Sunday, 31 July 2016


Oh my dog!!!! after two days of lugging around heavy bags and objects, I am now in the throes of extreme agony. I tempted fate yesterday by mentioning the dreaded 'tennis elbow' and believe me at 1.35am this morning as I was pacing the floor waiting for painkillers to kick in, I wished I had not typed those words.
It was so bad that ( the pain was  down to my wrist)  I was laid in bed with my arm on 4 pillows to try to ease it.

Today is mainly going to be filled with regular painkiller taking and trying to remember not to life my handbag with my right hand!
I was thinking of making a sling with my Hermes scarf but thought that was a little too OTT!!

However I am still in a frenzy of 'cricnic' packing and hair sorting ( how do you tidy up a haystack!).
I image that by the time I get to Chester le Street, I will be much calmer ( and in cloud cuckoo land with the painkillers!)

So apart from injury, what else happened yesterday.

Well Somerset were in action against Sussex.
Tom Abell hit  a century (106 actually) and Somerset won by 10 runs.
I started to watch it, but to be honest my mind was on other things, like food and getting organised for today

It hasn't been a good run for bottom of the table Sussex.
Somerset go through to last 8 in the  in the RL one day cup.

Today I am picking up Pauly Paul, and we are heading up to The Riverside , so that I can cheer on 'My boys' and Pauly can cheer on 'His boys'.
There will be no hostility, because if there is he will not get any lunch or tea!......Simples!

And talking lunch and tea I have to go and finish packing it all up.

So if you are heading to the match I will be in my usual CLS  seat on the boundary.

See you later


Saturday, 30 July 2016

It just gets better!

So I hot footed it home from work, had a chat with a workman and settled myself down with a glass of Chenin Blanc to watch 'my boys' take on Northants for the 2nd F(ryan)day running.

I hadn't even had time to open my Twiglets before Lyth was heading back to the 'dugout'! I quickly topped my glass up as I felt that I might need it.

I managed to get some twiglets down my neck before Willey went too!

Oh dear, quick top up!

Did a bit of knitting and then Travis Head up needed.

Then TLJL came out. Ahhh no drinking allowed during his batting!

As I have  said before after his injury scare last month I am sure that they have turned him into 'Steve Austin'!

He was hitting the ball all over the place, he hit his 50 off 21 balls! and smiled a lot!

Lees made a great stand despite a nasty knock on his elbow/arm, which had me shuddering  ( my tennis ebow is legendary and reduces me to tears at times so I  was feeling it for Alex). He hit a brilliant 59 before being bowled by Gleeson.

TLJL was still batting and  had Little Timmy Brenan with him.
He fell to the bowling of  Azharulla who is now in my 'black book of bowlers' and  walked back to the dug out........................smiling!!!
None of this swearing, bat throwing, sunglasses hurling nonsense.

Timmy and Liam saw us through to the end of the innings posting 177.
Was this enough!

Well we needed to win by 20 runs to get a home quarter final so I topped up my glass and wiped away the Twiglet crumbs ready for the boys to take to the field.

Willey got Cobb first ball and I nearly choked on my wine!

Top up

Bresnan got Rossington  in the 3rd over

Top up
Duckett and Cook went before the half way mark, but they were motoring along a little too well for my liking.

Top up...............bottle empty.........................panic!!!!

They passed the mark that ruled out a home QF for us, and then in the final over Timmy Bresnan took 2 wickets and Northants managed 163-7

We are through to the QF's but it will be in another country!

sadly I cannot go and I had to have a to console myself.

However I managed a victory lap with my Yorkshire shirt over my head.

You absolute stars Yorkshire, you have had me a teeny tiny bit worried this season, but I kept the faith and knew that you would come good.

See you all tomorrow at Chester le Street.

Little bit excited

Friday, 29 July 2016

It's F(ryan)day

Hello F(ryan)day, about flipping time you got here! I am so ready for the weekend.

Today for me will be mainly about stressing over hair colour, prep of food for Sunday and maybe some work...........................and then home to watch my boys in T20 action on't TV!!

Now talking T20, the whole of twitter was alight last night after rain delayed the start of the Middx T20 and they asked people to vote on the franchising of the short form game.

Oh yes Nick Knight was in full 'out of synch' talking mode ( his mouth and words don't ever match), I had to put my 'Raybans' on because although it was dull outside, the gleam from Shane Warnes teeth was blinding! he could have done with a shave though!.
Anyhooo I digress, they got the poll result through and it seemed that most people were in favour of the franchising.

Well I for one am not. We won't be having 'our boys' playing for us, they will rebrand and my beloved Yorkshire will be called something other and it will become a worse circus than it is now.
Don't get me wrong, I love to watch the 'Big Bash', but I think I am becoming a NIMBY!!!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not go down this route.

Although I think that for the ECB it's a done deal, they will have £ signs in their eyes!!!

Right enough of that, I have lots to do this morning and not a lot of time to do it in.

The weekend is looming and it is a full on busy one for me. Tomorrow is super mad busy day which will start very early.

I also have to get sorted for Sunday when I will be picking up Pauly Paul, Dynamo Dom had decided not to come!!!!!!

And so I am heading off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office to finish the working week.

Have a great F(ryan)day.


Thursday, 28 July 2016

Yorkshire play a blinder ( sorry Sophie)


Yes my boys were at Scarbados yesterday hosting Nottinghamshire, and on a perfect summer day they set to!

Notts went into bat and after a bit of a collapse seeing them 46-5 in the 13th over, they settled down and Mullaney put on 89 runs.

They held on and posted a score of  51-9 in their allotted overs.

Twitter came alive with reports from The Yorkshire faithful as they enjoyed their fish and chips, ice cream, candy floss and rock.

Yorkshire went into bat and loathe as I am to say it, the top order folded like a deck of cards.Lyth managed 39 runs but Travis head and T:LJL were both out for a duck!
I was starting to get a bit worried by this point  50-4 in the 8th over!

Little Tmmy Bresnan came to the crease.......................and stayed there to the end hitting a magnificent 95* a career best in one day cricket.

I got home and quickly tuned into Cally and Dave Bracegirdle's  commentary, it was getting a little bit tight and my stomach was doing backflips.
Big Luke Fletcher was to bowl the final over and I, by this time was physically sick!
Then it was all over and my boys had done me proud!

What is written above, does nothing to show what an amazing game of cricket was seen at scarbados . It could have gone either way and nothing can be taken away from Notts who played a great game.

However well done my boys.
The yorkshire shirt is now stretched out of recognition due to being over my head whilst I do a victory lap. Its worth it though.

I also managed to 'uipset' a 'would be' cricket hack, as news was filtering through that the ECB were seriously looking to franchise the T20 game.

