Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Hump day

Well it's the middle of the week and it is  only 3 days to finals day!!!!

I had better get a wriggle on sorting out the bag.

Weather is looking awful too!

However yesterday, the weather was good and my boys were back at it.

Well now, Lancashire declared and my boys were set a target of 367 in 71 overs.

An impossible task I hear you all say, well maybe but Lyth and Lees decided to have a little go at getting it.

And some.

The match was drawn and had Lyth 63* and Lees 114*. Well batted those boys and  well done to both teams for making a proper game of it.

I am totally proud of the boys and think that if they keep the momentum going.............................well anything could happen.

Next week the boys take on Nottinghamshire who are struggling at the bottom of the table, this makes me sad, mainly because they have a terrific bowler who they tend to use as the water boy!

Bairstow, Root, Plunkett and Rashid have been named in the England one day squad, along side Ben Stokes??!!

Back too early from injury, well only time will tell. Is it worth breaking your body further?

Back to today, 17th August.
A big day in the life of I, Lady Lainey.
Today is the 9th Anniversary of leaving the marital home, battered and broken but  determined to move forward.

And  I did!

Not a reason to celebrate?

Well it certainly is as far as I am concerned.


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