Tuesday, 23 August 2016

here we go!

Well I am off to Scarbados and i have no dressing on my (still) badly inflamed finger.

I went back to see the nurse last night, she removed the dressing, investigated my finger and went to get another nurse.

they both then looked at both my hands turned them over, 'ooh'ed and 'ahh'ed and then said
'What lovely nails you have who does them for you?

i thought they were going to chop my finger off!!!!


It is hurty painy but always the trooper I am up and ready for the off.

And they needed troopers yesterday after losing the top order in the blink of an eye!

I tell you i nearly passed out, although in truth that might have been the pain in my finger!

It took Rafiq and Hodd to get the boys back in  the game/

Hoddy Hell, what in Hodds name was going on????

Sadly Hoddy ran out of partners on 96, but managed to steer my boys  to 282 which considering they had been 51-6 it looked as if they would be all out by lunch!

However wickets continues to tumble as the hosts closed having taken 2 wickets leaving Notts  38-2 overnight.

Hmmmmm, I expect a great show for me today.

This is super short as it is stupid o'clock and I have a long way to drive.

So I will report back tomorrow when no doubt i will be hung over!

if I am lucky

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