Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The one where I talk to TLJL!!!

 well if someone had told me 3 days ago that I would now be the 'official fixer/physio/all round good egg' for the Middlesex Committee and drinks orderer/all round good egg for the Yorkshire President, I would have laughed in their faces, but tis  all true!

Yes after sorting out accommodation, parking, shaver plugs for Middx gang,  Sorting out compression stockings' too, I was given the job of 'drinks orderer' for the Yorkshire President.

Add to that 'door opener' for Ollie Rayner ( bit of a swoon when that happened) you can see that I have been very busy over the last few days.

I even had breakfast in the company of Angus Fraser my all time hero England bowler

and it went on!!!!

I  had a chat with His Royal Ryanness  after lunch, and now know that ( much to my relief) he is nearly mended. I tell you if I see him within 100 yards of a football I will be giving him a stern talking to and possibly sending him to Narnia ( under my stairs) until he see sense!.
 It was all happening yesterday as you can tell.

AND, as if all the wasn't enough I went into 'Cally crickets' haven of cricket commentary for a chat with DC AND had a chat with TLJL.

Now how did this happen I hear you all ask.

So short story shorter. I have left some vegan goodies for Cally and Gillespie the Gallant in a little insulated bag. Gillespie the Gallant saw me having a stroll with El Presidenti and The First Lady and have a sit down on the far side of the ground............................SO he sent Jack over with the bag!!!!

There was no where for me to hide, so I had to brave it out.

Jack had also eaten some of the 'vegan sausage rolls' said how much he enjoyed then and I was just sitting there a very strange shade of red.

What a lovely young man and flashing his wonderful smile, even the First Lady commented on it. And rumour has it he has been a bit of a hearthrob with the 'older' ( 21 year olds like me) ladies  on the circuit for quite a while!

I got home last night tired out from all the excitement of the last few days!

Harry regaled everyone with stories of our U15's cricket tours, me caddying for him at Pro Golf days and  I met some wonderful people including @DozBoz and the lovely Janie.

I have to go to work today and I can tell you that prospect is nowhere near as appealing as being at Scarbados.

I managed to have a catchup with my 'Headingley Lodge' chums who were sitting in the pavilion, and we were checking dates of when we would be meeting up again.

Cricket was also brilliant, Yorkshire ended their first innings on 406 with Gary Balance hitting 132

In reply Middlesex were 130-2 before rain cut short the days play.

Things I found out this weekend.
The Middlesex team are mahoosively tall except George Bailey who is teeny tiny
 I am very good at organising ( although I think I knew that already)
I step up when called upon
I was  amazed how many Yorkshire supporters stopped Harry for his autograph!

And finally Tom Fell  hit 61 on his return to Worcestershire after his cancer treatment. What a trooper!


and with that I am off to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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