Tuesday, 23 August 2016

I have an 'injure'

Well this is what I look like this morning, Ok I am not wearing blue trousers and a yellow T shirt, or have morphed into a boy, but I have a heavily bandaged finger!!!!

Yes I am in the wars again!

My finger started off being a little sore and then got worse very quickly and became swollen, red and very inflamed very quickly.
At first the Doctors said that I couldn't get seen until next week, but suddenly opened up a space for me when I finished work.

result, an infection close to the nail and after having it punctured 6 times to release the pressure, having a mahoosive dressing put on it,and being given a course of antibiotics, I have to go back tonight to have it re dressed and  hopefully it will be OK.

It never rains.........................................

Well it does, and heavily this morning here in Ladylaineyville. Well it can stop that nonsense!!!

My boys begin a huge match in the County Championship today. They are taking on struggling Nottinghamshire.

I will be keeping up on Twitter and cheering  them all the way.

I won't be clapping  as it hurts too much!..

I am hoping that His Royal Ryanness  gets some more wickets for his FC haul and that TLJL gets some runs ( I am expecting him to be playing!)

I have lots to do this evening when I get home and the washing machine is on spin as we speak, yes I am washing midweek!

Good news for David Willey is that after a scan on his wrist, after the horrible lump that came up from  being hit by a ball on Saturday,  all is well and he is OK to step back into the England team.
Great news for him.

Middlesex have lost Adam Voges for the remainder of the season due to a hamstring injury, sad for them but possibly good for us.

not very sportsmanlike, but we have a Trophy to think about.

Right I am off to do my thing and then get my finger sorted out.

See you tomorrow.

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