Sunday, 21 August 2016

What a weekend!!!

Sorry to  everyone for having no blog yesterday morning. I couldn't connect to the wifi and my new phone did not like the thought of doing the blog on Finals day so it refused!

However I am back and I am a tad tired to say the least, although I know that Alan and Jane will be even more tired after an heroic drive back after the match last night.

Right so back to yesterday.

It dawned wet and windy, and we set off to walk to the ground....................not before I had been informed that I had a bar bill on my room!

Oh yes!! and it wasn't mine!
Least said about that the better!

We got to the ground and met up wit the lovely Adam, and went in to find our seats.
I tell you we had the most amazing view from the South lower stand and we were right behind one of the 'dug outs'

Susan arrived and we all go settled.

I managed to be spotted by Sophie and Terry, and much waving was done. Pink Hippo got to wave to his cousin LL, well it kept him happy.

First up Northants v Notts. No Big Luke Fletcher on the team although he was on the balcony.

We had a very vocal Northants supporter right behind up, and we knew that he was going to be irritating, however when they were  15-3 in the 4th over he quietened down a bit!.

They closed on 161-8, with Ben Duckett hitting 84.

In came Notts and they were 15-3 just before the 4th over!!!
This was going to be some game.
Sadly it was not to be Notts day and they  finished their 20 overs with 153 on the board.

Now the rain had managed to stay away, but just as the Durha and Yorkshire boys were coming out things started to look a bit dodgy.

Yorkshire took to the field and  had Jennings back in the hutch in the 4th over.
David Willey took a blow from a ball to his wrist and it was not looking good.
Durham posted 156-6 which looked like a beatable score.

I was lucky enough to have TLJL fielding at times just in front of us so I was happy with that!

Lyth and Willey opened and he was gone by the 3rd over.

Lyth motored away, Root came and went for 7.Lees put on 22. The other 'Yorkland' boys Jonny B and Ballance were gone for  combined runs of 3!

then it was TLJL's turn. I was shouting encouragement to him, much to the gangs' horror, his 19 runs were amongst the highest score along with Lyths  cracking 64 and Lees 22.

Well they lost, I was gutted for them but  as I say we have bigger fish to fry!
And we do!
So pull yourselves up and focus on next week!

Sophie came over for a chin wag and  sadly that will be the last time we see each other until next season.

So the final came along and we watched  Durham go out to bat, they hit153 with Bambi Boy hitting 87 which is a T20 final individual highest score.

At this point I have to say the 'Steeler' theNorthamts  mascot, has been an absolute joy to watch this season and yesterday was no exception. He was brilliant. Dancing  geeing up the crowd and  just being great fun.  I do not think that I have laughed so much in ages!.

Northants went into bat and were 9-3  just before the second over.
What on earth???!!!

An amazing knock by Josh Cobb with some impressive hits and a score of 80 helped Northants over the line.

What a day!!!!

120 overs of cricket, spending the day with great friends, laughing, nearly crying and blushing .

Huge thanks to the lovely Adam for making it all possible, to Alan and Jane for taking me there and to Susan for sharing the day with us.

Especially great to see Sophie and finally meet Terry. And  great for PH to get together with LL.

Very early morning climbing into bed and now.................well its back to the usual, washing!!!

And the blushing bit..............................well those who were with me know what happened. I am still blushing now!

And being a Lady I will keep this one to myself!

have a fab Sunday.

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