Thursday, 9 June 2016

It's becoming a worry

I have spent the last day trying  to get my head around  certain things that have been going awry.

1. Missing loo roll ( on-going and now under lock and key)

2. Not sleeping well (if at all)

3. Getting my besty sister in the whole world, Dame Didi back home to France.

4. How many goats it will take to sort out the Deer Park and the Vineyard

5. Figuring out what is happening to my beloved Yorkshire

Hmmmmm what a to-do, and that does not include how many pennies a new tiara will cost ( having thrown my second  besty one at the wall in a fit of 'Tykes' temper............well I am a redhead!).

Number 1 on the list is now very low on my priorities as  I struggle  to understand number 5.

Will we see my boys lift   the above trophy again  at the end of this season?

Judging by the way the team are playing  the white ball game  at the moment and the apparent lack of team morale which is more than evident on the field, I am beginning to worry.

On Tuesday  at the game, you could have heard a pin drop in Headingley, there was no atmosphere, something that I am not used to at all.

Jack Brooks  & Matt Fisher have joined the injured His Royal Ryanness.

 Jack does  seem to be warming up a seat on Sky Sports ready for when he retires. To be honest there are too many pundits as there is, his talents  could be used elsewhere, and  maybe he should be thinking about getting fit and getting back out on the field.

All of this is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

I LOVE YORKSHIRE, I  HAVE NEVER DOUBTED THEM................................ at the moment I feel that I am out in the wilderness and no idea which way to turn.

Which way is the way forward???...........................

Well I am a great fan of Alex Lees but is he really 'short form' Captain material?


Possibly, but we need a strong character, a motivator,and  personally  I think Lees  lacks the  inspiration needed of a Captain

Who is that person???????????

I don't know???

I personally cannot single out one person!

Adil Rashid has the experience of the game but maybe is not the man.

Liam?? Timmy???

I just don't know.

Do we rely on an overseas player?

Do we get Galey back?

All I do know is that we need  to do something and quickly!

I really am trying to come to terms with the fact that the 'wheels ' appear to  have fallen off the Yorkshire wagon and that is breaking my heart.

I know this sounds harsh.....................but we all know its true!

I have read and re read this blog, I feel sick with the thought of publishing my inner most thoughts on the team I love.

To be honest I am wiping away tears  writing this. This is how strongly I feel about both the club and feeling  that I am not supporting them.

I promised never to slate them and feel that I have done just that, and for that I am not proud.

However I needed to get it off my chest.



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