Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Just like I have never been away

Ah yes day 2 in the Big Super Swanky Lady Lainey office has dawned and I not up for the challenge.

After wading through more emails than I care to think about and then trying to solve numerous problems I was ready for bed by the time I got home.

I did however manage to  start and sort out the 'summer'; wardrobe and divided it into a pile for the charity shop and a pile of things that I may wear next year.

too early, you may think, well as I have only two more cricket matches and birthday party to come onto my radar next month I thought it was a goods time to rummage through the wardrobes in the dressing room.

I have to say I am ashamed of myself at the amount of stuff in there, I think a massive clearout is long overdue.

My boys are in Southampton, for me, one of my old cricket haunts when I lived in former home of London.

I am expecting good news on the team front, ie, His Royal Raynness and TLJL both in the squad.

I will be checking twitter, however the radio will be tuned into the Middlesex match.

The candidates to take Gillespie the Gallants job are lining up with Paul Farbrace being thrown into the mix. Well he has been on the move alot since he left Yorkshire a couple of seasons ago, so one more move won't hurt.

Who do I see in contention, well I would like to think that HRR got a go, his days as opening bowler are marked now I think, he isn't getting any younger ( sorry Ryan, harsh but true).
We all know that it won't happen but I can dream.

Who ever it is they have some jolly big shoes to fill.

The current and soon to be previous coach, came as a novice and leaves as one of the most successful around.

Who else can say that their team have lost only 5 championship matches in 75?

not a lot I think.

Right off to get the limo out of the garage, and wend my way down the A1

Until tomorrow
a tout a l'heure

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

When you cry all the way up the A1

well I think you all know the cause of I, Lady Lainey crying all the way up the A1 by now and also how come there is more ice in the frozen section of Sainsburys today than there was at 9am yesterday morning.

yes we finally got the news, that hardly came as a surprise, that Gillespie the Gallant would be leaving at the end of the season ( 3 weeks ish).

4 seasons have seen a massive change in the club and now  sadly the reign is over.

We wish him well in his future endeavours.

HUGE thanks to Gary Ashton for making me laugh by running a poll for new coach which included

I, Lady Lainey & His Royal Ryanness

I, Lady Lainey & Commando Boy.

If it ever came to be the second I would insist he puts his undies on!

Also a massive thanks to Karen Leaning for being a great sport, and making me go the colour of a beetroot.

And so today my boys will be in Hampshire getting ready for their next match.

can the boys make the treble?

I like to think that they can.

I settled down to watch Warwickshire take on Somerset. I wasn't really that interested but put my money on Somerset.

Well you all know that was kiss of death, and the One day final will be between Surrey and Warwickshire.


And today, well it's back to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office to see what my desk is like and try to wade through  the whole lot of  'work' that the office boys will have pretended to do whilst I was away.

 tonight????  I hope to make some  more room here at the Chateau as the grand clearout continues.

France is beckoning.

Monday, 29 August 2016

And now its Bank Holiday Monday

And now it is Bank Holiday Monday and I am truly focusing on the things that are important..............

nope, not washing, or housework, or cooking..................The County Championship.

So now that we have got the white ball thing out of the way, its time to regroup and move forward to Southampton.

There are certain things that I expect from my boys or else I will be sending them all to Narnia ( under my stairs) and I really do not think that they want that.

1. I need total  concentration on the CC

2. I need His Royal Ryanness to up his FC wicket haul

3. I need TLJL to get some runs

4. I need all my boys to know that win or lose I am right behind them

And so to yesterday.I arrived bright and early and had to park in Bradford ( car park F) and lug my bags up the lane, I did however bump int Jack Russell......................can you believe,2 years and not seen each other and then twice in a week!.

The early rain had stopped when I arrived in Leeds and things were looking good. I took up my seat and waited for Craig who was finishing his shift in Castleford and then coming over.

Craig arrived and then Gary came over with coffee and a score card.

 Yorkshire won the toss and decided to have a bowl.

The first ten minutes saw the loss of big hitters as Sibley went for a duck and then Sangakkara go for 4, but Davies was a different kettle of fish!
His 104 and Foakes 90 helped Surrey to  255-7.

Craig and I had lunch and chatted to various friends around the ground.

To huge cheers the  Yorkshire openers came out

Sadly Lyth  was gone for 4, Lees for 26 and we were pinning our hopes on Ballance and Bairstow.
Well that didn't happen.

TLJL  put on 3 much to my disappointment and Craigs amusement.
It took little Timmy Bresnan to step up to the mark.
A cracking knock of 68 along with Matthew Waites 38 and  his 3  earlier wickets, were not quite enough to get us to the final.

We fell 19 short.

The boys have no reason to be downhearted, they played well, but this week have a trip to Hampshire to think about and have to focus on the County Championship.

I know that they know this, but I am just reminding them.

And today, well I am heading home from my other home at The Headingley Lodge, where I had a terrible night thanks to some very, very, noisey neighbours. At 2am they were very close to facing the wrath of the 'ginger ninja' but calmed down  as I was struggling to get dressed.

I climbed back into bed and slept right through until the clean up crew arrived in the stadium at 7.30am.

So I am off back to the Chateau, prepare myself for a week at work.

Just to say I am totally proud of my boys, they have shown us that they CAN play white ball cricket as well as they play red ball.
BUT it is the red ball stuff that I am concerned about.



Sunday, 28 August 2016

It's semi finals day!

I am up and ready for the off but it is cold dark and wet!

it will get better I know it will!

At least the hydrangea are getting a good watering!

I can hear it outside and I am thinking that the limo may well stay in the garage as I go to Headingley by Ark!

Come on, give us a break, stop raining!

I have little to report about yesterday as it was gone in a haze of painkillers and feeling  a little bit spaced out, however good news is that I think that the finger is finally on the mend, it still looks red and 'angry' but the swelling is most definitely going done and  I can touch it without nearly fainting!

Whatever it was that caused it, I never want to have to go through it again!

We have some chinks of daylight outside but the rain is not showing any signs of stopping, I am not best pleased!

I didn't see any of the ODI yesterday, although I did hear that Liam Plunkett took a great catch. And they moved forward with a 2-0 lead in the series.

There was also a nasty collision between Root and Rashid, which luckily did not prove too serious, although we all know how it could have turned out.

After the match today, Yorkshire will be in Southampton by the end of the week.

