Tuesday, 2 August 2016

It was all going off yesterday........

Well it is Tuesday and I am already losing the will to work, there seriously has to be a better way to earn a crust. Maybe besty friend Shazza's idea may come to fruition, after all two cricket mad woman is better than one.
What is the idea?.........................well If I told you, it would not be a surprise if it comes off!

My boys were in action again yesterday and it was not going well for them for a Yorkshire day win.

they were taking on Warwickshire at home in the Royal London One Day Cup.

it was a 2 pm 'kick off'

I was set up with t'wireless ready for Callys commentary and  was overjoyed when the 'I want to be back playing for England' Bell was out, Not sportsman like I know but hey all is fair in love and cricket!
After some great bowling by my boys, it slowed down and Warwickshire managed to put on a lot of runs in the last few overs, posting  283-6. Trott hit118.

Storm clouds were looming and the players were then in a game of 'musical cricket'. As rain came and went  and they went  in and  then came back out stood still and waited. Big Marty ( Moxon to the uninitiated)  appeared to lose his temper with the umpires and looked to be telling them that they were a couple of 'silly sausages' or something of that ilk!!!

TLJL only managed to hit 3 whilst Travis Head put on 53. Captain Lees run of bad luck continued.
As the 'Jack and Vera' was in operation  ( you know how to calculate it, how many rollers Vera had put in at Audreys salon, multiplied by how much Jack put on the horses, divided by the square root of the knicker output at Mike Baldwins factory) and sadly My Boys did not get close as they were all out for 167.

this threw the Sky pundits into a tizzy and you could hear the click of the abacus as they were trying to calculate if Yorkshire were through to the quarter finals.

My boys would have had to make an extra 20ish runs for a home QF, BUT! they are through and that is all that matter in  this ch√Ęteau!

Also through are The Worcestershire Wonder Boys who sadly beat Notts in another rain affected match.

Sadly when I got home from work last night I discovered that the 'imbecile child' next door who has been left home alone whilst his equally imbecile parents have gone off on holiday, had continued to have 'der lads' round. and one of these morons had thought that it was clever to throw a cigarette over my fence.
Well it landed on the wonderful wicket that was made specially for me by Rob and the great Flicx Cricket.
It is burnt and I was distraught. After giving said imbecile a tongue lashing I broke the news to Rob!!!
Do people no longer respect other peoples property!!
Bespoke wickets do not grow on trees!!

As imbecile and 'der lads' continued partying in the garden until the wee small hours I set up the kitchen radio to give them all the news from Radio 5 this morning starting at 5am!

Oh and Mark Ramprakash has said that Little Joey Root is the best batsman in the world........................but I bet he was thinking 'he can't dance like me though!'

have a grand old day!

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