Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Well, Well, Well

You know things are on the turn when you are followed on Twitter by Gordon the Gopher, yes tis true, I am!!! and I have to say it made me laugh out loud at The Riverside ground yesterday.

Not to be outdone the pink monster that is Pink Hippo Robinson was so aggrieved, that he begged Gordon to follow him, and he did. So everyone was happy.

And in cricket, things were looking good for Yorkshire. I tipped up at the ground and positioned myself  not in my usual spot but in a sunbathing spot ( and boy did I catch some rays!).
So  after  starting the day 4 wickets down the boys put  on a great old show, I was gutted for TLJL, as he fell with only 9 runs. I have to say his form is a bit hit and miss at the moment and he needs to get his head  in gear.
Little Timmy Bresnan hit a half century and I was whooping in the 'cheap seats' ( that would be the ones that had previously been used for beach volleyball at the 2012 olympics).

And then my worst nightmare occurred ( no not news that Sean Bean was getting married again!). A cricket 'anorak' came and sat in front of me, resplendent in his Durham (anorak) fleece ( I, by this time  was stripped as bare a legally possible), clutching his pen and his scorecard.  he was muttering under his breath, as in his change of  seat he had missed the last wicket and was 'furious'.
OMG!! after 35 seconds I was about ready to move, he was chuntering to himself and talking to anyone  within 25 rows and being a total pain........................................and then he got his camera out and every over took a picture of the Scoreboard!
For the love of dogs!!! I love cricket and do think of myself as a bit of a 'badger' but this was taking the biscuit.

I had decided that if he hadn't moved by tea, sun or no sun I was off.

Luckily someone told him he could get a better view ( at Chester le street CC????)  over in another stand and he picked up his flask, his egg sandwiches in foil ( I know this because I could smell them, well I think it was the sandwiches!!), his pen, pencil and eraser ( yes, I kid you not), his mangy backpack and off he trotted.

I let out a huge sigh of relief.

Yorkshire were all out for 323.

Durham came into bat , and when Timmy took a wicket I was tempted to run around the stand with my Yorkshire shirt over my head, (not that I was wearing a Yorkshire shirt by this time) well that's one way to no longer have a Durham membership!, I have to say Gary was egging me on from afar to do it!!!

.and by stumps Durham  were 98-3....................slightly better than England ODI team who as we were trundling home were 17-3 against Sri Lanka, some shocking batting and honestly I think I could have done better poorly coccyx and all!

However by the time I got home and settled they had rallied as Jos Butler hit 93 ( will there be an inquest now about getting another wicket keeper or will Jonny be put back behind the stumps????), Chris Woakes hit an unbeaten 95, but it took Laim Plunkett with a do or die slog of the last ball, which went for 6, to tie the match.

oh yes Liam is now the darling of the media, so no pressure on him now!!!

Brilliant game, brilliant and daring cricket from Liam as England battled back.

Just in case you don;t know what Liam looks like

well I am back to The Riverside at lunchtime today so lets see the Champions doing there stuff!

Until tomorrow

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