Worryingly there is still no news on the health of the lovely Michael Carberry.
We wish him well.

Right it is super short today as I am about to don my sou'wester and galoshes and put my 'stuff' in the car, then off to Headingley to meet up with Craig and hopefully have a fun and winning day.

If you are going to Headingley, I'll see you later. If not, I;ll be back here tomorrow!

Saturday, 27 August 2016

I have no idea where I am!

This time last week I was in Birmingham, then I have been to Scarbados and tomorrow I am at Headingley. Add to that the finger injury , antibiotics, raging temperature........................well its been some week and I am trying to get myself sorted for today.

However lets just recap on events from yesterday.

Woke up felt terrible.

Got ready headed to the cricket ground.

Dropped cake off for Cally and Dave Bracegirdle and sweeties for Big Luke.

collapsed in my seat.

The sun was belting down and it was going to be a glorious day

Had a visit from Chairman Steve and the lovely Jemima and then it was cricket.

First over of the day saw Tom Moores back in the pavilion and the yorkshire fans getting a little bit excited.

The gentleman next to me kept applying more sun cream and then checking his weather app to see if it was going to rain!?!?

Notts tried in vain to put on some runs but with Little Timmy Bresnan being a demon with the ball (5-36) this has me wondering exactly what he'd  had for his breakfast!!

Jack Brooks waded in with 4-35 and Notts were all out for 146.

I think the Yorkshire fans were in a bit of shock or they were all having a nap after lunch as it took a few seconds for it all to sink in!

The boys are now  hot on the heels of Middlesex.

The question of whether they should have enforced the follow on , was quickly forgotten.

And so I was on the car and on the road again earlier than expected.

however the finger was not getting any better, so a visit to the walk in clinic was in order and by the time they came to poke the affected area, I was nearly at fainting point and was a little 'icky' to say the least.
An injection and more antibiotics  would  do the trick I was told.

well judging by the state of me this morning, the injection was no miracle cure!

And so lots to do today and not a lot of time to try to make a 'silk purse' out of this sows ear.

I will leave you all to Saturday and to a resounding win by my boys.

Tomorrow morning I will be on the road again!


Friday, 26 August 2016

It's F(ryan)day in Scarbados

It's F(ryan)day and I am struggling this morning with my super inflamed finger which obviously is not responding to the antibiotics, so time to hot foot it to the nearest 'walk in centre' I think.

However lets get back to yesterday and all that went on.
The rain subsided and it was obvious that there would be a delayed start.
I headed to the hotel reception and bumped into the Chairman Steve Denison. We had a chat and then both headed to the ground.

I couldn't believe how many people were there already and play was to begin at 11.45am.
I got settled and then  someone tapped me on the shoulder, I turned round to see the Preisdent of Yorkshire and is wife!!!!  we chatted for a while and then they went off to get their seats.

So the boys came out and played until just before lunch when acting captain Gary Ballance hit 101* and then they declared.

Notts went back into bat and and lost Steven Mullaney before 2 overs had been bowled.

This meant that those listening to the commentary on the radio were entertained by Steven who went up to join Cally and Dave Bracegirdle. And Steven had a bit of an argument over my name with 'the Girdler'. OMG!! I am becoming infamous.

I bumped into 'Big Luke ' Fletcher and gave him his daily sweetie ration as instructed to do by Sophie.

Notts got to 61-3 before the heavens opened and the rain came down, and down, and down and left I Lady Lainey looking like a drowned rat.
I got back to the hotel, got bathed and warmed through, nipped downstairs for something to eat and fell asleep in the bar!!!

I think that it was only for a few minutes! but hope that I didn't snore.

Had a phone call from my besty chum Sharron in Barnsley, we put the world to rights.
Firstly she told me that she had about 10 years ago stayed at The Atlanta Guest House and had the most wonderful time.
She said that Ed and Sue were brilliant and to be honest if ,10 years on you still remember them then they are doing something very right!
we moved on to discuss cricket, and discussed the weird world of men, strangest creatures I have ever encountered.................................

And that was Thursday.
We have had more rain over night but today we are going to have sun and a win,

Should they have enforced the follow on, on Wednesday?
Well bit late now so we just have to finish them all off today.

So best go and see if I  can get some relief for my finger.

Things I have enjoyed this week, cricket of course and meeting up with lovely people.

Things not enjoyed, rude men...................................................

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Well now it was all going off yesterday

Well I arrived in Scarbados and parked the car, I had a little wander down to the wonderful Atlanta Guest House and had a the most amazing  vegan  breakfast freshly prepared by Ed and Sue. I was in much need of it I can tell you.

 I then headed to the ground and toddled up to the 'comms' box to meet Dave Bracegirdle and see Dave Callaghan, I gave them a cake and had a quick chat, before delivering a cake to Jack Russell , a belated birthday cake too.
It was lovely to see Jack again. And my Scarborough picture will be on the way to me very soon.

Then I sat down, in scorching sunshine  to watch.................

And His Royal Ryanness decided to put on a show just for me! ( well that's how I see it) and took 3-21, with Little Timmy and Jack Brooks also taking 3 wickets a pieces and finishing Notts off for less than 100 (94 to be precise).

Yorkshire posted 200-4 over night, which included my little rosebud ( OK he is a full blown rose now) who hit 15 ( need him back in the hard hitting brigade soon).

And talking about TLJL, his Mum came over and introduced herself  to me, she had seen me at Finals Day, Now this means either

1. I am getting my feet under the table and will be tipping up at Christmas

2. She was warning me off.

Actually she was lovely, she had heard me shouting for Jack on Saturday ( as had the whole of Birmingham), and spotted me when she came into the Scarborough ground, so we had a long chat about TLJL, which I cannot disclose in here!

I also met the maker of my cricket Gnomes, Ted Kirwan and his lovely wife Norma.
They both looked very well and I got an order to them for 3 cricketers, which will be adorning the garden of one of my good friends an ex Australia and Lancs cricketer.

And as if that is not enough excitement for one  day, I got back to the hotel and had a ................Bath!! first one in months.

Sadly today I have woken up to the sound of rain, which was forecast, but I had hoped would not materialise.

Well time for another bath, before I head to the shops to get some sweeties for 'Big ' Luke Fletcher and wander to the ground, probably a little later than expected.

Hope you all have a good day.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

here we go!

