Friday, 24 June 2016

Welcome to F(ryan)day

and finally its the end of the week, and I have only 7 hours until I go home and  get on with the  chores,

1.Mowing the extensive grounds of the Chateau

2. Getting at least 2 loads of washing done

3. possibly making a start painting the railings around the Deer Park.

4. Fill the car with things for the charity shop and the tip in the morning.

Yes its time to knuckle down and get some real work done.

I am hoping that by Sunday I will have made an impression on the railings, start on   hundreds of jobs that have been on hold, and now I have all the summer to do them in.

Yesterday Britain voted whether to stay in the EU or get out. The high spot of my voting was going back to my infant school and standing in the dining hall/gym/assembly hall to put my cross in the box. ah yes the afternoons of being the 'flickering flame' and the bitter disappointment of not being Mary in the School nativity play all came flooding back.
 The sand pit in the yard is now a very healthy display of shrubs, are you not allowed to play in sand now????
I remember when they banned 'clackers' as they could fracture young wrists.
I remember breaking my wrist one lunchtime on an ice slide and being made to stay in class all afternoon in agony as it was 'only a bruise'. Yes no 'where there's blame there's a claim' then!!!
What a trip down memory lane that was. I could even see the classrooms that I was taught in .

And we are now leaving the EU...............the last time anything to do with politics will appear in my blog!!!!!

 In cricket

Well The Yorkshire boys finally got a chance to bat after Durham declared on 507 with 'Bambi Boy' hitting a double hundred.

I was willing them ( silently) from my desk to play out a draw as they needed 357 from 81 overs. It was 4.5 ( ish ) runs an over and was doable, but  I didn't want anyone taking unnecessary risks.

The boys obviously knew that I wasn't there so they played brilliantly, except for the teeny tiny Kiwi Kane who went for a golden duck!.
TLJL and Little Timmy Bresnan  saw us through to the end and 11 points in the bag.

match drawn


Now you know that I am not  a huge fan of Nick Compton, a good player but in my opinion not of international standard. Well it was announced that he is to take a break from cricket.
If he is a a loose end I have some lawns that need mowing, and the bathroom is ready to be decorated so feel free to  nip up and develop some new talents Nick.

Good luck to him and I hope that he returns to cricket refreshed.

Well last day of the week in the office, so off I go.

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