Saturday, 2 July 2016


Well what can I say, except, Yorkshire only flipping well beat Lancashire in the T20 last night!

Yes they were delayed due to rain, which gave me time to shave my legs and colour my hair, text besty mate Sharron and then  get settled to watch the match.

I am not sure what they did to TLJL with his injury scare earlier in the week, but he seemed to have come back like Steve Austin ( remember him?? all $6,000,000 of him). Highest score (29), two chuffing amazing catches and a smile that was brighter than the rose floodlights. Ah yes all  was put right last night.

Yorkshire hit 141 in their allotted 18 overs  and bowled Lancashire out 5 runs short .

There was much whooping and yahooing in the Chateau until very late  ( 10.05pm), before I fell into bed totally exhausted.

And TLJL, well Gentleman they had the technology and  boy did they put him back together faster and stronger.

Some of the references above will only spark a memory in people of a certain age (21!).

well what else can I say.

Oh I met my cousin Wilky in town yesterday and surprisingly he brightened up my day and it was nothing to do with the fact that he is heading back to Oz.

Had a rubbish day at Super Sanky Lady Lainey office,

Steam cleaned  the kitchen floor.

Called Dame Didi for a chat,

got a text from Kiki,


Thats all folks cos I am about to get in the Lady Lainey  limo and head to Scarbados!

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