Well I am off to Scarbados and i have no dressing on my (still) badly inflamed finger.

I went back to see the nurse last night, she removed the dressing, investigated my finger and went to get another nurse.

they both then looked at both my hands turned them over, 'ooh'ed and 'ahh'ed and then said
'What lovely nails you have who does them for you?

i thought they were going to chop my finger off!!!!


It is hurty painy but always the trooper I am up and ready for the off.

And they needed troopers yesterday after losing the top order in the blink of an eye!

I tell you i nearly passed out, although in truth that might have been the pain in my finger!

It took Rafiq and Hodd to get the boys back in  the game/

Hoddy Hell, what in Hodds name was going on????

Sadly Hoddy ran out of partners on 96, but managed to steer my boys  to 282 which considering they had been 51-6 it looked as if they would be all out by lunch!

However wickets continues to tumble as the hosts closed having taken 2 wickets leaving Notts  38-2 overnight.

Hmmmmm, I expect a great show for me today.

This is super short as it is stupid o'clock and I have a long way to drive.

So I will report back tomorrow when no doubt i will be hung over!

if I am lucky

I have an 'injure'

Well this is what I look like this morning, Ok I am not wearing blue trousers and a yellow T shirt, or have morphed into a boy, but I have a heavily bandaged finger!!!!

Yes I am in the wars again!

My finger started off being a little sore and then got worse very quickly and became swollen, red and very inflamed very quickly.
At first the Doctors said that I couldn't get seen until next week, but suddenly opened up a space for me when I finished work.

result, an infection close to the nail and after having it punctured 6 times to release the pressure, having a mahoosive dressing put on it,and being given a course of antibiotics, I have to go back tonight to have it re dressed and  hopefully it will be OK.

It never rains.........................................

Well it does, and heavily this morning here in Ladylaineyville. Well it can stop that nonsense!!!

My boys begin a huge match in the County Championship today. They are taking on struggling Nottinghamshire.

I will be keeping up on Twitter and cheering  them all the way.

I won't be clapping  as it hurts too much!..

I am hoping that His Royal Ryanness  gets some more wickets for his FC haul and that TLJL gets some runs ( I am expecting him to be playing!)

I have lots to do this evening when I get home and the washing machine is on spin as we speak, yes I am washing midweek!

Good news for David Willey is that after a scan on his wrist, after the horrible lump that came up from  being hit by a ball on Saturday,  all is well and he is OK to step back into the England team.
Great news for him.

Middlesex have lost Adam Voges for the remainder of the season due to a hamstring injury, sad for them but possibly good for us.

not very sportsmanlike, but we have a Trophy to think about.

Right I am off to do my thing and then get my finger sorted out.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Meanwhile back in the real world

It;s Monday, It's raining and it's work, but it is only 14 official working hours until I am on my holibobs!

And believe me when I say that I need them!

Today I am tired, achy and not in the mood for office boy antics!

There is a good chance of shouting I can tall you!

I can however see a little tiny chink of blue sky , which is making me smile.

Yesterday was a wash out in the Chateau there was some washing done and the chance to of out to lunch and as I struggled to get myself ready that was cancelled, so I set up camp pm  the sofa where I stayed until bedtime!

I was so tired that I could not even bring myself to concentrate on the South Africa match ( which then was rained off ). Even the prospect of 'the stare' from Dale Steyn could not invoked any enthusiasm.

Sunday gone and a new week begins

What a busy one this is going to be.

I  have packed my case and  am sort of sorted out food.

It is the start of a big week for my boys as they begin there championship title race taking on  Nottinghamshire.

I have been given my orders re making sure that Luke Fletcher is supplied with sweeties and I now know that haribo shares will be going through the roof.

All systems are now trying to get started and I am showered and the birdnest is  sorted ( whatever sorted means)/

So let the mayhem begin!

Tonight will be a frenzy of repacking the case, making 'nut roast' and early to bed.

It;s getting a little bit exciting!

see you in the morrow!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

What a weekend!!!

Sorry to  everyone for having no blog yesterday morning. I couldn't connect to the wifi and my new phone did not like the thought of doing the blog on Finals day so it refused!

However I am back and I am a tad tired to say the least, although I know that Alan and Jane will be even more tired after an heroic drive back after the match last night.

Right so back to yesterday.

It dawned wet and windy, and we set off to walk to the ground....................not before I had been informed that I had a bar bill on my room!

Oh yes!! and it wasn't mine!
Least said about that the better!

We got to the ground and met up wit the lovely Adam, and went in to find our seats.
I tell you we had the most amazing view from the South lower stand and we were right behind one of the 'dug outs'

Susan arrived and we all go settled.

I managed to be spotted by Sophie and Terry, and much waving was done. Pink Hippo got to wave to his cousin LL, well it kept him happy.

First up Northants v Notts. No Big Luke Fletcher on the team although he was on the balcony.

We had a very vocal Northants supporter right behind up, and we knew that he was going to be irritating, however when they were  15-3 in the 4th over he quietened down a bit!.

They closed on 161-8, with Ben Duckett hitting 84.

In came Notts and they were 15-3 just before the 4th over!!!
This was going to be some game.
Sadly it was not to be Notts day and they  finished their 20 overs with 153 on the board.

Now the rain had managed to stay away, but just as the Durha and Yorkshire boys were coming out things started to look a bit dodgy.

Yorkshire took to the field and  had Jennings back in the hutch in the 4th over.
David Willey took a blow from a ball to his wrist and it was not looking good.
Durham posted 156-6 which looked like a beatable score.

I was lucky enough to have TLJL fielding at times just in front of us so I was happy with that!

Lyth and Willey opened and he was gone by the 3rd over.

Lyth motored away, Root came and went for 7.Lees put on 22. The other 'Yorkland' boys Jonny B and Ballance were gone for  combined runs of 3!

then it was TLJL's turn. I was shouting encouragement to him, much to the gangs' horror, his 19 runs were amongst the highest score along with Lyths  cracking 64 and Lees 22.

Well they lost, I was gutted for them but  as I say we have bigger fish to fry!
And we do!
So pull yourselves up and focus on next week!

Sophie came over for a chin wag and  sadly that will be the last time we see each other until next season.

So the final came along and we watched  Durham go out to bat, they hit153 with Bambi Boy hitting 87 which is a T20 final individual highest score.

