Thursday, 11 August 2016

It's Tykesday Thursday

It's Thursday and it's QF's day for us Tykes!

I am going to the office today in my Yorkshire Shirt .

I am going to be unbearable ( more than normal) all day as I prepare for  tonight.

Dinner is prepared and just to be heated up, diet lemonade is in the  fridge ( it is a school night), and I am not answering the phone, and will  not be on Twitter either.......................yes you read that correctly, I will be channelling all my energy into willing my boys on.

I feel sick already.

Even Pink Hippo will be staying up late to watch.

Yesterday was full of excitement in my world, as I collected my new 'voice recorder ( just for your Sophie) and also managed to snaffle a bowl full of fresh blackberries from the office garden, I am hoping that I will be able to fill the freezer again this year , the plum trees are not looking too fruitful, so no plum brandy this year it seems!

Durham saw their way to finals day beating Glouscestershire.

I also bagged a ticket to finals day, so I just have to see if I can get there and hopefully work will be playing fair!

Not sure if it's going to be doable, but hope so as I intend to find 'Uncle Rob; who thinks he is going too.
I may have to travel overnight!

We will see if I can sort this over the next couple of days.

Today is cold and wet here and not at all good weather for the Lady Lainey birds nest, I see me having an afro by the time I get to the office.

I am keeping this short as I am getting giddy already in preparation for tonight.

Win or lose, I am super proud of my boys to have reached this stage.




see you tomorrow

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