Monday, 6 June 2016

the sun is shining and I have to go to work?

It is a beautiful morning and I am getting ready to head to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office..................not a great thought.

I think I need to work for myself, when I can work my socks off from October to March and then just watch cricket over the remaining months, with some work days thrown in when there is no cricket. It's a plan that I have been working on for a while but just does not seem to be getting any further forward.

Never mind I will just have to suffer the fools a little longer!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day too and washing was blowing on the 'whirlygig' ,windows and doors where thrown open at The chateau and  there was even a surprise visit from besty friend Francesca and Lucky.

I then settled down with knitting to watch the  Somerset v Surrey 50 over match. And what a match that turned out to be.

A thriller does not even come close to describing it.

Chris Dents century made the innings for Gloucestershire and  who were 260 all out.

Somerset looked at the midway  that they may not make it to 50 overs, but a last wicket stand between  Jamie Overton and Tim Groenewald was a great show of determination and great cricket and Somerset pulled off a great win.

Elsewhere Durham managed a narrow win against Lecestershire, and all those who had slated Durham on Twitter on Saturday in there T20  shambles, were patting them on the back yesterday and lauding them great players.
 How fickle!!!

Worcestershire started one day cup action with a win over Derbyshire, to go with their amazing form in T20. I will be watching tomorrow at Headingley with great interest.

Lancashire beat Warwickshire not much else to say about those two!

Nottinghamshire are in action against Northampton shire today so I will be cheering them on.

And now I need to cheer myself, as I have managed to get up, get dressed and am now going to push myself out of the door.
I am back to a full contingent of Office boys today  ( lucky me!!!) and my first job  this morning will be to interrogate them all to find out who is the 'toilet roll thief'!!

Oh yes its a great life!

Until tomorrow which is a cricket day!!!

( and my chuffing Sky  broadband is not playing fair either!)

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