At this point I have to say the 'Steeler' theNorthamts  mascot, has been an absolute joy to watch this season and yesterday was no exception. He was brilliant. Dancing  geeing up the crowd and  just being great fun.  I do not think that I have laughed so much in ages!.

Northants went into bat and were 9-3  just before the second over.
What on earth???!!!

An amazing knock by Josh Cobb with some impressive hits and a score of 80 helped Northants over the line.

What a day!!!!

120 overs of cricket, spending the day with great friends, laughing, nearly crying and blushing .

Huge thanks to the lovely Adam for making it all possible, to Alan and Jane for taking me there and to Susan for sharing the day with us.

Especially great to see Sophie and finally meet Terry. And  great for PH to get together with LL.

Very early morning climbing into bed and now.................well its back to the usual, washing!!!

And the blushing bit..............................well those who were with me know what happened. I am still blushing now!

And being a Lady I will keep this one to myself!

have a fab Sunday.

Friday, 19 August 2016

It's final days eve & it's F(RYAN)DAY


C'est F(ryan)day!

Zut alors, it is nearly time to head to Brum and cheer on my boys!

It is  however  3.30am and I am up and trying to calm myself down to get at least another hours sleep.

So what happened yesterday?

well,  Northants were taking on Surrey and boy did that game go down to the last ball.
Sadly for the 'Lardy Lads' they lost on the last ball. If it had been a dot ball it could have all been very different.

Also means that it is  the mouthy Surrey boys who got through.

luckily I didn't have to watch the over inflated ego of Jade Dernbach , the boy who draws on himself in felt pen when it rains!

Over in Kent, a long way from home, my boys put on a great batting display even though TLJL had been dropped from the team ( there were tears and tiara throwing tantrums when I saw he had been omitted).

I raced home after having my hair trimmed to find that  they had posted 29-9 in their 50 overs.

And already Kent had lost  3 wickets.

By the time I had finished  prep on the 'Finals Day cricnic'.Kent had racked up some runs and it was looking a bit 'dodgy' for my boys.

however some terrific bowling by Liam Plunkett , including a great catch, saw Kent all out for 245.


That was a close one and I  have to say it took a little while to sink in. that they had won!!

I tell you Headingley will be rocking on 28th, and I will be there, no chance of missing this one!

Well what else to say?

well I will see you all tomorrow when I will be at Edgbaston and super flipping excited!

Think I might go and try to have an hour of shut eye!.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

So what is Lady Lainey really like?

It was an  odd  day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office yesterday,  the conversation centred on what we were all like.

Office boys thought that

I am old
I am boring
I shout too much
I think about work too much

What I think about them is actually unprintable but I know that some of them are lazy!

All of this  got me thinking.............

I think that I am a good sister and Auntie.
I think that I am a good friend ( although I know that some friends have taken me for granted)
I think that I can be fun
I think that I try to do my best in all things

I seem to 'think' a lot!

I know that my work ethic is not the same as the younger members of the office
I know that I love cricket
I know that I love to 'fart about' (not my description)' knitting and sewing, cooking, cake decorating..........
I know that I put myself out for people ( and  am taken for granted often)
I know that I love to spend time with my sister Dame Didi even though it is always chaos when we are together
I know that  I try too hard ( and need to stop this)
I know that life is short and that I need to make the most of it, now!

Where is all this leading,
Well to be honest I don't know, it was  in my head when I woke up this morning so I thought that I would share with you.

What I do know is that  'My Boys' are in action today in RL One day action down in Kent.

I know that I want them to win more than any other thing today ( even more than wanting a new handbag!)

I know that they will do their very best.

I think that I am about done here

And I know that I have to go to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and that I only have 10.5 hours to work until it is the start of my weekend.

I know I need to stop thinking so much!!!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Hump day

Well it's the middle of the week and it is  only 3 days to finals day!!!!

I had better get a wriggle on sorting out the bag.

Weather is looking awful too!

However yesterday, the weather was good and my boys were back at it.

Well now, Lancashire declared and my boys were set a target of 367 in 71 overs.

An impossible task I hear you all say, well maybe but Lyth and Lees decided to have a little go at getting it.

And some.

The match was drawn and had Lyth 63* and Lees 114*. Well batted those boys and  well done to both teams for making a proper game of it.

I am totally proud of the boys and think that if they keep the momentum going.............................well anything could happen.

Next week the boys take on Nottinghamshire who are struggling at the bottom of the table, this makes me sad, mainly because they have a terrific bowler who they tend to use as the water boy!

Bairstow, Root, Plunkett and Rashid have been named in the England one day squad, along side Ben Stokes??!!

Back too early from injury, well only time will tell. Is it worth breaking your body further?

Back to today, 17th August.
A big day in the life of I, Lady Lainey.
Today is the 9th Anniversary of leaving the marital home, battered and broken but  determined to move forward.

And  I did!

Not a reason to celebrate?

Well it certainly is as far as I am concerned.


Tuesday, 16 August 2016


There needs to be some serious bowling today by my Yorkshire boys to put down the possible uprising of the Lancashire mob.

Yesterday Captain Gale finally found some form and some runs as he posted 83 with one day captain Lees putting on 85. They managed to avoid the follow on  and were all out for 360.
A valiant innings.

However Lamcashire went back into bat and no wickets fell before close of play, they were 70-0 at stumps.

I need his Royal Ryanness to have had a good sleep and to come out in top bowling form.

no pressure  HRR!!

Down at Lords, the southern softies gave Durham a real pasting with the lovely Ollie Rayner  having the match of his life.

He only went and bagged himself a 5fer! to go with his 4 from the 1st innings.

Now I feel that it time to give my Yorkshire boys a talking to.

I do not want to see any more runs being clocked up by the 'interlopers', I want to see them sitting in the corner licking their wounds.

I do not want to see the Southern Softies at the top of the table ( even if besty friend El Presidenti does)

I want to see wickets tumble today and I want them to tumble quickly.

I don't think that this is too much to ask.

Come on boys, do it for Yorkshire.

Everything else in the Chateau is gearing to the weekend and then to next week.

I tell you I am on a sharp turnaround.

I was going to stay at Chateau Saltburn next Tuesday evening, and still might if I get my act together but this morning it is looking more as if I will be heading to the seaside from my Chateau.

