Monday, 27 June 2016

Monday again!!! Where did the weekend go?

well I was woken this morning at around 3.30am by the Blackbirds having a karaoke outside my bedroom window! I am not sure what they were singing but it was some noise!.
What the flip were they doing up at that time, for the love of dogs, I need every minute of beauty sleep I can get!.

It was however not what I needed for the start of my week at Super Swanky Lady lainey office and all that will entail.

Back to yesterday.

Yorkshire put out a young side in their match against Pakistan A at Headingley, with only TLJL and Will Rhodes being regular troopers. However a name to remember emerged with opener Eliot Callis  hitting 87. Great knocks by T:LJL and  Azeem Rafiq helped to steady the ship and at stumps they were 248-3.

Good to see the youngsters getting a look out and some upcoming talent shining through.

The ODI against Sri Lanka started well, I was in the kitchen bottling 'elderflower champagne' whipping up a batch of chickpea patties and generally making a lot of mess, as I was listening on TMS.
Current media favourite Liam Plunkett took  3-46 and Jonny B took some great catches seeing the visitors on  248-9 in their 50 overs.

However only 4 overs were bowled for England before rain stopped play and eventually forced the match to be abandoned.
I ,by this time had to turn off TMS as I could not bear any more of Graham Swans overly inflated views of himself as well as, what he thought were witty remarks about his fellow commentators, laughing at your his 'jokes' and generally coming over as a complete buffoon.

Dame Didi tipped up for a cup of tea before going to see besty friend Francesca for some 'alternative therapies'.

All the washing got done, some little jobs that had been put on hold were finished and by bedtime I felt that I had accomplished something.

And today, well no doubt the office will be full of love and laughter..........................and in the real world, there will be frayed tempers and lots of swearing ( not by me you understand)

Have a great Monday, remeber its one day closer to the weekend!

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