Friday, 30 September 2016

It's F(ryan)day

Here we are again, the last day of the working week and only 7 hours in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office until it is the weekend.

Ah yes 7 hours of 'Trill Boy' wailing to the radio, Pony Paul, wailing along with Trill Boy. Job the Jolly sitting in his corner and Tommy Gun wishing he had stayed at his previous company!

Ah yes the 'classics' murdered on a daily basis,

I know that  Steve Harley never sang

'Come back and see me,

Make me cry'

But that was yesterdays little offering!

Yes its enough to make me want to....................cry!!!

Well I can tell you I will be out of the door faster than Usain Bolt and then back to the Chateau to ..............................knit!!!

And I am attempting a new vegan recipe ( more of that at a later date if it works out).

However before that lets have a look at what happened yesterday.

Well after James Anderson pulled out of the tour of Bangladesh, Mark Wood  did the same thing with an ankle injury.
He has been injured most of this season so that also leads me to wonder why he was in contention.
We seem to have half a team of crocks!

Seriously I can see me packing my 'Hunts County' bag and heading to Bangladesh at this rate.

And over at cash strapped Durham it is now clear why Captain Collywobble signed up for another year, he has been awarded a Benefit next season..............................yep he saw that windfall coming along, as well as another year sitting watching from the players balcony.

You think I am being harsh?

Well wait and see!

More info is filtering through about the new format T20 and it looks as if there will be some millionaire players this time next year as it is predicted that Joe Root could make a million. He is not alone as the BBC cricket website also name Chris Woakes, Moeen Ali and Ben Stokes as 'winners' too.

Is this really the way forward for cricket in this country?. Is this how the ECB are looking to tempt children into the game?

Well I am not sure that it is but what would I know!

Right off to do the business before the weekend starts in earnest.

happy F(ryan)day

Thursday, 29 September 2016

It's Thursday and its very cold

Well I am listening to the wind blowing a hooley outside and  it is none too warm either, yes it is Autumn and feeling very much cooler than this time last week when I was in the South of England.

However back to important things, as it was announced that Jimmy Anderson would not be touring  Bangladesh because of a shoulder injury.

The 34 year old hasn't played since August, and this seems to stem from a stress fracture suffered in June.
Last winter he was out with a calf injury.

So it makes me wonder, if the players are so well 'managed' is it because of his age?

A replacement for him is set to be announced this morning, with all bets being on Jake Ball.

well done to Ben Duckett who became the first player ever to secure both 'Player of the year' and 'young player off the year' in the same year, at last nights PCA awards..

Whilst checking the 'ins' and 'outs' around the counties, Middlesex and Yorkshire appear at the moment the only teams to be holding onto their players, which is good news all round.

Durham have none in and half the chuffing team racing down the A1.

I also have to praise the staff in  the Yorkshire shop as I emailed yesterday with a request and had a reply almost instantly. Brilliant service  and well worth a mention.

I was chatting to a friend who has a vacancy for a coach on his staff,

'Are you interested?' he asked

'Oh very' I replied

'but the only level 3 award I have to my name is BAGA Gymnastics, will that count?'

Needless to say I am not in the running, although I think a couple of cartwheels and a backflip on the way to retrieve the ball on the boundary could be the way forward!

I have to say that I am only joking, especially with His Royal Ryanness's injury record!

So as Thursday starts in earnest, I think that it is time to sort out the orange afro, think about getting the winter coats out of storage and polishing my boots.

Yes cricket is over and now time to wrap up warm and dream of April.

Until tomorrow

Keep warm!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A bit of something different

Now back to cricket news, it looks as if Durham are in even more poo than first thought.

No wonder the players were packing and leaving.

Not all of the financial problems can be blamed on the club and the ECB has to take some responsibility, BUT in my 25 years of association with them, they have been anything but frugal with money!

Calls for a statement for the club will fall on deaf ears, the one thing that I know from 25 years backing the club is that loyal supporters mean nothing and as such are kept in the dark.

We will wait to see what happens here. Although talks between the club and the ECB are imminent.

His Royal Ryanness, ended the season on 737 first class wickets which sees him have to get 43 before the end of next season ( which may be his last) to finish his career in truly great style. To the end of my days I will never forget the 4 he hit at Lords last Thursday. 

