolved,  we checked diaries and saw that we would be able to meet up again soon. And I found out that I have a new reader of the blog!

We were discussing the form of the team and also 'Gillespiegate'!!!

Well that has all been put to bed and Gillespie the Gallant will not need to be locked in Narnia as he confirmed ( again) that he will be  staying. with Yorkshire
*Smiley Lady lainey*

I just need His Royal Ryanness to get fit and quick and I will be a very 'jolie lapin'

so to the cricket, on a day that can only be described as chuffing cold. I was wrapped up in blanky and watching from my usual spot on the boundary.
However all my clapping and cheering was to no avail as Lythy went quickly and wickets tumbled. it took Liam and Adil to pull; together and wrack up some runs. Bressy helped out along the way and is showing how important he is to both the batting and bowing side.
The boys were all out for 236.

I sent off home and had still not thawed out by the time I got back to the Chateau and saw that Lancs were one man down already.
However bad light stopped play and today we are hoping for 9 (8) wickets to go depending on whether  Tom bailey is fit it play.
This could be Yorkshire's first Roses home win since 2001

Come on you Tykes!!!!!

I sadly will be knee deep in drawings and having to listen to the woes of office boys home lives.

I know where I would rather be.

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