Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Going home (sort of)

So I have 2.5 hours of listening to the holiday dramas of one of the office boys and then I am free, they however are not! And hopefully no one is 'caught short' when I have left, as I have hidden the toilet rolls!!!

yes, the case of the 'disappearing loo paper' continues.

After yesterdays investigation, I the great 'Hercule' Robinson, was getting my little grey cells around the information that I had gleaned.

I asked all four boys what they knew about the 'mystery of the papier toilette'.
Three were looking totally stunned that some one could steal 5.5 rolls of the stuff and the other one accused the other three giving good reason why they would do it.....................................

I think that this case is 'wrapped' up  n'est-ce pas?

Up side of this is that I am no longer paying for Andrex and they are getting the '100 rolls for  £1' stuff that is also useful for sanding down your woodwork. Lets see them steal that!

And so at 11am I am getting into the Lady Lainey limo and heading  down the A1 back home for the RLOD match against Worcestershire

The team  has been announced and TLJL is playing, so I will have lots of reasons to smile!

it is being televised so I  have washed the birdsnest and twirled my curls.

And the sun is shining!

Flipping heck you would have wanted to be at  Trent bridge yesterday as Notts and Northants set records for the most runs scored in a one Day match.
Chuffing heck!!! 445 for Notts and  425 for Northants.
 That had to have been a most thrilling match.

I have a whole heap of things to do before I leave the chateau so I will bid you farewell.
And those of you reading this who are going to the match.....................I will see you there!

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