Sunday, 26 June 2016

What time is it???

Look at the time!!!!!

And I have just crawled out of 'mon lit'!!!! ( well not actually 'just' as I have stripped the beds, put bedding in washing machine and made a coffee).
Why am I so late????

Well it all began at 8pm last night.....................

My besty friend Sharron  had said she would call me, and she did on the chimes of 8, and we settled down to put the cricket world to rights ( and the knitting, sewing, food preserving world, too). Yes by 8.00.30pm we were in full girly flow........................and continued to be so until well after 1 am!!!!!!

We go some on the chatter front, us Yorkshire girls!!!
Highlights of the call were

1. The need to rush off to Bradford to purchase shot silk offcuts!

2. deciding to marry off my cousins 3rd son to the daughter of the England captain ( Archie & Elsie Robinson!, believe me it was hysterical at 11.30pm and 3/4 bottle of fizz)

3. Her having to be the PA this afternoon for her chum who is going to the 'Ab Fab' premier as he is in the film, as his 'alter ego'. So she is doing the choosing of 'nude heels', lipstick how many feathers he should have, and which sequined dress would be appropriate for the 'after' party. As you can tell he is not going dressed in anything from 'Top Man'

4. Having a jolly good chat about our beloved Yorkshire.

And so now I am trying to get back to the world of Sunday and getting 'stuff' done until it is time for the ODI to start, and it's not long.

I also have to bottle the elderflower 'champers' which is now good to go into the bottle and I am hoping that I can get another batch under way pretty quickly.

Yesterdays T20 between Hampshire and  Gloucestershire which was due to be televised, was abandoned without a ball being bowled.

Today and most nights this week,  my boys are involved in 'friendlies' so lets hope that these go well for them, in the build up to next weekend.
Yes this time next week I will be trundling over the Moors to Scarbados.

And so without further ado, I bid you all farewell for today as I have to get everything sorted  ready to settle down in a couple of hours for a day of cricket.

I know how to spoil myself.

Thought for the day.

'Don't be bitter

Spread some glitter'

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