Yes the said 'would be' hack, who spends most of his time writing glowing pieces about the merits of the powers that be, took offence to the fact that I referred to T20 as 'circus cricket' and the fact that the ECB are trying to kill the County Championship.
Well T20 is a circus and a money spinner as I say all the time.
However franchising will kill the game in the North of England I think. ( but I'm a girl so what would I know!).
I was given, by said hack the stats for  the average attendances for matches.
Well take into account that 27,000 people tipped up at Lords the other night that throws the averages in favour of the south and not a true representation of the WHOLE of the cricket country.
I do not see the ECB as a friend of Northern cricket, why else would they arrange for tests to be played early season in the north and let the Southern softies bask in sun later in the season.

Whoops off on a rant and so early too.

Needless to say the hack did not like my comments and ungraciously bowed out!

Well that made me smile!



Wednesday, 27 July 2016

So what's going on?

Goodness gracious me! It was all going off at Durham County Cricket Club yesterday, the person doing the Twitter feed must by now be suffering from RSI!!!

It all started mid morning when they announced that Phil Mustard would not be renewing his contract with them. Then they announced that he would be on loan to Gloucestershire for the remainder of the season.....................and in his benefit year too!

And then they announced that Mark Stoneman would be treading over the line of the 'Durham Triangle' and heading to............................Surrey. Yes heading south and not just Darlington! I tell you those boys are being very daring!

Stoneman will leave at the end of the season.

I am expecting the Borthwick tweet at some point in the next 2 days and I think that he may be heading south too.

 Maybe the receptionist was rude to them too!

It all smacks of rats leaving a sinking ship!

However their 'good news' was that 'Colleywobble' would be staying for another season  ( yep money for old rope when you are out most of the games with a fractured eyelash and broken fngernail).
'Oh joy'!!!!
And he is taking over as Captain forthwith.
Double joy!!!

Wheels are falling of this wagon very quickly!

Poor old El Presidenti, it was his birthday and his Middx boys got beaten by Somerset, it was that Trego creature that did them in. Scoring 104 and taking 2 wickets!

Today sees my boys in action at Scarbados, as they host Nottinghamshire.




And in other news,

well there isn't any of interest so I will toddle off to shout at boys, drink copious amounts of coffee and look pretty for 7 hours.

Until tomorrow

have a nice day!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

And so.........

another day, another win! this time with rather a lot of help from a 'Yorkland' boy!
yes England beat Pakistan by 330 runs.

much has been made about Captain Cook not making Pakistan follow on, It did however provide us with an other chance to see a very inform Joe Root bat again.

It also brings up questions about  fitness. Ben Stokes was brought back into the team after being declared fit after a knee op and then was taken off the field yesterday with a calf problem which will be scanned today.
Is the 'need' to regain' a place in the England team worth breaking your body even more?
He appears to now be developing 'Broaditis' and being a constant injury worry.
Maybe the rest of the season out of the game would be the best medicine.

A great result from the team and it evens up the matches.

Today we have more One day Cup action, nothing for me to get too excited about, although I will be cheering on Middlesex as they venture down to Taunton, especially as it is the birthday of El Presidenti, Harry Latchman. so I think that a win is in order!!!

Another birthday boy today is  Pauly Paul who will be snoozing in bed as I am typing this.
Have a great birthday Paul.

I finally had a response from Durham re the 'incident'  with the receptionist at the T20.
They are very sorry, and the receptionist, who has been employed by the club for many years,  is very upset that she came across in that manner, it was not intended and not her usual manner!!!!!
 I should chuffing well hope not!!!
Well she is not the only one who has been upset by the incident.

The letter did nothing but absolve themselves from any blame, as I expected.
Obviously my fault for trying to do a good deed...............mid season..............when she didn't have her box!

I would also suggest that you check your printer as the letter was nearly illegible right down the middle.Making it appear unprofessional......................well I think that says it all really.

So endeth a very long term relationship.

And now I am off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office and all the joy that it holds.
Until tomorrow

Monday, 25 July 2016

MY BOYS!!!!!

Well it is obvious what I will be banging on about today, so lets get to it!.

Sunday morning, washing and cooking under way.
Test match under way.
Yorkshire batting under way.

It didn't look good as Lyth was run out for 2
New boy Travis head came into back with Captain Lees until he went for 32.
Head was making runs and then TLJL came in, and yes I know I have been harping on about him since last year, but he shows great talent............................and yesterday, well he showed it magnificently.

Travis was motoring away and so was TLJL!!! I was trying to keep up on twitter, but the 'Yupdates' were not that  forthcoming.
I realised TLJL had scored 50 and then saw how Travis was going.


So lets just get to the end of the innings. Travis scored 175, TLJL was 131*. Little Timmy Bresnan scored 28 and The Tykes posted 376-3!!!

Flipping heck!

By this time I had been visited by Pauly Paul and Dynamo Dom, and also Dame Didi..

Yorkshire took to the field and made short work of Leicestershire as they saw them off for 185.

Just to say that Travis and TLJL  made a record highest stand  in a limited overs game beating an unbroken 242 by Martyn Moxon and Ashley Metcalfe against Warwickshire in 1990.

I think that my little rosebud should be in full bloom now???? Surely?????

Well done those boys, all of them


In the test, well England bowled out Pakistan for not many and went back into bat, this nearly crashed Twitter as people were wondering why they didn't make Pakistan follow on.

I didn't care, I was too busy doing victory laps round the extensive grounds of the chateau with my yorkshire shirt over my head.

Oh well now to put an end to all that excitement as I am off to work!

its been a bit of a weekend!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Busy Sunday

It's Sunday, it's early and the beds are stripped and in the washing machine already, well it would be a shame to miss a beautiful drying day, wouldn't it!

Yesterday was full on busy as I got 'stuff' done at The chateau and then went for my Indian face massage. after falling asleep whilst it was being done, I woke up to a whole new me! well a more refreshed looking me.
The I walked home listening to TMS

And I couldn't believe what I was listening to!

Little Joey Root only hit a career best 254!!! With Jonny B hitting 58.

England declared on 589-9.

Pakistan went in to bat and by close of play were 57-4. They need to get a wriggle on today.

Today My Boys are down in Leicester in One day cup action.

I have everything crossed for them, I will be watching Twitter avidly.

In fact it is a full on busy cricket day today in one day cup action.

I need to get a wriggle on too, as I have to pick up Mr Funky the chauffeur and drop him off in the back of beyond as he is going off with 'ramblers'!!!?????

Each to their own!!! I suppose my love of knitting is considered strange in some parts.

So today as you can tell is a busy cricket one and also I am expecting visitors ( Pauly Paul and Dynamo Dom).

Think its time to get the hoover out!

My neighbours are goign to love me, it;s only 6.05am!!!!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Yorkshire!!!!! Yorkshire!!!!

So it's nearly 9am and I am only starting the blog, mainly because I have been bouncing round the chateau on a high from last night............................ and putting washing in, putting the dishwasher on, pottering around the garden and chatting on the telephone to Pauly Paul.

So here is Friday evening.