Terrible news for all South Africa ( and me) as news filtered through yesterday that Abraham Benjamin  had pulled out of the Australia tour and would be having surgery on his elbow ( I am cringing at that thought, my elbows and I are not best friends!). I suggest that he has his op and then has lots of R & R  so that he is fully fit to entertain me at Trent bridge next July!

And today, I would like to say thank you to everyone who commented and liked and retweeted yesterdays review of the season. It was wonderful to see that it went down so well.

So cricket is over and the cricket tea equipment is all packed away, I have been asked though, to give some of my recipes now and again. The one that I CANNOT give, is for the now super famous 'vegan sausage rolls' which I have now renamed  'Dizzy's Delights' as these rolls where a huge hit with our now ex, esteemed coach.

 That aside I will every now and again give a quick and easy VEGAN recipe that you can try.

Today the recipe is Pav Bhaji, this is traditional street food in India and is like our 'bubble and squeak'.

You can buy Pav Bhaji spice in most Indian shops or online

Boil a pan full of potatoes ( you will get used to the fact that I do not use amounts in 'g' or 'lbs and oz's')

In a frying pan cook  onion in olive oil until soft, add chopped courgette, frozen peas and chopped fresh tomatoes. ( actually any veg can be put in with this mix)

Add Pav Bhaji spice

When potatoes  are cooked, lightly mash half with a fork, then add  the onion mixture and  combine.

Serve with a bread roll or rice  and lime pickle ( if desired).

And there you have it.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Review of the season 2016

Well it's that time of year again when we are looking back on the season and in my case, wondering what I am going to do for the next 6 months!

It all really kicked off in


April 1st saw me trundle off to Darlington Cricket Club to see Gillespie the Gallant and Dave Callaghan entertain the masses with some very funny stories and a great evening.
And then the season commenced good and proper.

Off I trotted to Headingley to see Yorks v Hants.
Lyth hit a century and good old Jonny B hit a double century.
Hants were struggling in the cold of the North and poor old Michael Carberry was wearing 3 jumpers to try to keep warm!
The 19th dawned and it  was coaches '21st' birthday and 10 years to the day since he hit his 201 and then retired from international cricket.
Met our Chairman Steve Denison and the lovely Jemima Bird too.

Rob who made my wicket for me celebrated his birthday and we lost Prince, I know not part of the season but a huge part of my life!

I headed off to Chester le Street to see Durham host Middlesex.
having met up with El Presidenti and The First Lady of Middx  ( PoM & FLoM) the night before the match we were all in high spirits.
And then we had snow, yes snow, white stuff falling out of the sky  and turning a cold Cheater le Street even colder!
Yorkshire were at Edgbaston and TLJL hit a half century, that made my day!
'Carparkgate' started at the Headingley Lodge and was to continue until June!


His Royal Ryaness suffered an ankle injury and I was beside myself,

Gillespie the Gallant gave an interview praising TLJL which made me very happy!

We all heard the devastating news about James Taylor and his heart problem which very quickly ended his playing career.

Headed off to see Yorks v Surrey and having to take a long walk from Car Park F where my car was to be housed due to 'Carparkgate'.

My hate /hate relationship with Andrew Stauss began with the mention of early season matches to take place in the UAE, lovely jolly for him!

I won tickets to the test match and so headed off, picking my mate Steven up in Collingham on the way and we enjoyed a free day of cricket.
Talk of Gillespie the Gallant going back to Australia began!


I headed off to Headingley to see my boys in a Royal London match against Worcestershire, should be a doddle I thought!
However early doors the lovely Jack Shantry decided this was not to be. I watched my boys crumbled, watching with me was the lovely Susan who had popped down for the afternoon, we were joined by Adam super music and bangs man for the event. We should have been there until nearly 10pm but at 6.45pm we hung on to watch the presentations! Yorkshire lost.

I went home wondering what had just happened.

I then had my one and only wobble where my boys were concerned. I am not rehashing it as it is still a sore and painful subject for me to look back on.
After a stern talking to by twitter friend Dan I managed to pull myself together even with the prospect of HRR out for who knew how long with his 'football injury.

