Sunday, 10 July 2016

good morning eventually

Well good morning, although in my world this is nearly afternoon!

Why am I so late this morning, well I have only in the last half hour rolled out of mon lit!

'Ah getting lazy' I hear you all cry!

No I have a good reason and that is because I had another mammoth phone in with my besty mate Shazzer from Barnsley.

Yes we set a new world record in phone calls, 5.5 hours last night and we put the world to rights, laughed and laughed ( at my expense I hasten to add), discussed the merits of Commando Boy and TLJL and both had way too much to drink.

This morning I have stripped the beds and managed to feed the hydrangeas yesterdays coffee grounds, bottle another 8 litres of Elderflower champers  and now I am here at the 'l'ordinator' tapping away.

So what else happened yesterday, well I settled down at 2pm to watch the aforementioned Commando Boy and his team take on Notts. I had my spies  in the ground ( Sophie and El Tel) giving me updates on what was happening if it didn't show on Sky.

Sadly for the Worcestershire Wonder boys they did not perform up to scratch and  suffered a humiliating defeat.

There will have been much yahooing in 'Chez Maher' last night!

today the weather is looking a bit grim ( well I am up North) and  I am going to watch the Durham match on Sky rather than go to the ground. I do actually have lots to do today so I can get on whilst keeping one eye on the match.

'My boys' are at Derbyshire today in T20 action. I have everything crossed for them and will be keeping an eye on Twitter for 'Yupdates' ( like an update but about Yorkshire).

And now, well I think it's time to go and  have some breakfast ( I was supposed to be going to the gym for a swim but I have scrapped that)

Until tomorrow

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