Mr Funky the chauffeur picked me up in the 'funky bus' and off we toddled to Chester le Street.
We parked up and parking next to us was Jane and her Daddy, so we all wandered over to the ground together.

I glared at the rude receptionist as we passed, she looked to be berating someone else at that time!.
We took our seat.

I quickly tweeted to everyone I knew who was going to be at Headingley, asking for 'Yupdates'.

'Uncle Rob' was supporting Northamptonshire from down the pub and in a 'bonny state' by all accounts.

So Lancs went into bat and perversely I was willing them on! Well there was method in my madness.

I was getting updates from HQ, Willey had a tremendous knock putting on 74, TLJL had another great T20 game putting on 30 ( smiling with pride!) and at end of their innings they were 215-6.

Northants, big unit Levi injured his shoulder taking a brilliant catch which sadly saw the end of Captain Lees.
He was taken off the field with his arm in a sling!

Well that's two games with over 200 on the scoreboard!

By this point I was getting super excited, and Lancashire were managed to fight back from a slow ( paint dryingly slow) start to eventually post  176-3.

Meanwhile 'Yupdates were coming through, I was trying to 'whisper' Come on Lancashire, something that you will NEVER hear me do again!!!!

It was getting nerve racking at the Riverside, and then Lancs won by 4 runs. OMG I can't believe I was excited about them winning ....................................BUT there was method in my madness.

Wickets were tumbling at HQ and as Levi could not bat, Yorkshire won by 75 runs.

I was running round with my Yorkshire shirt over my head!

That has to have been the best Friday until next week when Yorks have the return match!
So Yorks have sprinted up the T20 table and are currently in 3rd spot.

And today........................well who cares I am still basking in the enjoyment of last night, but will catch up on the second test.
( he got a century )

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Finally it's F(ryan)day

Well it's F(ryan)day  the best day of the week according to former employee Dan Dan Cowboy Draughtsman. For me at the moment any day with cricket is the best day of the week.

Today we also have T20 cricket 'My Boys' are taking on 'Uncle Rob's' boys, Northants, I fear that there might be some messages crossing the 't'interweb' ce soir! and again prochaine semaine, when they are playing each other for the second time ( those fixtures were not very well thought out!).
I am going to Chester le Street with Mr funky the Chauffeur but will be keeping up on Twitter and cheering my boys on at Headingley.

Today His Royal Ryanness is playing in a match for Lashing CC, I  have been to the Lashing Sports Bar in Maidstone,as a guest of Hampshire 2nd's, but I digress. he is playing down in Amersham very close to old home of I Lady Lainey in Moor Park. ( both on the Met Line).

I hope that this is a sign that he will be back with the team VERY soon!

Last night it was the London derby at Lords with over 27,000 people filing through the hallowed gates.
It was a great match and although it grieves me to say it I was cheering on Middlesex ( in honour of El Presidenti and the First lady ).

Brilliant knock by George Bailey helped Middx over the line.
To take nothing away from Surrey, former temporary Tyke, Finch hit a brilliant 78.

There will have been much yahooing in the Presidential suite after the match I suspect.

And the interview?

well I came away feeling a lot more positive than when I went in, this is just the first round so anything can happen and it won't be instantanious, but tiny steps and all that malarchy.

So as I set off to Super Sawanky Lady Lainey office  I am feeling a little bit more positive and hope that  i can get my 'in tray' emptied before close of play.........................

.................however with the start of the 2nd test, I am not too sure, as I will be tuned in at 10.55am

have a great F(ryan)day and for me it is 7 working hours away from the weekend..............bring it on!

Rant first, cricket second

OK I am going to have my rant first this morning!!!


Yes, it's true, yesterday morning The Times decided to print a story about Gillespie the Gallant, not being at Yorkshire next season. I think that there is someone who churns out the same shit  story every time there is a match in the offing.

STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!  NOW!!!!!!!!

 If GTG is going, we will all hear about it in good time.

If GTG is going, then we have to wish him best of luck.

If GTG is going, I will cry.............a lot.

Right rant over and now onto other cricket from last night


MY BOYS!!!!!

Well it all started with Lythy  ( 87) and Willey ( 32). New boy Travis Head  played some blinding shots (34) and then by the time we got to TLJL (32) I was nearly bouncing up and down.
Not to single any player out but that lovely young man was brilliant and when  he was out, left the field smiling,  and walked right back to a smiling coach!
End of innings for my boys 223-6!!!!!!!

Durham came  with less than fighting spirit, although I was watching from behind the sofa. Fantastic bowling from Karl Carver (3-40), with Rafiq showing also why he has been brought back (2-27) dented Durham and they were 174 at the end of their 20 overs.

I by this time was doing a lap of the dining room with my Yorkshire shirt over my head.

The boys played brilliantly,and  looked positive from the off.

Well done to you all


And good news that His Royal Ryanness is back playing, he has been out with the 2nd's and taking wickets so this makes me smile. Mind you, I will smile a little bit more when he is back in the first team and taking wickets  (710 FC wickets to date).

Oh well time to head off today is busy, busy, and by the time you read this I will already be grafting away, but good news  is that I am of for an interview tonight................................

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Happy Birthday Lord Christophe

Then & Now

Joyeaux Anniversaire to my nephew Lord Christophe, who has finally reached the same age as his besty most beautiful Auntie in the  whole wide  world. Yes Lord Christophe is 21.

Ah it seems like yesterday since we were all hanging around waiting for him to arrive,  he tried to bungee jump out by wrapping his leg around the umbilical cord and failed, but finally made his appearance with a little but of help, much to everyone's delight.

And of course I was just a nipper myself at this time!!!!!

Happy Birthday Chris, having a good one.

Cricket wise yesterday, I raced home and to watch the T20 match between 'Northamptonshire Steelbacks' And Birmingham Bears.

Northants went into bat and little 'chubster' Levi  showed far more  flair than on Friday and hit 31.

A top knock of 85 by Rossington  helped the runs rack up and they ended their innings on 200-5.

Now they have a mascot called' Steeler' who is a dog. OMG!! I was laughing so much at him. Priceless T20 mascot.

Bears went in and  only 'the man with no lips' was able to make a dent in the run chase.

All out for 126.

As the players passed by each other to shake hands, Steeler was at the end of the queue  slapping paws with them.

BRILLIANT!!!!! and made my evening.

it also made 'Uncle' Robs  evening ( he is, the creator of super wicket for The Gentlemen of Tykeshire).
He even had a couple of lemonades to celebrate a Northants win  from all accounts.

In the break between innings I whipped up some falafel and sorted salads out so that when I get home this evening  everything will be just ready to cook and serve as I settle down to watch 'my boys' take on Durham.

However before that I have another funpacked day at Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and the 'childish' fallout of the staff meeting.  Oh yes! as you can tell yesterday was full of childish  taunts to each other and very little work being done.

Also I think that one of the boys may have bitten off a lot more than he can chew!

