Friday, 1 July 2016

I've got that F(ryan)day feeling

Yes it is F(ryan)day and I really am super excited, I cannot wait to  see El Presidenti and The First Lady of Middlesex tomorrow..

Hair has been chopped off and will be re'oranged' ce soir.
Bag is nowhere near ready and will no doubt be emptied out on the dressing room floor in the morning to be repacked.
So I guess I am nearly there!

Checked the weather forecast and it is dire for Monday.........................

will I end up back in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office? ( and pull back a days hoilbobs?)

Will I be wandering around Sarborough like the proverbial 'drowned rat'

Well we will have to wait and see.

Last night we headed off to Chester le Street in the 'funky bus' so that Mr Funky could cheer for Durham whilst I cheered for the Worcestershire Wonder Boys.
We got ther a tad late and WWB had already lost a wicket, I was scanning for 'Commando Boy' but sadly ( for me) he was no where to be seen.

Well we got to 20 overs and WWB losing  5 wickets and then the heavens opened! Mr Funky and I looked at each other and said 'home'. No point in getting colder and wet.
The match was abandoned.

 At Durham, I  occasionally used to often purchase a bottle of 'plonk' from the bar during County Championship matches, to numb the fact that I wasn't watching Yorkshire. So a couple of years ago Mr Funky and I tipped up to the Test  and I went to purchase a bottle of their finest, ( cheapest) wine. Chuffing Nora it had nearly doubled in price ( and would still taste like vinegar).
Well last night Mr F had not really had any dinner so he said he would get the coffees and I would get the chips.
Now I am a canny Yorkshire lass who watches prices. Last week when I had been at Chester le Street to see my boys in action I had noticed that coffee and tea were £2.50 and chips were £2.50 and in a good size polystyrene tray.
Ah not so last night.

Coffee was £3, chips were £3 and came in a tiddly, flimsy, cardboard tray.

Well you can imagine my views on this!!!


Tonight sees the biggy at Headingley and  I will be home and settled for 6pm to watch the action.

Lady Lainey expects.................

Oh yes and Durham's Borthwick and Stoneman have been approached by Surrey, I say go, there is a world beyond the county boundary.

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