I tell you I would have broken his other fibula if I had been able to get to my hands on him!

I headed off to Headingley for the T20 against Notts which had been in my diary since the fixtures came out as I was meeting up with Sophie and all the fun that entailed.

After the embarrassment of being mistaken for 'Momma Bairstow' in the car park by a gentleman from the ECB we headed to our room ( The David Bairstow room none the less) for food and drink.

 Well as rain meant no play, it meant that we did some of the Otley run! most of it for me barefoot.
Will El Tel let Sophie out again next season?

I am sure that he will

Will I manage to keep my shoes on all evening?

I am sure that I won't


Ah yes July started  with a trip to Scarbados to meet up  El Presidenti and First Lady of Middlesex.
We all knew this was going to  be messy and indeed it was!
I will just say that I will forever be  careful of mini buses  in Scarbados and never accept drinks from an opposition spin bowler!!!!

Two now ex Presidents watching  cricket through closed eyes

I was also 'sent' TLJL much to my 'embarrassment' and the ( extreme) amusement of the 'sender'.
however all this excitement did not extend to the cricket as Yorkshire lost to Middx.

On TV we had a full on T20 cricket week, which saw me racing home from Super swanky Lady Lainey  office and watching cricket every evening.
Yorkshire made it through to Finals day!


Big news for August TLJL was capped, yes he is no longer a rosebud, but a full blooming rose and about time too!

I was given tickets to go to Finals Day at Edgbaston, a chance to see the boys  in T20 action. I was so very lucky to be given a lift with Janey and Alan as they were going too.

Met up with Susan and then Sophie and Terry who were cheering on Notts ( sadly they didn't go through to the final)
 After much 'cheering' for TLJL and all the team, it was sadly not to be Yorkshire's day as they lost to Durham, and then not Durham's day as they lost to Northants.

Home, and time to swop cases and head off to Scarbados for sunshine, cricket and relaxing. Whilst the boys took on Nottinghamshire.
I met the lovely mummy of TLJL ( she had seen and heard me at Finals Day!)

I then headed back to Headingley for  the OD semi final. I just never seemed to be of the road.

Well at least I wouldn't be having to contemplate a visit to Lords as we crashed out. I woke up on Bank Holiday Monday in The Headingley Lodge gazing over the hallowed ground only to see the news that Gillespie the Gallant was leaving us. Cried all the way home!


September saw us have a massive win over Durham which boosted the mood of the Yorkshire faithful and also put us right back in the title race.

I finally got to meet the lovely Olivia whilst I had spent 2 wonderful days with Mark at my spot on the boundary

and then.............

A crushing loss over Somerset meant that Lords was going to be the decider.

As the boys headed to Hampshire driven safely by Mark their chauffeur, more surprises were in store for me as Mark knew my old mate Terry. Much picture messaging ensued and I finally got word to my great friend from the 'old days'

The ECB decided that we would play an 8 team T20 tournament next season. Hmmmm why do I not really like this????

Ahead of the last match of the season His Royal Ryanness confirmed that he would stay at Yorkshire for another year (Youpi!!!)

After much upset amongst the Yorkshire followers over Andrew Strauss's decision to not allow Jonny B to play in the final game of the season, but let Steve Finn, the battle commenced at 10.30am on 20th.

I arrived for the last 2 days at Lords,  where I caught up with PoM & FLoM in their last match in their roles. I also met old work colleague Neil and his wife Anne which was brilliant..

Much 'yahooing' in The long Room bar and The lords Tavern ensued.

I was on Sky quite a lot according to the tweets I was receiving,and when Toby Roland-Jones' hat trick  saw Middlesex win, I was seen on Sky crying.

I am not a sore loser, I was just distraught as this did not just mark the end of the season but  the end of an era at Yorkshire, an era that has lasted 5 seasons and seen us move from Division 2 to County Champions (twice). It saw us at T20 finals day ( twice), it saw me in floods of tears ( much more that twice).