Well I have to head out the door because for some reason it appears that I have to do some work for 7 hours instead of packing bags and getting myself sorted.

and yes it will take me a week, do you know how hard it is to decide which tiara goes with which shoes?

Thought not!
See you tomorrow

Monday, 15 August 2016

Work again!

Well it is Monday again and the weekend has disappeared, where does the time go?

 Yesterday was an early morning walk around Lady Laineyville, resulting in 2lb of blackberries and spotting some sloes ( which are not yet ready to be picked, but will be collected at a later date.

And then back to the Chateau for more washing and doing'stuff', before putting on the cricket, seeing Jonny B hit 81 and then England get thrashed.
So it was nap time!

Meanwhile over in Old Trafford, My boys were making hard work of getting Lancashire out, and then going into bat they lost Lyth and TLJL meaning that the two Captains, Lees and Gale have to hit a proper captains innings. They closed overnight  136-2.

Today I hope that they pile on some runs and that Captian Gale shows some cracking form.

My poor TLJL though. Just when he had been capped, only getting 7 runs.

Onward to today though

Middlesex were motoring away and giving Durham a hard time. I should have been cheering for Durham, and hope that they could steal some points from the Middlesex boys but I just couldn't.

I think though if Durham hold up in their second innings they  could be playing for a draw and that would be a good thing.
Whether they can  is another matter.

This week is going to be full on busy, and I have lots to do when I get home from Super Swanky Lady lainey office. In preparation for heading off on Friday evening to Birmingham.

And as I am already running late, I am cutting this short.

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

No longer a rosebud

After I had written my blog yesterday I went into overdrive with washing and sorting out and then hot footing it down to the Post Office.
I got a text from the Dame to say that she had arrived at my house and where the dickens was I?!

So back to the Chateau quick sharp and just about to take a mouth full of coffee when my phone beeped.

It was a text from my besty Barnsley chum Shazzer.

'Well' she said
'What about your lad getting his cap?' she said

'WTF' I said!

I quickly went onto the Yorkshire site and there it was.

TLJL had finally been capped.

A full blooming rose now, but he will always be my little rosebud!

Willey and Rafiq were also capped.

And then they went out to take on Lancashire.

It was slow going from the off, Lancashire were getting runs and there were no wickets until the 36th over when His Royal Ryanness did the honours.

 A flurry of late wickets saw 299-7 at stumps.
Little Timmy Bresnan and Jack Brooks also took wickets. HRR took another  and is now on 727 FC wickets in his career!

Today I expect them to clear up the remainders in the first hour and put on a good batting display.
No pressure boys!

The Dame brought over the cake that I am to decorate for her big birthday bash.

Hmmmmmm I wonder if she wants 'Barbie' or 'He Man' design!!??!!

Maybe not!

And now I have more washing to do and am goign out for an early morning walk.

Got to get my 10,000 steps in.

Have a peaceful Sunday.

ohhh forgot to say that the very handsome Ollie Rayner was bowling well yesterday at Lords taking 4-17 against Durham!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Quiet Saturday

Oh my dog, do I feel 'ruff' this morning, my planned early night went out the window as I phoned big sister Dame Didi at 7pm and by 10pm thought that it was time we cut the call short, she is coming over today so we can finish our 'natter'!

I am also decorating her 'big' birthday cake ready for the 'big' birthday party in a couple of weeks time. I have super busy weekends ahead.
next week, Finals day
week after, Wedding
week after that, Dame's 'Big' birthday bash

and there is still cricket.

Talking cricket, the test match is still ongoing. There were centuries a plenty from Pakistan  as they went in to a 12 run lead overnight.

I had the radio on at work yesterday but was in too much of a daze to really take in what was happening.

I will settle down today to  watch, if I have time after the Dame has been.

I was told that I was fickle yesterday in certain parts ( by a person who left a comment anonymously), for celebrating  Yorkshire getting through to T20 Finals day.

This because I had branded T20 'Circus cricket'.
Well those of you who read the blog regularly, and those of you who know me,  will know that I make this statement often and I stand by it.
The game is however,  a money spinner for counties, and, as they can usually fill their grounds and make money in a short space of time, and it brings in children it is a win/win situation for cricket in general.

Just because i am not a fan of short form cricket does not mean that I do not cheer my boys on in this or any other form of the game.

What will I be called next?

Not a true Yorkshire fan because I also hold a Durham membership?


Again those of you who know me will know that I love cricket and as I live 75 miles from Headingley and only 15 miles from Chester le Street will see the logic.
any cricket is better than no cricket.

I am a true cricket fan.

I am surprised I wasn't panned for cheering Middlesex on the other night.

water off a ducks a**e mate, at least it gave me a laugh.

and laughter is good for you!

Until tomorrow.

Friday, 12 August 2016

woooohooooo it's F(ryan)day


Not that I got much sleep so tonight I guess  it will be less 'party night' and more 'nighty night' this F(ryan)day

Well in case you had lost your sky signal and WiFi connection last night, Yorkshire only chuffing well got through to Finals Day!

And what a way to get there!

Right, back to 3.30pm yesterday.

I was merrily ( if you believe that you believe anything) working my way through super swanky new build drawings when my stomach started to to somersaults.  seriously! it could have won a gold gymnastics medal at the Olympics the rate it was going.

I put it down to me being a tad hungry so I had an apple.

Got into Lady Lainey limo and sped home ( OK I drove about as fast as Granny Annie would have).

Once in the door I sorted out dinner ( chickpea dhal and brown rice) poured myself a large glass of lemonade, tried to decide if I had time to mow the back lawns of The Chateau ( no) and then saw the reappearance of my dinner!.
'Too much information' I hear you all cry, but I was so churned up.

Sat down to find that Yorkshire had won the toss and elected to bat.

As most of you will have watched hear it is in a nutshell.


Lyth and Willey motored away Lyth falling for 8 but with 36 runs on the board.
Willey stepped up a gear and hit  79
:Lees made a good innings and TLJL hit 10.

we seemed to wobble a bit but still posted a score of 180-8

Glamorgan went in and Lloyd was back in the dug out after the first ball.
Wickets were tumbling, I was alternating between  watching and  hiding behind a cushion!
OMG they won by 80 runs.
Amazing bowling by the boys!

I tell you there was so much yahooing in the Chateau the neighbours must have wondered what was going on  ( not that I care).