Right, time to hotfoot it.

Have a good one!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Making space and clearing out

Well the continuing clear out at Chateau de Champions, is hotting up now and I am making space and actually can see the cream carpet in the dressing room.

I also have  some space in the wardrobe and I intend not to fill that up.
Who would have thought that 30 black tops with various sleeve lengths and necklines were a necessity.......................well obviously I did however now I am down to..........................15!!!!!!
Best to start on the other colours next.

The rest  of the black ones have gone off to do good for others although some are on ebay, and I hope that they sell or I may have to keep them.

News came through that recalls for Anderson, Rashid and Stokes ahead of the 2nd test. it's to be hoped that 'brat' Stokes keeps his temper in check. talented or not, he needs to remember he is playing the 'Game of gentlemen'.

Sad news came through for all cricket readers as it was announced that Mike Selvey's long running spell with the Guardian is over. I am sure that it won't be long before he is scribbling for another paper, but I am sure that a lot of Guardian readers will be saddened by the news.

Summer seems to have finally arrived with temperatures reaching .................well above -0, I have done away with the thermals for the time being, but am carrying them with me just in case.

The office meeting went as expected and I will be checking for  drawing pins on my chair today!.When will they learn that rules are rules and no one is above them.

Highlight of the meeting was a  40 year old not knowing what 'anti semitic' meant! and as this was part of the staff manual and he was supposed to have read it, well....................

No doubt some further howlers will come to light today as he has been asked to read  the said manual for today ( he was supposed to have read it before the meeting!)

there has to be an easier way to make a living???????

And as there isn't at the moment, I guess I had better head off!

Monday, 18 July 2016

well that didn't go as planned!

England lost against Pakistan at Lords although I guess you all knew that.

High spot was Jonny B and a well played and calculated innings.
Low spot, Moeen Ali out with a terrible shot.

No point in a post mortem, what's done is done and onwards to Old Trafford.

After feeling less than 'Ladylike' yesterday morning the day went well, with much washing and cooking being done as well a having ' 40 winks' and doing some housework.

I have no cricket action until Wednesday when Yorkshire take on Durham in T20 action, Do I wish I was there?
well of course but sadly work is getting in the of all things cricket.

Over in Southport, Durham were visiting Lancashire and much chat on TMS was  around Jimmy Anderson and Ben Stokes and their possible recall to the test side.
Well after Mr Stokes and his  antics on Friday evening I would suggest that they give him a miss until he learns to play in the true spirit of the game.

I am also waiting today to hear from Durham re my run in with the horribly rude receptionist.

It does not make my decision to take myself out of the membership pool, but it will be worth hearing what they have to say.

News from the club is that Phil Mustard is not renewing his contract with them and will leave at the end of the season, a daring move by the local lad, finally putting his toe over  the line of the 'Durham Triangle' and seeing that there is life outside of it.
Will Wood and Borthwick follow suit?

Well only time and much pushing by Surrey will tell.
As the saying goes 'Familiarity breeds contempt' and I feel that this shows nowhere better than at Durham CCC  #myopiniononly

I have another 'funpacked' week in store which starts today at 3pm when a staff meeting has been called to sort out some 'issues' and to make office boys adhere to the staff manual.
Well you can see how that will go down.
Lead balloon comes to mind!

Oh well time to face the mob.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

the one with the peanut butter in my bed!

Oh my aching head!!!.....................

and remarkable smooth skin on the right side of my face........................

having had an over night treatment  of peanut butter on whole meal toast!!!

Yes I awoke to find said slice of toast stuck on said face.
all I am saying is that I am never drinking again!

So lets backtrack.

Yesterday was a super sunny and hot day and I got all the washing dried and back in the airing cupboard ( yes I have one of those in the chateau).

I had a visit from old school chum Tony ( our dads were in the Fire Brigade together  too). We had coffee and a good old chin wag before he went to take his Mum & Dad out for lunch.

Then Dame Didi and the eldest monster child nephew came to visit.

said nephew is nearing his birthday when, remarkably, he will be the same age as moi! how the dickens can that be!?!?!?!

We then re-enacted a picture of when he was only hours old!  It was a tad difficult as he is now 6ft 5in tall!
You may see the photos later in the week!

I watched cricket, which today will involve some serious run chase  from England.
Chris Woakes took 5 wickets  but Pakistan are still in he driving seat.

And  then I toddled off to meet besty friend Chris, she of the mad hounds.

She has just been told that Leo the Doberman is going blind ( sadly due to his diabetes). He however still managed to spend as much time as possible sitting on me ( all 9 stone of him), whilst we sat having a jolly good cry.
Christine is now Leo's 'guide human'.

We also managed to put away a massive amount of wine, I staggered home at about 1.30am , was a tad peckish which accounts for  waking up with peanut butter in the bed and a slice of toast stuck to my face!!!

And that folks was Saturday in a (pea)nutshell

Bedding is now in the washing machine, I have taken 2 paracetamol and am going to try to face beans on toast for breakfast.

And then I think I will retire to the chaise longue and sleep and watch cricket.

Well it is Sunday!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

It's Le weekend

and that can mean only one thing! Lots of washing to be done! and some visiting and entertaining..
I have woken up this morning looking as if I have just stepped out of a magazine cover, granted it is 'Tramps and Vagrants weekly' but after going to bed in my full slap what did I expect!.

So last night besty friend and Alternative therapist Francesca picked me up and we headed off to The Riverside to watch Durham take on Northamptonshire.
I had to drop off some unwanted cricket kit for the Lords Taverners as arranged with them and with Durham CCC.
Well as you know I have a bit of a temper which I try (unsuccessfully) to keep under wraps, so off we toddled with mahooosive kit bag, to the reception.

Oh dear the receptionist got her knickers in a right old knot, getting very vocal about
'people normally bring this at the end of the season'
'I usually have a box for it to go into'
'Throw it behind the stairs'.............

Well you get the drift.

Francesca could tell by my face that I was ready to 'blow' having been berated by said receptionist for  daring to bring kit, mid season when she had no box to put it in ( and believe me if she had a box she would be trapped in it now!).
trying to ( again unsuccessfully) keep my temper under control, I got hold of the bag and said,
'FINE! I will take it away, let the Lords Taverners know, and get them to collect directly from me.
She backed down!
However I WILL NOT be taking anything else to Durham and will be letting the recipients know.

Sometimes a simple thing is made very difficult!

We got settled to watch and Sophie was keeping me updated on all things Trent Bridge, including photos, sadly not of TLJL who was not playing.

back at Chester le St, Northants got off to a shocking start as Levi ( bit of a major chubster) went first ball, but they rallied and put on  149-5.

We had a visit from the lovely Mick who came for a chat but soon wandered off due to a child with 'bangy things' banging them in his ear!

