Monday, 4 July 2016

Tales from Scarbados

Ah yes I am now onto my last day here at Scabados and what a funpacked two days I have had already.

It started on Saturday, I arrived at  the hotel and waited for the arrival of El Presidenti and First Lady of Middx CCC, along with Jeff one of the Middx Committee.

Sadly when they did , all was not well, more of that in a mo.

We headed to the bar where the lovely Ollie Rayner bought us all a drink. I was standing at the bar with the Middx boys and I can tell you, the majority of them are 'mahoosively' tall,and coming from me that is saying something!!
The boys headed out and then  so did we.
We went off to a renowned fish restaurant who pulled out all the stops to accommodate a vegan!
Now the hotel problems!
 The First Lady needed certain essential things in her room which the hotel had said they had, and they didn't.
Shame on you The Ambassador Hotel!

It looked as if El Pres And FLOM would be heading home unless something could be done.

The staff at the Ambassador  were of no help at all.
So in the renowned fish restaurant I went into PA mode and sorted out rooms at another hotel for the remainder of the stay.

We had to go to this hotel to confirm everything before 9.30 pm so we headed out to get a taxi.........................just as the Middx boys flew past in a minibus!.....................and did a U turn................and offered us a lift back!!!!!


We got to the hotel which was to be the future home of EL Pres & Flom ( and Jeff), and bumped into Gillespie the Gallant and Cally Cricket!! so we sat and had a couple of drinks with them and chatted  for over an hour or so.

Way too much wine and then 

bed ..................

and then it was yesterday  and the first day of play.

A glorious morning that started to cloud over  just as play started, but which saw Adam Lyth go first ball to the bowling of Tim Murtagh!
 After that shock my boys settled down and batted well, Gary Ballance hit a century, Alex Lees  scored 63,and Tim Bresnan came out  like a whirlwind and also hit 63!
The boys were 291-5 at stmps.

I  had the chance to meet up with Queenie, top guide dog,  in the Pavilion as well as a lot of the Middx Committee who I have had the pleasure to get to know over the last couple of seasons.

Back to the  hotel............

Well now you would think that I would have been  having an early night after last night,  no chuffing chance when El PRes & FLOM are in town, so we headed out again  last night after they unpacked at  their new hotel. I also managed to help Jeff the Middx Committee man  iron out a major issue ( lack of shaver socket) and they went off to bed much happier.

I went off to bed very tired and looking forward to a good sleep, not to be as a car alarm went off at 3am and continued until 5am!!

Am I tired and grumpy today?????

Of course not, I am off to see my boys again , now that makes me very happy.

Come on Yorkshire!!!!

oh and the Wifi in this hotel is terrible!

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