Even Pink Hippo did a victory lap with his Yorkshire shirt over his head! much to Auntie Sophie's horror!

What is left to say.
Well jolly well done to my boys and see you all at Edgbaston.

where they will take on Durham in the semis!

I have to go to work and I don't want to!


It's a proper F(ryan)day!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

It's Tykesday Thursday

It's Thursday and it's QF's day for us Tykes!

I am going to the office today in my Yorkshire Shirt .

I am going to be unbearable ( more than normal) all day as I prepare for  tonight.

Dinner is prepared and just to be heated up, diet lemonade is in the  fridge ( it is a school night), and I am not answering the phone, and will  not be on Twitter either.......................yes you read that correctly, I will be channelling all my energy into willing my boys on.

I feel sick already.

Even Pink Hippo will be staying up late to watch.

Yesterday was full of excitement in my world, as I collected my new 'voice recorder ( just for your Sophie) and also managed to snaffle a bowl full of fresh blackberries from the office garden, I am hoping that I will be able to fill the freezer again this year , the plum trees are not looking too fruitful, so no plum brandy this year it seems!

Durham saw their way to finals day beating Glouscestershire.

I also bagged a ticket to finals day, so I just have to see if I can get there and hopefully work will be playing fair!

Not sure if it's going to be doable, but hope so as I intend to find 'Uncle Rob; who thinks he is going too.
I may have to travel overnight!

We will see if I can sort this over the next couple of days.

Today is cold and wet here and not at all good weather for the Lady Lainey birds nest, I see me having an afro by the time I get to the office.

I am keeping this short as I am getting giddy already in preparation for tonight.

Win or lose, I am super proud of my boys to have reached this stage.




see you tomorrow

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Midweek madness

Well it was a busy day yesterday and I was totally exhausted by the time I got home and  had dinner.
I was also a tad angry but that is best put to one side and forgotten as we all know that you never make a Scorpio cross.....................

So what else happened.

Well after the shock departure of Travis Head from Yorkshire, we were all expecting the announcement  at 7am this morning. However they let everyone know at 4pm yesterday that  they had signed Jake Lehmann.
Well that was a not on my radar,although I had thought about him and then dismissed it.

Well lets see what the lad can do. I am sure that he will have a huge following from friends and fans of his Dad.
Go well young Jake.

I settled down to watch the QF between Nothants and Middlesex.

I had spoken to El Presidenti earlier in the afternoon and he said they needed 'bodies'.

I would like to say it was a great match, but it was very one sided and Northamptonshire went through to finals day.

Highlights of my watching?

Well Ollie Rayner in the comms box, I'm not sure what he was saying but he looked a damn sight better than the old pundits in there.

Steeler the Northants mascot, giving all the Northants boys a hug at the end of the game, although how he managed to get his paws around some of them is a mystery to me!

Well done those Northants boys and I know that 'uncleRob' was jolly chuffed by the result.

Today is going to be equally busy as I head off early to collect my new Dictaphone..................... how much excitement can a Lady stand!!!????

Well I am starting to 'bubble' with excitement for tomorrow nights match,

but tomorrow is another day.

Bon Journee

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

things are looking brighter or are they?

Well I did not expect to be getting up this morning and writing that things are looking better for the rest of my 'holibobs' however it is not looking so good for my trip to Dubai in November which may now be on hold until the New Year.
Well if it means that I get to see cricket then that's all I care about.

What I do care about is the 'shock' news that Travis Head the 'little joey' has been called up by Australia........... meaning that  yesterday must have been manic  as they tried to find a replacement.
Who will it be?

Well all will be revealed at 7am tomorrow

I had best be all ready for that one, so Dave the blog will not be published by 6.55am tomorrow.

I watched the Notts v Essex T20 QF last night and boy what a game that was.

Big Lukey was relegated to water boy, but with Samit Patel bowling like a mad man it was Notts night..

My one worry was when Samit launched himself at anyone nearby after taking a wicket, he's one solid little fellow!
They are now matching onto finals day!

Sophie was a very happy lapin last night!

'Big Mac' Brendan McCullum will miss  Middx's T20 tie  against Northants tonight  as he has a back injury.

 I am hoping that this will not affect the team. much, even though Steeler the Norhtants mascot has made me chuckle this T20 season, I am backing The Middlesex boys tonight just for El Presidenti mind you!

It's full on cricket evenings this week, so expect nothing getting done in the chateau, good job lunches were prepared in advance. I just get home in time to stuff some chickpea concoction down my cake hole and then settle myself on the Chaise Longue.
Well, I am always hopeful that the cleaning fairies will come whilst I am asleep.

I am now heading off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office, and cannot wait to see who we are getting to replace Travis.

my wish list is as follows.

Abraham Benjamin
Michael Neser
Glenn Maxwell ( keeping tight grip on hotel key if it is)
Joe Scuderi ( thats my wild card hahahahaha)

until tomorrow

Monday, 8 August 2016

Down to earth with a bump!

It's Monday and there is not a lot that I can do about it, so best to get on with it.

after the most brilliant weekend its going to be tough, but hey I have to earn pennies for new tiaras and they can be very spendy, so onward and all that gubbins!

so what did I do on Sunday?

well it dawned with me still being super bouncy excited after 2 cracking days at HQ, I did washing ( of course).
I picked up said washing from my drive after it had blown off the line and  over the garage.

I thought I would mow the lawns but then got distracted and so binned that idea,

but I did cook, and prepared meals for lunch this week, which in the scale of things is super important.

Then I sat down to watch the Test match.

Well I have to say that England played nearly as well as Yorkshire.

Some great bowling especially from Moeen Ali saw us over the line and with a 2-1 lead ahead of Thursday at the Oval.

Well the radio will be tuned in at my desk for that........................or will it. Thursday is a big day  for me and my Boys as they will be going 'abroad' as they in QF action against Glamorgan. I think that we all know what I will be tuned into!

I am hoping that this week we get an update on the lovely Michael Carberry. Things have been very quiet since the shock news of his cancer diagnosis, and rightly so, this is a private battle for him. I do however wish him well.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all my Headingley friends who made my 2 day stay a great one.
See you all soon

And now......................well its off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office.

Oh Joy!!!

Who knows what will be waiting for me

Sunday, 7 August 2016

I love Yorkshire ( in case you didn't know)

I am late up this morning as I just could not get to sleep last night, I was just too excited!