Durham went into bat  and were motoring away, Stokes ( another fiery redhead) went in and I said to Franny, he won't be there long, and sure enough out on 1.
 He, however cannot keep his temper under wraps and came off the field being very vocal, throwing down his bat, followed by his sunglasses, all in front of a group of children waiting for autographs.
If you want to be a role model, calm yourself, if you want to be a foul mouthed sore loser, you are going the right way about it!
 he sat in the 'bus stop' with his mouth going 10 to the dozen.
my question is,

why when the coach was sitting right next to him, did he not say anything to him,or send him to the dressing room to calm down????

Meanwhile over at Trent Bridge Lyth continued to show form, new boy Travis Head put on 40 and Yorkshire posted  160-7.

Now this was a bit of a tight finish which I didn't know about until I got home.

Nottinghamshire won by 3 wickets but they needed 3 off the last 3 balls.

Well done Notts, The Maher/Browns were jolly chuffed.

well played my boys too.
And Alex Lees finally found his voice as he was not best pleased about some umpiring decisions.

Well its time to head off down to the sorting office and collect some things that the postman couldn't ram through the letter box .

onward to another cricket week


Friday, 15 July 2016

Its a thoughtful F(ryan)day

Please note this is not a caption competition picture!

It's a reflective start to F(ryan)day today.

To almost every child, their parents are their heroes, and you don't really understand this until they are no longer with you.

Having lost my Dad when I was young, I listen to stories about the man he was, and what he did for others, it always makes me smile. he will always be my hero.

Losing both my parents has been very hard and so my thoughts go out to those of you who are still living with the  grief of  recent loss.

Remember, they are watching you and would not want you to be sad.

I truly believe this.

And now onto other things.


Yes he tipped up in the nets yesterday and will soon be joining the squad.
Things to remember

Travis is not like the proverbial 'Chirstmas puppy', he is not for life, he is only for the next few weeks, and so......

Travis is not the 'messiah', he is a young man who has come to add his weight to the team. as such I expect no slating of him over the next few weeks!

The end.!

Yorkshire were continuing to bat like 'batty' type things yesterday and we saw Adam Lyth hit a double century!
Totally brilliant knock from him
As was the knock by Steve Patterson who hit 51 and Plunkett with 37 to bring  a total of 407 all out.
The match was going to be a draw due to the fact that the weather had not played fair.

Well done my boys, totally proud of you all.

Sad news came through too about the health of the lovely Michael Carberry, who has been under going tests.
Hampshire issued a statement yesterday saying that he has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumour.
Our thoughts are with Michael and wish him a very speedy recovery.

As if this  was not bad enough.
News from my beloved France came through of a truly horrific end to Bastille Day.

Je suis vraiment attriste.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

It was a bit of a cricket day yesterday!

well now, yesterday was a bit of a day for brilliant cricket!

Where to start?

Well lets head to Taunton where there has been a huge amount of runs scored by Tres a & Trego as they declared on  446-9

Middx went into bat, opening bat Gubbins putting on 76, Simpson put on 79 whilst the super tall Ollie Rayner went for a duck!

Although they lost batsmen in very quick succession they ploughed on and won the match when  John Simpson hit a six to take the match with 2 balls remaining.

They showed great team playing and I have to say I was waiting for my message from El Presidenti, and sure as eggs is eggs it came through.

To say that he was proud of his boys ( and rightly so) is an understatement.

And then there was The oval.

Well rain has not been kind to my boys as they had to head back to the pavilion due to precipitation, BUT, Adam Lyth found his early season form and hit a century, whilst Galey finally put some decent runs on the board and hit 61 before being bowled by much hyped whiz kind Tom Curran.

TLJL was out for a duck which did not please I,. Lady Lainey at all, and Meaker is now had his name put on my 'list' of bowlers I need to have a word with!

They were 207-3 at stumps with Lyth still in there on 116.

Come on boys we need batting points today and to show those 'southern softies' a thing or two!

I meanwhile managed to sort out with Durham CCC and The Lords Taverners the reuse of the  cricket equipment that I was given last week.
Donating old kit and equipment will help to further the cricket cause and will either be used in this country or sent abroad.

Do it if you have any old bits and pieces ( in usable condition) lurking in your garage.

Well the sun is shining and I am ready to face another day in the 'oriface'

Be sure that I will be checking Twitter for all things Yorkshire.

Come on lads lets get some points!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Well we are halfway through the week!

I am a little bit achy this morning because I am trying to up the time I am 'planking' in my daily routine ( as I promised at the gym that I would). I am now up to 1min and 45 seconds which doesn't sound like a lot, but if you have done very little exercise for over 5 months, try it!
My thighs feel like they are on fire and my whole 'core' feels as if.................well feels as if it has been cored!

It must be doing some good that's all I can say.

rain was not helping my boys yesterday although they go off to a flying start as thy took 3 wickets in the overs that they got to play.

Steve Pattteron getting the scalp of Finch which was caught by TLJL, I managed to catch that myself as I got off a boring work call just in time to hear it!
Due to rain elsewhere in the CC, Cally was back on 5 Live sport and giving me all the info that I needed.

Sadly the boys were back in the pavilion for the day, but at least would have got to watch 'Diagnosis murder' and 'murder she wrote'. Well there has to be an upside of the rain.

I am hoping that 'keepy uppy' in the dressing room has been banned!

Middlesex were at Taunton, and even super tall spinner Ollie Rayner, who took one wicket could not hold back Trescothick and Trego as they bounded away to centuries a piece.

This morning I have been doing my 'sun dance' for my boys and hoping that they can get some decent play on the 3rd day.

Its a massive 'COME ON YORKSHIRE' and hoping for lots of 'yupdates' to keep me entertained whilst working my way through piles of boring work.

The Worcestershire wonder Boys had a thumping good win, as they  walloped Northants, winning by 311 runs!!!
Flipping heck!!
and no Commando Boy in the team either!

well it is that time again, so I bid you farewell for today

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The sun has got his hat on

and the Blackbirds are having a right old hooley on my roof this morning, they kicked off at 3.30am and are still going strong, I however am flagging and still have 7 hours at Super swanky lady Lainey office to get through!!

I am hoping that the sun is shining at Th Oval today as yesterday after managing only the first session rain blighted my boys attempt at knocking over Surrey.
The score at the end of the day was  95-2

hopefully today we will get  out to play ( probably a spot of footy) and lots of 'yupdates';

Worrying news came through yesterday that Michael Carberry was being rested from the Hampshire squad due to a 'pre existing medical condition.
In 2010 carberry was found to have blood clots on his lung and missed the start of the 2011 season. this however has not been confirmed as the problem.
We wish him well and hope that he is soon fighting fit.

Tonight sees a spot of T20 action as Leicestershire are hosting Nottinghamshire.
Who are at the riverside ground on Friday and I hope to get there to see that game.

However work have sort of scuppered my plans for the rest of the season, most especially my holibobs!
I am hoping that this week something can be sorted as I was feeling pretty cheesed off by the news yesterday!

