Monday, 1 August 2016

Happy Yorkshire Day

Happy Yorkshire Day to all my Yorkshire family and friends.
today wear your white rose with even more pride than normal!

I am wearing my rose  ( as usual) with enormous pride, and was very proud of our boys yesterday.
Even though they didn't win it was a very close match, although Gillespie the Gallants has said that they need more energy in the field, I think that they were brilliant.

I saw a terrific catch by little Timmy Bresnan who had previously had treatment on his hand.
This catch  was in the same league as the amazing one taken last season by Big John Hastings at the same ground to save me from having my teeth knocked out!

There was also some great batting from  Head, Bresnan and of course TLJL, but I am still concerned over the captain Lees, who was out for 1.

It was also a pleasure to watch young Karl Carver bowling and taking the wicket of veteran, Captain Colleywobble. who did not field after lunch, however I will not be unsportsmanlike and make comment about that.

Yorkshire are still top of the One Day Cup table and have a game in hand over second place Northants.

Well done boys.
Win or lose I am backing you in all forms of the game.

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire.

It has dawned a beautiful day today so, I think that I may even venture to the office in a frock,

Another week and  still no closer to word on my whereabouts for the next few weeks.

Sometimes things are frustrating and sometimes things happen for a reason. I am plumping for the second.

 Thought for the day.

You were happy before,
You will be happy after.

Until tomorrow

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