So lets rewind.

I had a little walk into Headingley yesterday morning and bumped into my besty Brotton chums Davy and Jim, quick catch up and then back to put all my 'stuff' in the car.

Off to the ground and met  Grandad John as I went in, quick chat and took my seat.

Ray the gate keeper came over quick chat, had cup of coffee.

And then Yorkshire came out to bat! It was slow going  and they fought to make 150. His Royal Ryanness being the out for 0, which I can forgive after his heroics on Friday.

It was nearly lunchtime but the umpires decided that there would be one over before lunch.
I had nipped round to the Yorkshire Tea stand but peeped through to see the over bowled.
OMG!!!! HRR only took a chuffing wicket with the 4 th ball of the over. I nearly chucked my tea in the air!!


Mark and Sharon were keeping up to speed with the scores as they had a day out in York ( including a vegan feast)

Gary came round for a natter, I had another cup of coffee! ( bit hyper by now)

I found out that after Scarborough's game, Gary found himself on the train with the Middlesex lads and found himself in the strange position of 'Offical Middlesex Photographer'.
Well we can forgive him that!

The buzz around Headingley was amazing, what would my boys do next?

Well just before the 10th over Chopra and Bell, went which made me whoop with delight!

HRR got his second wicket of the innings as Ambrose went and it was a wonderful catch by TLJL!! That boy will go far mark my words! ( but hopefully not too far away form Yorkshire)
Patterson and Brooks took wickets but it was the demon spinner Adil Rashid who sealed Warwickshire's fate.

Over in 'cow corner' it went something like...
 8 wickets down, I, Lady Lainey put on my shades as my eyes were filling up.
9 wickets down, my eyes were brimming with tears.
10th wicket and I was in floods.

Those boys!!!

back in the car I had a jolly good cry, tears of joy you understand, I couldn't do anything but smile all the way back to The chateau!

Now other things were happening yesterday too, and jolly strange I might add.
Durham had bowled Somerset out  on Thursday for 184. Then they  were then all out for 189.
Somerset then posted 180.
Durham  started day 3 on 130-5 needing 46 runs to seal a victory.
Somerset decided this was not on and took an astonishing  5 wickets in 22 balls to win by 39 runs.

Not much more to add to that!

What I will say is that I watched 2 days of wonderful cricket. I know I am biased but my boys played a blinder.



Saturday, 6 August 2016

Well it really was a F(ryan)day yesterday

OK, OK, I know that I always say that no one man is a team, and I stand by that, but yesterday to tip up at HQ and see His Royal Ryanness end the first innings on 13*, then be back opening the bowling and taking 3 wickets (400 FC for Yorkshire and 723 in total ), and take a catch , well my day was going swimmingly.

AND then to see TLJL take a cracking catch, could it get any better........................

of course it could.

I had been greeted by the lovely John just after arriving at the ground, and he said that I had been missed, then Ray, keeper of the gate said the same thing.
How wonderful nd really lovely to hear.

no one ever said that to me at Durham!!!

I then had the best visitors over in 'cow corner', when Mark and Sharon, wonderful Twitter friends arrived fresh from Leeds/Bradford airport after flying in from Ireland.

What a fabulous day I spent in their company.

How wonderful to meet them both and lots of Yorkshire chatter,both cricket and the beauty of the county.

I hope that they have a wonderful time in York today.

And Yorkshire CCC?

Well after finishing their first innings on  257, they then bowled Warwickshire out for 179 ( and there was much yahooing at that), however the runs were slow coming in their second innings and by close of play they were 5 wickts down!!!

Even TLJL could not get going in the run department.

I am expecting today that there will be runs aplenty and I will be hoarse by the time I set off home.


And in the test, apparently England were fighting back.

 Well time and Headingley wait for no Lady so I am off to the shops before I head back to cheer my boys on..

Happy Saturday



Friday, 5 August 2016

It's F(ryan)day and it's cricket

Happy F(ryan)day one and all and welcome to the second day of the County Championship match between My Boys and some other lads from Birmingham area!

well rain was not playing fair with my boys early on and they had a break to catch up on what was happening on 'bargain Hunt' and then they were back out to it.

Lees saw his run of bad luck continue as he fell for 10.

Captain Gale was also not having a good time of it, as he went with only 14 on the board.

  Travis Head came out to steady the ship and put on 54, whilst TLJL hit a respectable 42, sadly not to make a half century though!

Little Timmy Bresnan put on 28 and is showing way he is proving to be a great allrounder.
it took Steve Patterson and His Royal Ryanness to keep the tail wagging with Patto on 35 and HRR on 11.
Extra batting point.

I was super excited to by this.

Over at the test, not a lot can be said except that Pakistan put on a stirling performance and were 257-3 at stumps, trailing England by 40 runs.

I read that England are struggling without Ben Stokes! Seriously??? No one man is a team, and if they are struggling it is not due to the omission of Stokes, who is breaking down more of late than a 1964 Morris Minor!

I am now in the full on agony as my tennis elbow has reached new heights of pain. Having been pacing the floor at 3am this morning, I currently look as if I haven't slept for a week ( and feel much the same way too).

It's going to be a long day until its time to go up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire!

And with that I am off to check my chickpea patties that are cooking for lunch and then through myself in to the shower.

Short one this morning, nut lots to do and some serious shouting to emit and all before 9am

A tout a l'heure

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Start of a big end of week!

Well it is Thursday and it is the start of a full on, very busy, end of week for my boys.

Today is the start of the 4 day County Championship match against Warwickshire. And I know from seeing the 13 man named squad that His Royal Ryanness is back.......................he may be the 'water boy', we will have to wait and see what is decided!

Which ever way, it is brilliant to have him back in first team form.

I have missed HRR very much, especially his wicket taking.

Meanwhile, yesterday over at the 3rd test, I have had to eat humble pie ( vegan version) over my claims that Steve Finn would not make the line up!
Well he did, and some........... he hit  15 and played some amazing shots!
England ended their innings on  297.with Gary Ballance being highest run maker on 70.

All to play for.

it was also announced yesterday that My Boys will play their QF match in Kent! that's nearly abroad! its nearly the home of I, Lady Lainey in France!  That's a chuffing long way to travel and sadly I can't, but that does not mean that I will not be glued to the scores as I am cheering them on .