If the sun continues to shine today there may well be some lawn mowing today when I get home and  there is going to be some super strength  weed killer going down on one part of the extensive grounds  as preparations for the laying of the new patio continues!

well it is super short today as I have little to report on my boys.

Fingers crossed for sunshine and wickets.

come on Yorkshire!

Monday, 11 July 2016

A very rainy Monday

well it is a very chilly and wet start to the working week here at The Chateau, but this has done nothing to dull my mood.

Yes it was another great win by My boys yesterday  as they took on Derbyshire

They were batting first as Derbyshire won the toss and elected to bowl. Scores were not on the high side as Lyth went for 18 and T:LJL only made 1, although Willey hit 33 and teeny tiny Kiwi Kane hit 65. with little Timmy Bresnan showing that he is equally good with the bat as with the ball, hit 24 off 14 balls!.

Their innings score was 166-6.

Was this enough?

'Yupdates' were not giving me the information that I needed ( like,'what the chuff is happneing?')

In reply Derbyshire looked to be on the case and  being 7-1 at the end of the 2nd over, they were batting well and were on 80 before the fall of the next wicket.

Adil Rashid was on form as his spin bowling saw off  3 men.

It was all going on.
And they only chuffing well won by 1 run.

now it is well recorded on here about my dodgy ticker............well boys I cannot be doing with this nail biting, heart stopping stuff.

This win takes my Tykey Vikings up to 5 th place in the Northern table.

To say that i was happy is an understatement!!!

The boys then got on the coach, and were chauffeured to my former home of London, where they  are starting 4 days against Surrey.

It's going to be a big week!

And it is going to be a big week for me too, as work is piling up and I start the next batch of archiving to be sent to HQ, on top of the 4 O & M manuals that I have waiting to  be completed.

Well the win yesterday has put me in a good mood, so I am sure that  I can make it through the day today without shouting too much!

And I need lots of 'Yupdates' too!!!!

Sunday, 10 July 2016

good morning eventually

Well good morning, although in my world this is nearly afternoon!

Why am I so late this morning, well I have only in the last half hour rolled out of mon lit!

'Ah getting lazy' I hear you all cry!

No I have a good reason and that is because I had another mammoth phone in with my besty mate Shazzer from Barnsley.

Yes we set a new world record in phone calls, 5.5 hours last night and we put the world to rights, laughed and laughed ( at my expense I hasten to add), discussed the merits of Commando Boy and TLJL and both had way too much to drink.

This morning I have stripped the beds and managed to feed the hydrangeas yesterdays coffee grounds, bottle another 8 litres of Elderflower champers  and now I am here at the 'l'ordinator' tapping away.

So what else happened yesterday, well I settled down at 2pm to watch the aforementioned Commando Boy and his team take on Notts. I had my spies  in the ground ( Sophie and El Tel) giving me updates on what was happening if it didn't show on Sky.

Sadly for the Worcestershire Wonder boys they did not perform up to scratch and  suffered a humiliating defeat.

There will have been much yahooing in 'Chez Maher' last night!

today the weather is looking a bit grim ( well I am up North) and  I am going to watch the Durham match on Sky rather than go to the ground. I do actually have lots to do today so I can get on whilst keeping one eye on the match.

'My boys' are at Derbyshire today in T20 action. I have everything crossed for them and will be keeping an eye on Twitter for 'Yupdates' ( like an update but about Yorkshire).

And now, well I think it's time to go and  have some breakfast ( I was supposed to be going to the gym for a swim but I have scrapped that)

Until tomorrow

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Those boys!!

Well it is Saturday and I am hobbling round like a hobbling thing.................why, you may ask.

Well last night ( having deferred it from  Thursday) was my first night back at the gym in nearly 6 months. Yes can you believe it is nearly 6 months since I bounced down the stairs at work and injured my coccyx!

Well by the time I was about to 'go up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire' I could hardly put one foot in front of the other and resorted to crawling the remainder of the stairs.

However I made 7 am at the gym this morning.
I managed to pull on my 'gym pants' which luckily had enough lycra in to accommodate the tub of lard that I have become.
25 minutes was all that I could cope with and I walked ( limped) home and am  now having a pint of water and a coffee.

It will be a swim in the morning and then  back again on Friday  with lots of walking inbetween.

News has filtered through that I may not make Scarbados!!!!
I am expecting a visit from a group of Kiwis and it looks as if they will be arriving when I am due to be at the seaside!
I am hoping that they will arrive later but at the moment it is not looking too promising for my cricket holiday.

Anyhoooo that aside, the boys were taking on  Warwickshire at Headingley last night.

They went into bat, and put on 156-6 in their allotted 20 overs. Williamson 48, Ballance 33 and TLJL 6 not out.

Warwickshire lost their first man in the first over and then  it took a further 5 overs to dismiss Bell who racked up 30.
Porterfield hit 48 and was their highest scoring batsman.

it was not looking too good until the 17th over when the lads went into over drive and between then and the end of the game  managed to send three back to the pavilion with no score.
They won by 2 runs.
If I had been able to 'run' around the chateau with my Yorkshire shirt over my head I would have, but did manage a  fairly half heated limp around the kitchen.

And today?

well you know the score by now, washing and housework..................until 2pm when I will be on the chaise longue watching Notts V Worcs.

Friday, 8 July 2016

It's F(ryan)day again

Well it's F(ryan)day and I am now trying to get organised for a weekend of housework and possibly cricket.
I say possibly as I ma not sure who is heading to Chester le Street and I am also quite conscious that I need to get the house into some sort of order for the arrival of the Kiwi's, I am as yet unsure when they are coming but hopefully it will be soon and not when I am planning my escape to cricket.

There is a lot to do including the usual mowing and edging  of lawns as well as some weeding and  planting to be done. That and the painting of the Boot Room ceiling so as you can tell I am going to be very busy!

Yesterday the team for the forthcoming  Pakistan test.series
After batting brilliantly at Scarbados Gary Ballance has been called up as has Middlesexs Toby Roland-Jones.
Rashid, Plunkett and Willey have been omitted from the squad which hopefully means that they can head back to Headingley and boost the team for championship games, fingers crossed.

Tonight sees T20 action with Yorkshire hosting Warwickshire.

I will be cheering from the comfort of the chaise longue, whilst having a glass of fizz.

I am hoping that next week will bring news of the return of His Royal Ryanness, which will also nake a lot of Yorkie supporters happy.

I for one will be grinning form ear to ear.

Job wise there is something on the horizon and i am hoping to get it firmed up over the weekend, fingers crossed.

Well its a short one today as I head off down the A1 and spend the last 7 hours of the week.

A quick trip to the post office on the way home and then I can head to the chateau.

Todays office duties include spending a couple of hours archiving so that it can all be transported to London HQ and then a nap I think.

Its been a busy old week.