This is not all of the excitement that I had this season but it makes me realise how many miles I have travelled to support my boys. The miles  where nothing to the fun, friendship and frustration that I had along the way.
I got to meet up with all my yorkshire chums, Gary, Steve, John, Mark & Sharon,  Craig, Rick Dan,Jim , Susan and Olivia.. As well as spending lots of time with my Durham pals, Mr Funky the Chauffuer, Pauly Paul, Dynamo Dom, Mick, Janey and Alan.
And of course Sophie and Terry,  super Notts fans.

Cricket and friends a perfect combination.

As Gillespie the Gallant leaves us for pasture new, we can only wish him all the best and hope that he never forgets us.
He can be sure that we will never forget him and the great legacy that he has left at the club.

And now I have 6 months to do all the things that I have put on hold since my life!

And so with more than one tear in my eye I say goodbye to season  2016

here's to April 2017 and a new start albeit two County Championship matches shorter, but hey, cricket is cricket!.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Monday morning blues!

It's cold, it's dark and the birds are no longer waking me up, so this is the signal for me that summer is over.

I can now pack away the extra 'tupperwares' and clean the flasks out for the last time. Pop the cool bags back into the back of the pantry and start to fill the freezer with curries and dhals.

After having such a rollercoaster of emotions over the last few days, it is now time to get my head back into serious work mode and also to try to get done all the jobs here at the Chateau that have been on hold for 6 months.

There is a new patio to be laid for starter!!!!  And my back is aching already!

I also have a huge amount of knitting to do  in my task of making the  VERY valuable bear a jumper in every county colours.  I made a start yesterday with his Nottinghamshire jumper, which will be followed by Yorkshire, Middx,Durham, Northants and Somerset this week ( I hope, if all goes to plan).

As we settle down for 6 months of overseas cricket, thoughts turn to who is really going to take over now that we are without Gillespie the Gallant.

Rumours are flying all over the place, with Brad Hodge now being thrown into the pot.

If the self same rumours are to be believed, then Paul Farbrace has taken himself out of the equation, which for me was a relief. I was not overly keen on having him back. This is however only my view.

What I do know is that instead of speculating, we need to just wait and see what the club decide. They will do what they think is right, look what happened on 15th November 2011.  That announcement was history in the making for the club.

We now all have to be patient.

This is super short today as I have a whole lot of things to do before I head off down the A1 and Super Swanky Lady Lainey office.

Ah the 'joy' of 6 months of no cricket AND office boys...............................something has got to change!

Until tomorrow, have a great Monday.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

The morning after the morning after

I woke up in my own bed, Well the spare bed as I had emptied the case out onto my bed, gone to answer Tweets and FB messages and then was too tired to sort out the carnage.

What a few days I have had in London.

I was still crying until late last night,not because I am a sore loser but because I am sad for my boys and sad that we no longer have Gillespie the gallant at the helm.

One thing that I do know is that if tweets are to be believed, the boys are already planning to get the Trophy back.

The hero of the match from a Yorkshire point of view, had to be Little Timmy Bresnan with his cracking knock of 142 not out in the first innings and 55 in the second innings!

Best 'water boy' award goes to TLJL of course!

Yorkshire player most liked by the Middlesex committee goes to Andrew Hodd who spent a good part of Thursday evening talking to El Presidenti and an ex President, who told me on Friday that he thought he was a 'wonderful young man'.

Best sport for having his picture taken by a load of old drunks, goes to 'my boy' Jonny Bairstow.

Greatest coach ever award goes to Gillespie the Gallant, without a doubt, who has seen us return to glory.

And the award for 'curls nearly as pretty as mine' goes to His Royal Ryanness.

I am now going to put the washing on, do some housework and then watch the match again and no doubt cry!

I know this is short but after all the technical issues over the last few days and all the 'excitement' I am totally exhausted!

And tomorrow is not only another day, its a work day and I need to get sorted for that!

We may have been beaten, but we are Yorkshire and we will return!

The morning after!

It's Saturday morning and I am up, dressed and packed ready to head back to the icy wastes of the North.

Before I leave London though lets look back at yesterday.

SO, I managed to crawl out of bed with the mother of all hangovers and a camera full of photos to prove that it had been some night.

I also found the VERY valuable teddy bear in bed with me!

So I set off to Lords  with a spring in my step and know that today is THE day.

We needed to bowl Middlesex out  and then put on the runs.

