Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Well we are halfway through the week!

I am a little bit achy this morning because I am trying to up the time I am 'planking' in my daily routine ( as I promised at the gym that I would). I am now up to 1min and 45 seconds which doesn't sound like a lot, but if you have done very little exercise for over 5 months, try it!
My thighs feel like they are on fire and my whole 'core' feels as if.................well feels as if it has been cored!

It must be doing some good that's all I can say.

rain was not helping my boys yesterday although they go off to a flying start as thy took 3 wickets in the overs that they got to play.

Steve Pattteron getting the scalp of Finch which was caught by TLJL, I managed to catch that myself as I got off a boring work call just in time to hear it!
Due to rain elsewhere in the CC, Cally was back on 5 Live sport and giving me all the info that I needed.

Sadly the boys were back in the pavilion for the day, but at least would have got to watch 'Diagnosis murder' and 'murder she wrote'. Well there has to be an upside of the rain.

I am hoping that 'keepy uppy' in the dressing room has been banned!

Middlesex were at Taunton, and even super tall spinner Ollie Rayner, who took one wicket could not hold back Trescothick and Trego as they bounded away to centuries a piece.

This morning I have been doing my 'sun dance' for my boys and hoping that they can get some decent play on the 3rd day.

Its a massive 'COME ON YORKSHIRE' and hoping for lots of 'yupdates' to keep me entertained whilst working my way through piles of boring work.

The Worcestershire wonder Boys had a thumping good win, as they  walloped Northants, winning by 311 runs!!!
Flipping heck!!
and no Commando Boy in the team either!

well it is that time again, so I bid you farewell for today

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