OOhhh and France booked their place in the final of the Euro's. I do not usually watch football which I detest as much as I love cricket, but when the home nation are playing, well needs must. I am hoping that Dame Didi was watching in France and cheering like a good 'un.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Marching on

It's Thursday already and I am tired beyond belief, but I'm  feeling very positive this morning,
'Why' you may ask?

Well, although yesterday was not too good for us a a team, we are marching on.

So yesterday...........

Middx went out to bat with 2 wickets in hand, and believe me when I say that Toby Roland -Jones must have had his weetabix yesterday morning at The Ambassador!
He hit  six sixes to head back to the pavilion on an unbeaten 79, giving them a  first innings total of 577.

My boys came out to bat  and just could not get into their stride, highest scorer being 'little Timmy Bresnan' on 39.
It was not to be their game as they slumped to an innings and 4 runs defeat.

Yes not good but when you look at the stats for defeats since Gillespie the Gallant took over over the helm, I have to say that you can be nothing but proud of the boys. .

They may have lost this battle but the war is far from over.

I, however,  very nearly lost my cool after lunch, when the 'born again' cricket fans  ( those that jumped on the yorkshire bandwagon when they became champions,) started to knock the players.

I have said it before and I will say it again, no one player is to blame, they are a team!

Slating these professionals does not gain you any 'brownie points' with die hard fans who have watched their team through  good and bad, rain, hail and snow, for years.

If we took the defeat badly, just imagine how they felt!!!!

Ah yes we will no doubt hear them extolling the  greatness of the club when they next win!

I have now said my piece on this and am marching onto our next encounter.

#srongunit  #champions

So my day in super Swanky Ladylainey office was same old, same old, and returning home to the chateau  I got busy doing all the things needed to get the  place into some sort of order.

Today I am  holding the fort as office boys start holiday and have meetings in London.

I might even find time to have a nap.................well that's the plan.!!! So on we march, heads held high and  full of pride.

And El Presidenti of  Middx CCC messaged me to say that my boys would bounce back.
What a star!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A surprise gift!

Well it was back to the office yesterday, complete with overflowing 'in' tray and a desk full of 'stuff', how do they generate so much work when I am not there but  struggle when I am, its a mystery!

I  then had to race on down to a village outside of Darlington after work, to collect some unwanted cricket  equipment, which I would be passing on to anyone who could make use of it.

The lady who answered the door was very lovely and we got chatting ( as you do), I returned home with a bag full of pads and gloves and another bag of 'proper cable knit sweaters', which had belonged  to her uncle

now you all know my love of a proper cricket jumper!

well there was a story behind these jumpers and  by bedtime I had also learned that some of my friends knew the gentleman who had worn the jumpers.

These jumpers belonged to a Barbadian  cricketer named Roy Marshall. Roy made his  FC cricket debut aged 15, and then went onto play 4 tests for The West Indies.

He moved to England and qualified to play for Hampshire  and captained the side from 1966-1970

In 1959 he was named Wisden Cricketer of the Year.

He lived in Taunton until his death in 1992.  and had been involved in cricket at Somerset.

El Presidenti of Middx CCC knew Roy and also one of my other friends from Merchant Taylors school who said that he took his first cricket photo at Canterbury and it was of Roy!

What a very small world and more to the point, what a very kind gesture.
I will treasure these jumpers as they were a very kind and unexpected gift.

When I came home I  had a chat with the lovely Paula, wife of the organiser  of Rally for Heroes, ( I see him some mornings as he races past me in his car]
They are a charity who help to raise money  by organising rallies in England and mainland Europe.
in 2010 they raised £32,000 for Help for Heroes,
2012 they raised £123,000 split between Help for Heroes and  The Royal British Legion
2014 they raised £104,000 for SSAFA

In August this year they are back in  Europe to raise more money.

This Sunday they are at Croft ( near Darlington) so if you can pop down and show your support to a very worthwhile charity, it would be great.

check out their website

You might even get to see the car with the really cool number plate!!!

And now for the cricket news................phew! bet you thought I had forgotten!

Over in Scarbados, Middlesex were batting and Steve Eskinazi was showing no signs of heading back to the pavilion, he hit 157 before Brooks finally took his wicket.
At stumps they were 470-8, which means that this morning I expect a wicket first ball ( preferably Murtagh)

Brooks took 5 wickets, Rhodes took 2 and teeny tiny kiwi Williamson took 1.


well after this epic blog I think that it is time for me to head off to the heady heights of Lady  Laineyworkville.

I know where I would prefer to be!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The one where I talk to TLJL!!!

 well if someone had told me 3 days ago that I would now be the 'official fixer/physio/all round good egg' for the Middlesex Committee and drinks orderer/all round good egg for the Yorkshire President, I would have laughed in their faces, but tis  all true!

Yes after sorting out accommodation, parking, shaver plugs for Middx gang,  Sorting out compression stockings' too, I was given the job of 'drinks orderer' for the Yorkshire President.

Add to that 'door opener' for Ollie Rayner ( bit of a swoon when that happened) you can see that I have been very busy over the last few days.

I even had breakfast in the company of Angus Fraser my all time hero England bowler

and it went on!!!!

I  had a chat with His Royal Ryanness  after lunch, and now know that ( much to my relief) he is nearly mended. I tell you if I see him within 100 yards of a football I will be giving him a stern talking to and possibly sending him to Narnia ( under my stairs) until he see sense!.
 It was all happening yesterday as you can tell.

AND, as if all the wasn't enough I went into 'Cally crickets' haven of cricket commentary for a chat with DC AND had a chat with TLJL.

Now how did this happen I hear you all ask.

So short story shorter. I have left some vegan goodies for Cally and Gillespie the Gallant in a little insulated bag. Gillespie the Gallant saw me having a stroll with El Presidenti and The First Lady and have a sit down on the far side of the ground............................SO he sent Jack over with the bag!!!!

There was no where for me to hide, so I had to brave it out.

Jack had also eaten some of the 'vegan sausage rolls' said how much he enjoyed then and I was just sitting there a very strange shade of red.

What a lovely young man and flashing his wonderful smile, even the First Lady commented on it. And rumour has it he has been a bit of a hearthrob with the 'older' ( 21 year olds like me) ladies  on the circuit for quite a while!

I got home last night tired out from all the excitement of the last few days!

Harry regaled everyone with stories of our U15's cricket tours, me caddying for him at Pro Golf days and  I met some wonderful people including @DozBoz and the lovely Janie.

I have to go to work today and I can tell you that prospect is nowhere near as appealing as being at Scarbados.

I managed to have a catchup with my 'Headingley Lodge' chums who were sitting in the pavilion, and we were checking dates of when we would be meeting up again.

Cricket was also brilliant, Yorkshire ended their first innings on 406 with Gary Balance hitting 132

In reply Middlesex were 130-2 before rain cut short the days play.

