Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Well now.................


What a day at Scarbados yesterday!!!!

Now that 5 of the lads are heading off to the England One day side, just to let Gillespie the Gallant know that I am available to pad up if needed and will give it my out and out best to score runs. I may need a runner as my very poorly coccyx is still not fully mended,  but hey anything for Yorkshire!.

Will they need me????

Well after a fabulous run chase yesterday, I don't think so!

Here's what happened.

the clouds were not too promising early doors, but Yorkshire took to the field against Northamptonshire and had two wickets before 9 overs were bowled.

However  no more fell  until Northants had racked up 201 runs. 
End of their innings they were 310-7.

Yorkshire went into bat and  they looked like a very different opening bat to last week, as Lythy hit a century and another 25 runs before heading back to the pavilion. sadly the form of captain Lees (20) and TLJL (0) is not improving and  and even the hope of the Yorkshire faithful, Kane Williamson went for 10.
An inspired knock by the much knocked Gary Ballance (80) help the runs clock up.

By the time I was home and making dinner, nerves were jangling and I decided to make an attempt at mowing the Deer Park.  
By the time I had tackled half of it ( and had quite enough)  we were down to 6 overs.
Ballance and Plunkett both fell on 303 and I was nearly sick with fear/excitement/stuffing myself full of twiglets. 

Willey and Hodd saw us home and I was racing round the kitchen with my Yorkshire shirt over my head.
314-8 final score.

Dinner was overcooked, but did I care..................not a chance.

What a difference a week makes.

Had the boys read the blog last week?

Had the thought of being sent to Narnia ( under my stairs) spurred them on?

Who knows and to be honest I don't care, they won, they put on runs and Lythy was in great form.

Well after that, there was nothing else to do but have a very large lemonade ( well it was a school night).

I know that this will sound like I am an 'only sing when we're winning' supporter.
Well those of you who know me, know that this is the farthest from the truth.

Well done to my boys and now to Friday and T20.

Ab Fab!!!!!

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