Saturday, 18 June 2016

The afternoon after.......................................

Afternoon all, I would like to say that I look as glamorous as this sleeping beauty........................sadly not.

If you think about Ronald Mcdonald ,thats' what I look like.

Well first things first,

Yesterday afternoon, I set off to Headingley closely followed by Sophie. I arrived,nipped to the shops and then waited for her arrival.

we were staying in the David Bairstow room ( which brought tears to our eyes)

You know when something odd happens and you just know that this will be the  way things are going to pan out for the rest of your stay.......well yes, it started in the Stadium car park.

I went down to meet Sophie and we were hugging and chattering  50 to the dozen, when out of the corner of my eye I spot a man with an ECB  pass wandering towards me.

We both stop talking as the man asks me

'Hi are you Janet?'

Sophie looks perplexed I have alarm bells ringing  in my head.

'No' I say

'what is the surname of  the person you are looking for?'

'Bairstow' says the ECB man

Sophie now has eyes as big as saucers and I am lost for words.

The ECB man is by this time waffling  away about hair etc

We fall about into fits of laughter!

I know Mummy Bairstow and have to say that I am at least 12 foot taller than her.

And being only 21 how on earth did he think that I had a son  of 26!

Sophie and I had to have a bottle of fizz to calm down!

And so it began, as did the rain.
Which called a halt to all things cricket  but did mean that Sopie, Susan , Jim and his American friend and I  ( and PH and LL who were stashed in their Mummies handbags) headed from the Long Room to the pub and then eventually Soph & I got back to the lodge..........after a lot of wine, laughter and selfies ( which got fuzzier as the wine took hold)

Sophie, I have just checked my feet, yes you were right I did walk home barefoot and not a cut on them, they are black though.

Thank you all for a great evening, we must do it again in about 4 seasons when I recover!!!!

bye now, from the other Mummy Bairstow.

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