Things I found out this weekend.
The Middlesex team are mahoosively tall except George Bailey who is teeny tiny
 I am very good at organising ( although I think I knew that already)
I step up when called upon
I was  amazed how many Yorkshire supporters stopped Harry for his autograph!

And finally Tom Fell  hit 61 on his return to Worcestershire after his cancer treatment. What a trooper!


and with that I am off to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Tales from Scarbados

Ah yes I am now onto my last day here at Scabados and what a funpacked two days I have had already.

It started on Saturday, I arrived at  the hotel and waited for the arrival of El Presidenti and First Lady of Middx CCC, along with Jeff one of the Middx Committee.

Sadly when they did , all was not well, more of that in a mo.

We headed to the bar where the lovely Ollie Rayner bought us all a drink. I was standing at the bar with the Middx boys and I can tell you, the majority of them are 'mahoosively' tall,and coming from me that is saying something!!
The boys headed out and then  so did we.
We went off to a renowned fish restaurant who pulled out all the stops to accommodate a vegan!
Now the hotel problems!
 The First Lady needed certain essential things in her room which the hotel had said they had, and they didn't.
Shame on you The Ambassador Hotel!

It looked as if El Pres And FLOM would be heading home unless something could be done.

The staff at the Ambassador  were of no help at all.
So in the renowned fish restaurant I went into PA mode and sorted out rooms at another hotel for the remainder of the stay.

We had to go to this hotel to confirm everything before 9.30 pm so we headed out to get a taxi.........................just as the Middx boys flew past in a minibus!.....................and did a U turn................and offered us a lift back!!!!!


We got to the hotel which was to be the future home of EL Pres & Flom ( and Jeff), and bumped into Gillespie the Gallant and Cally Cricket!! so we sat and had a couple of drinks with them and chatted  for over an hour or so.

Way too much wine and then 

bed ..................

and then it was yesterday  and the first day of play.

A glorious morning that started to cloud over  just as play started, but which saw Adam Lyth go first ball to the bowling of Tim Murtagh!
 After that shock my boys settled down and batted well, Gary Ballance hit a century, Alex Lees  scored 63,and Tim Bresnan came out  like a whirlwind and also hit 63!
The boys were 291-5 at stmps.

I  had the chance to meet up with Queenie, top guide dog,  in the Pavilion as well as a lot of the Middx Committee who I have had the pleasure to get to know over the last couple of seasons.

Back to the  hotel............

Well now you would think that I would have been  having an early night after last night,  no chuffing chance when El PRes & FLOM are in town, so we headed out again  last night after they unpacked at  their new hotel. I also managed to help Jeff the Middx Committee man  iron out a major issue ( lack of shaver socket) and they went off to bed much happier.

I went off to bed very tired and looking forward to a good sleep, not to be as a car alarm went off at 3am and continued until 5am!!

Am I tired and grumpy today?????

Of course not, I am off to see my boys again , now that makes me very happy.

Come on Yorkshire!!!!

oh and the Wifi in this hotel is terrible!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Abingdons terrible aircrash

6th July 1965

Today is a tale from the boundary of my family, The Robinsons and the families of the 41men killed in what was described as the worst RAF peacetime plane crash.

My uncle  M/AQM Joseph W Robinson was one of the men killed.

Every year on  the nearest Sunday to the date of the crash a service is held at the tiny church of St Lawrence  in Toot Baldon Oxfordshire. The church looks out over the field where the plane came down.

Today is the day of the service, but due to holidays for my sister and my visit to Scarborough, we are unable to make the journey to attend the service

At the rising of the sun and at its going down,
We remember them.

Saturday, 2 July 2016


Well what can I say, except, Yorkshire only flipping well beat Lancashire in the T20 last night!

Yes they were delayed due to rain, which gave me time to shave my legs and colour my hair, text besty mate Sharron and then  get settled to watch the match.

I am not sure what they did to TLJL with his injury scare earlier in the week, but he seemed to have come back like Steve Austin ( remember him?? all $6,000,000 of him). Highest score (29), two chuffing amazing catches and a smile that was brighter than the rose floodlights. Ah yes all  was put right last night.

Yorkshire hit 141 in their allotted 18 overs  and bowled Lancashire out 5 runs short .

There was much whooping and yahooing in the Chateau until very late  ( 10.05pm), before I fell into bed totally exhausted.

And TLJL, well Gentleman they had the technology and  boy did they put him back together faster and stronger.

Some of the references above will only spark a memory in people of a certain age (21!).

well what else can I say.

Oh I met my cousin Wilky in town yesterday and surprisingly he brightened up my day and it was nothing to do with the fact that he is heading back to Oz.

Had a rubbish day at Super Sanky Lady Lainey office,

Steam cleaned  the kitchen floor.

Called Dame Didi for a chat,

got a text from Kiki,


Thats all folks cos I am about to get in the Lady Lainey  limo and head to Scarbados!

Friday, 1 July 2016

I've got that F(ryan)day feeling

Yes it is F(ryan)day and I really am super excited, I cannot wait to  see El Presidenti and The First Lady of Middlesex tomorrow..

Hair has been chopped off and will be re'oranged' ce soir.
Bag is nowhere near ready and will no doubt be emptied out on the dressing room floor in the morning to be repacked.
So I guess I am nearly there!

Checked the weather forecast and it is dire for Monday.........................

will I end up back in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office? ( and pull back a days hoilbobs?)

Will I be wandering around Sarborough like the proverbial 'drowned rat'

Well we will have to wait and see.

Last night we headed off to Chester le Street in the 'funky bus' so that Mr Funky could cheer for Durham whilst I cheered for the Worcestershire Wonder Boys.
We got ther a tad late and WWB had already lost a wicket, I was scanning for 'Commando Boy' but sadly ( for me) he was no where to be seen.

Well we got to 20 overs and WWB losing  5 wickets and then the heavens opened! Mr Funky and I looked at each other and said 'home'. No point in getting colder and wet.
The match was abandoned.

 At Durham, I  occasionally used to often purchase a bottle of 'plonk' from the bar during County Championship matches, to numb the fact that I wasn't watching Yorkshire. So a couple of years ago Mr Funky and I tipped up to the Test  and I went to purchase a bottle of their finest, ( cheapest) wine. Chuffing Nora it had nearly doubled in price ( and would still taste like vinegar).
Well last night Mr F had not really had any dinner so he said he would get the coffees and I would get the chips.
Now I am a canny Yorkshire lass who watches prices. Last week when I had been at Chester le Street to see my boys in action I had noticed that coffee and tea were £2.50 and chips were £2.50 and in a good size polystyrene tray.
Ah not so last night.

Coffee was £3, chips were £3 and came in a tiddly, flimsy, cardboard tray.

Well you can imagine my views on this!!!


Tonight sees the biggy at Headingley and  I will be home and settled for 6pm to watch the action.

Lady Lainey expects.................

Oh yes and Durham's Borthwick and Stoneman have been approached by Surrey, I say go, there is a world beyond the county boundary.