Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Making space and clearing out

Well the continuing clear out at Chateau de Champions, is hotting up now and I am making space and actually can see the cream carpet in the dressing room.

I also have  some space in the wardrobe and I intend not to fill that up.
Who would have thought that 30 black tops with various sleeve lengths and necklines were a necessity.......................well obviously I did however now I am down to..........................15!!!!!!
Best to start on the other colours next.

The rest  of the black ones have gone off to do good for others although some are on ebay, and I hope that they sell or I may have to keep them.

News came through that recalls for Anderson, Rashid and Stokes ahead of the 2nd test. it's to be hoped that 'brat' Stokes keeps his temper in check. talented or not, he needs to remember he is playing the 'Game of gentlemen'.

Sad news came through for all cricket readers as it was announced that Mike Selvey's long running spell with the Guardian is over. I am sure that it won't be long before he is scribbling for another paper, but I am sure that a lot of Guardian readers will be saddened by the news.

Summer seems to have finally arrived with temperatures reaching .................well above -0, I have done away with the thermals for the time being, but am carrying them with me just in case.

The office meeting went as expected and I will be checking for  drawing pins on my chair today!.When will they learn that rules are rules and no one is above them.

Highlight of the meeting was a  40 year old not knowing what 'anti semitic' meant! and as this was part of the staff manual and he was supposed to have read it, well....................

No doubt some further howlers will come to light today as he has been asked to read  the said manual for today ( he was supposed to have read it before the meeting!)

there has to be an easier way to make a living???????

And as there isn't at the moment, I guess I had better head off!

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