Sunday, 17 July 2016

the one with the peanut butter in my bed!

Oh my aching head!!!.....................

and remarkable smooth skin on the right side of my face........................

having had an over night treatment  of peanut butter on whole meal toast!!!

Yes I awoke to find said slice of toast stuck on said face.
all I am saying is that I am never drinking again!

So lets backtrack.

Yesterday was a super sunny and hot day and I got all the washing dried and back in the airing cupboard ( yes I have one of those in the chateau).

I had a visit from old school chum Tony ( our dads were in the Fire Brigade together  too). We had coffee and a good old chin wag before he went to take his Mum & Dad out for lunch.

Then Dame Didi and the eldest monster child nephew came to visit.

said nephew is nearing his birthday when, remarkably, he will be the same age as moi! how the dickens can that be!?!?!?!

We then re-enacted a picture of when he was only hours old!  It was a tad difficult as he is now 6ft 5in tall!
You may see the photos later in the week!

I watched cricket, which today will involve some serious run chase  from England.
Chris Woakes took 5 wickets  but Pakistan are still in he driving seat.

And  then I toddled off to meet besty friend Chris, she of the mad hounds.

She has just been told that Leo the Doberman is going blind ( sadly due to his diabetes). He however still managed to spend as much time as possible sitting on me ( all 9 stone of him), whilst we sat having a jolly good cry.
Christine is now Leo's 'guide human'.

We also managed to put away a massive amount of wine, I staggered home at about 1.30am , was a tad peckish which accounts for  waking up with peanut butter in the bed and a slice of toast stuck to my face!!!

And that folks was Saturday in a (pea)nutshell

Bedding is now in the washing machine, I have taken 2 paracetamol and am going to try to face beans on toast for breakfast.

And then I think I will retire to the chaise longue and sleep and watch cricket.

Well it is Sunday!

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