Sunday, 31 July 2016


Oh my dog!!!! after two days of lugging around heavy bags and objects, I am now in the throes of extreme agony. I tempted fate yesterday by mentioning the dreaded 'tennis elbow' and believe me at 1.35am this morning as I was pacing the floor waiting for painkillers to kick in, I wished I had not typed those words.
It was so bad that ( the pain was  down to my wrist)  I was laid in bed with my arm on 4 pillows to try to ease it.

Today is mainly going to be filled with regular painkiller taking and trying to remember not to life my handbag with my right hand!
I was thinking of making a sling with my Hermes scarf but thought that was a little too OTT!!

However I am still in a frenzy of 'cricnic' packing and hair sorting ( how do you tidy up a haystack!).
I image that by the time I get to Chester le Street, I will be much calmer ( and in cloud cuckoo land with the painkillers!)

So apart from injury, what else happened yesterday.

Well Somerset were in action against Sussex.
Tom Abell hit  a century (106 actually) and Somerset won by 10 runs.
I started to watch it, but to be honest my mind was on other things, like food and getting organised for today

It hasn't been a good run for bottom of the table Sussex.
Somerset go through to last 8 in the  in the RL one day cup.

Today I am picking up Pauly Paul, and we are heading up to The Riverside , so that I can cheer on 'My boys' and Pauly can cheer on 'His boys'.
There will be no hostility, because if there is he will not get any lunch or tea!......Simples!

And talking lunch and tea I have to go and finish packing it all up.

So if you are heading to the match I will be in my usual CLS  seat on the boundary.

See you later


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