Friday, 12 August 2016

woooohooooo it's F(ryan)day


Not that I got much sleep so tonight I guess  it will be less 'party night' and more 'nighty night' this F(ryan)day

Well in case you had lost your sky signal and WiFi connection last night, Yorkshire only chuffing well got through to Finals Day!

And what a way to get there!

Right, back to 3.30pm yesterday.

I was merrily ( if you believe that you believe anything) working my way through super swanky new build drawings when my stomach started to to somersaults.  seriously! it could have won a gold gymnastics medal at the Olympics the rate it was going.

I put it down to me being a tad hungry so I had an apple.

Got into Lady Lainey limo and sped home ( OK I drove about as fast as Granny Annie would have).

Once in the door I sorted out dinner ( chickpea dhal and brown rice) poured myself a large glass of lemonade, tried to decide if I had time to mow the back lawns of The Chateau ( no) and then saw the reappearance of my dinner!.
'Too much information' I hear you all cry, but I was so churned up.

Sat down to find that Yorkshire had won the toss and elected to bat.

As most of you will have watched hear it is in a nutshell.


Lyth and Willey motored away Lyth falling for 8 but with 36 runs on the board.
Willey stepped up a gear and hit  79
:Lees made a good innings and TLJL hit 10.

we seemed to wobble a bit but still posted a score of 180-8

Glamorgan went in and Lloyd was back in the dug out after the first ball.
Wickets were tumbling, I was alternating between  watching and  hiding behind a cushion!
OMG they won by 80 runs.
Amazing bowling by the boys!

I tell you there was so much yahooing in the Chateau the neighbours must have wondered what was going on  ( not that I care).

Even Pink Hippo did a victory lap with his Yorkshire shirt over his head! much to Auntie Sophie's horror!

What is left to say.
Well jolly well done to my boys and see you all at Edgbaston.

where they will take on Durham in the semis!

I have to go to work and I don't want to!


It's a proper F(ryan)day!


Anonymous said...

How fickle are you? Not long since it was "circus" cricket

Lady Lainey Robinsob said...

And for the 'Anonymous' person that commented. I support my team in all forms of the game. I may not like the short form of the game but I will support the boys.

and maybe you should make yourself known instead of hiding behind 'Anonymous'.
If you don't like what I write, don't read it!

Donny said...

Circus Cricket? Its T20s 'fault' that Test Cricket and County Cricket is becoming far more competitive. Players are finding new ways to score and new ways to bowl. Its having as much of an effect on Cricket as the advent of one day cricket did in the late 70s.

Robert Zabrocky said...

Of course it's a circus, but no less intriguing for it. It's exciting, exasperating, thrilling and frustrating. Cricket in a nutshell.