Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Happy Birthday Lord Christophe

Then & Now

Joyeaux Anniversaire to my nephew Lord Christophe, who has finally reached the same age as his besty most beautiful Auntie in the  whole wide  world. Yes Lord Christophe is 21.

Ah it seems like yesterday since we were all hanging around waiting for him to arrive,  he tried to bungee jump out by wrapping his leg around the umbilical cord and failed, but finally made his appearance with a little but of help, much to everyone's delight.

And of course I was just a nipper myself at this time!!!!!

Happy Birthday Chris, having a good one.

Cricket wise yesterday, I raced home and to watch the T20 match between 'Northamptonshire Steelbacks' And Birmingham Bears.

Northants went into bat and little 'chubster' Levi  showed far more  flair than on Friday and hit 31.

A top knock of 85 by Rossington  helped the runs rack up and they ended their innings on 200-5.

Now they have a mascot called' Steeler' who is a dog. OMG!! I was laughing so much at him. Priceless T20 mascot.

Bears went in and  only 'the man with no lips' was able to make a dent in the run chase.

All out for 126.

As the players passed by each other to shake hands, Steeler was at the end of the queue  slapping paws with them.

BRILLIANT!!!!! and made my evening.

it also made 'Uncle' Robs  evening ( he is, the creator of super wicket for The Gentlemen of Tykeshire).
He even had a couple of lemonades to celebrate a Northants win  from all accounts.

In the break between innings I whipped up some falafel and sorted salads out so that when I get home this evening  everything will be just ready to cook and serve as I settle down to watch 'my boys' take on Durham.

However before that I have another funpacked day at Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and the 'childish' fallout of the staff meeting.  Oh yes! as you can tell yesterday was full of childish  taunts to each other and very little work being done.

Also I think that one of the boys may have bitten off a lot more than he can chew!

Right, time to hotfoot it.

Have a good one!!

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