Little Timmy Bresnan has been named as one of the automatic choices for the inaugural North/South 50 over series  in The UAE next March.
This series has been made up so that selectors, ICC bods and any other hangers on can have a jolly in the sunshine whilst we freeze our whatnots off here in Blighty.
Maybe they should invest more money into cricket for children in this country to bring through the next generation?
Nice jolly if you are on it.

Just saying!

Well, I cannot wait for tomorrow when I hopefully will be able to see HRR in the 'real' after too long away.
In the meantime I have to head off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and entertain architects with my wit.................and if that fails then the gaze is formidable enough to get me what  I want!

Have a cracking Thursday....................its a cricket day and I am super bouncy happy clappy excited, just imagine how unbearable I will be tomorrow!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Well the day has dawned with the sun trying to put it; hat on and not doing a very good job of it!

I am up and ready to go to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office but have no motivation to go this morning. I fear motivation has got up and gone, with my get up and go!

An interesting read this morning as Durham claim that they are not in financial trouble and that all players contracts will be honoured.
After losing players last week and possibly more to go, it was interesting to see that Mark Stoneman had been offered a six figure contract!
WOW!!!! they must be making a mint on over priced dentists mouthwash masquerading as wine, and as they hike up the price of tea, coffee, burgers and coffee by 50p on T20 nights, that's a lot of profit.
At £5 for a pint of beer or lager on T20 nights too, its something that I avoid like the plague.
Today they will announce that another 'senior' player will renew his contract, well to honest most of the players are senior now.
Where is the money coming from????

They are down one membership for next year at the moment, so good luck to them.

Hmmmmm England have recalled Finn for the 3rd test!!!????

Mark my words he will be injured before the warm up is over!

I watched the rain delayed and shortened OD match between Middlesex and Surrey last night.
I was gutted that Middx lost and before you all go up in arms, I am not switching sides, but rather wanted a team of 'nice young men' to win over a team with an over inflated ego of a Captain and a bowler who spends the rain filled hours doodling on his arms!

sadly it was not to be so we will be seeing the Surrey motor mouth in one day action again.

Well time to go and clear my desk, I have only 14 working hours to go until i am off to HQ and a day out at the cricket.

i am a little bit excited because if rumours are to be believed it will be a super special F(rayn)day!

happy hump day.

Don't work too hard

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

It was all going off yesterday........

Well it is Tuesday and I am already losing the will to work, there seriously has to be a better way to earn a crust. Maybe besty friend Shazza's idea may come to fruition, after all two cricket mad woman is better than one.
What is the idea?.........................well If I told you, it would not be a surprise if it comes off!

My boys were in action again yesterday and it was not going well for them for a Yorkshire day win.

they were taking on Warwickshire at home in the Royal London One Day Cup.

it was a 2 pm 'kick off'

I was set up with t'wireless ready for Callys commentary and  was overjoyed when the 'I want to be back playing for England' Bell was out, Not sportsman like I know but hey all is fair in love and cricket!
After some great bowling by my boys, it slowed down and Warwickshire managed to put on a lot of runs in the last few overs, posting  283-6. Trott hit118.

Storm clouds were looming and the players were then in a game of 'musical cricket'. As rain came and went  and they went  in and  then came back out stood still and waited. Big Marty ( Moxon to the uninitiated)  appeared to lose his temper with the umpires and looked to be telling them that they were a couple of 'silly sausages' or something of that ilk!!!

TLJL only managed to hit 3 whilst Travis Head put on 53. Captain Lees run of bad luck continued.
As the 'Jack and Vera' was in operation  ( you know how to calculate it, how many rollers Vera had put in at Audreys salon, multiplied by how much Jack put on the horses, divided by the square root of the knicker output at Mike Baldwins factory) and sadly My Boys did not get close as they were all out for 167.

this threw the Sky pundits into a tizzy and you could hear the click of the abacus as they were trying to calculate if Yorkshire were through to the quarter finals.

My boys would have had to make an extra 20ish runs for a home QF, BUT! they are through and that is all that matter in  this ch√Ęteau!

Also through are The Worcestershire Wonder Boys who sadly beat Notts in another rain affected match.

Sadly when I got home from work last night I discovered that the 'imbecile child' next door who has been left home alone whilst his equally imbecile parents have gone off on holiday, had continued to have 'der lads' round. and one of these morons had thought that it was clever to throw a cigarette over my fence.
Well it landed on the wonderful wicket that was made specially for me by Rob and the great Flicx Cricket.
It is burnt and I was distraught. After giving said imbecile a tongue lashing I broke the news to Rob!!!
Do people no longer respect other peoples property!!
Bespoke wickets do not grow on trees!!

As imbecile and 'der lads' continued partying in the garden until the wee small hours I set up the kitchen radio to give them all the news from Radio 5 this morning starting at 5am!

Oh and Mark Ramprakash has said that Little Joey Root is the best batsman in the world........................but I bet he was thinking 'he can't dance like me though!'

have a grand old day!

Monday, 1 August 2016

Happy Yorkshire Day

Happy Yorkshire Day to all my Yorkshire family and friends.
today wear your white rose with even more pride than normal!

I am wearing my rose  ( as usual) with enormous pride, and was very proud of our boys yesterday.
Even though they didn't win it was a very close match, although Gillespie the Gallants has said that they need more energy in the field, I think that they were brilliant.

I saw a terrific catch by little Timmy Bresnan who had previously had treatment on his hand.
This catch  was in the same league as the amazing one taken last season by Big John Hastings at the same ground to save me from having my teeth knocked out!

There was also some great batting from  Head, Bresnan and of course TLJL, but I am still concerned over the captain Lees, who was out for 1.

It was also a pleasure to watch young Karl Carver bowling and taking the wicket of veteran, Captain Colleywobble. who did not field after lunch, however I will not be unsportsmanlike and make comment about that.

Yorkshire are still top of the One Day Cup table and have a game in hand over second place Northants.

Well done boys.
Win or lose I am backing you in all forms of the game.

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire.

It has dawned a beautiful day today so, I think that I may even venture to the office in a frock,

Another week and  still no closer to word on my whereabouts for the next few weeks.

Sometimes things are frustrating and sometimes things happen for a reason. I am plumping for the second.

 Thought for the day.

You were happy before,
You will be happy after.

Until tomorrow