I met Steve and Jemima as I went in and  went to take my seat.

3 Chelsea pensioners came to sit in  front of me and you knew then that it was going to be a funny old day, their banter was hilarious.

They were all wearing Yorkshire Roses!

And then I found out that Steve Denison the Chairman had given them all one

Neil arrived, I went to see Harry and Blossom and Geoff in the committee room, where  by now the gentleman on the door was totally convinced that I was Harrys niece!

Well Middlesex decided to dig in and by lunch we were no further forward.

Neil and I took a walk over the hallowed turf and then bumped into Janey who had ventured down from Durham.
We then bumped into Dan from the Middle stump and  lots of Neil's friends from Kent.

I was receiving messages about my numerous appearances (again) on Sky.

Middlesex declared and Yorkshire were looking in a good position.

This was looking good. We were in the running.

Shortish story shorter.

A loss of wickets and a hat trick from Toby Roly-Poly saw us  done for.

As Middlesex came out to receive the trophy, it was all too much for I, Lady lainey and  I burst into tears, and sobbed.

And sobbed.

And was caught on sky sobbing and had some photographer taking pictutres of me crying.

And then my greatest pal El Presidenti of Middx himself, now at his last duty as President, went over and shook hands with Gillespie the Gallant in his last match as our beloved coach.

Well I was no good at all after that and a drink was the order of the day!

I was invited to dinner at Neils and Annes house and eventually arrived back at the hotel at 1.45am!

Not the ending to the season and the Gillespie era that we wanted, but it has been a wonderful season without a doubt!

And now I am off to the station!

Saturday, 24 September 2016

F(ryan)day at Lords

So its F(ryan)day and yes indeed it is, the big fella managed to get us over the 'magical' 350 mark and did it with a 4.

However there was much more going on at Lords yesterday than that.

I arrived at the Grace Gate at the same time as our beloved leader Steve Denison and we quickly headed into the Long Room bar for a coffee.

Taking our seats we were joined by some of Steves friends, and I was joined by Jim and Craig.

Next up my old work colleague Neil arrived and we all settled down to see what would happen.

Well after lunch in The Lords Tavern we were back in place and the heavens opened.

So Neil took me up to the champagne bar,
Jim came up to join us and as the players came back out we went out onto the balcony.

OMG!!! I am sure that they heard me scream in Australia when HRR hit the 4 that took us over 350!
I hugged Jim and anyone else who was close to me regardless of whether they were Yorks or Middx!

Well then it was time to head to the  Long Room bar.

Now lets just say the remainder of the evening was a were a lot of the pictures taken.

I acquired a bear, one of only 10 made by Merrythought

The owner of the bear?
None other than the CEO of Arthur Price Cutlery!

I wish I remembered that conversation!

Into the Lords Tavern, accosted every Yorkshire player in sight

Went back to hotel

It was a grand day!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Last chat with Jason.....

Jason, I just want to say thank you  to you for taking the time  to speak to me again, I appreciate that at the moment things are a little bit 'mad', so I am very grateful.

Well sadly for all of the Yorkshire supporters, after much speculation, we are now coming to terms with the fact that you are leaving the club,

What have been the highlights for you from the last 5 seasons ( apart from meeting me!).

 Promotion from Division 2  in 2012, 40% of that season we were washed out, so it was a great effort.

Winning the Championship  and seeing the lads achieve personal and team success.

You came to Yorkshire as a 'novice' and are leaving as a championship winning coach, how does that feel?

I wasn't strictly speaking a novice as I had coached  Australia A, and Midwest Rhino's in Zimbabwe as well as a being  bowling coach to Kings XI Punjab.

But at Yorkshire  I feel grateful for the support and the backing I received from the club, support staff led by Martyn and they players. They have been brilliant.

You always say that it isn't just you in the coaches role that steers 'the ship', but the whole support staff, I and many supporters/members beg to differ, we feel that you have pushed the team  on to great things in your time here. Will you now agree that this is the case?

It has been a real team effort, we would not have achieved what we have, had our 'off  field team' not been on the same page.

I knew that you still wouldn't agree with me!!!

Correct me if I am wrong but 6 losses in 77 championship matches, not a lot of coaches can boast that!

I'm very proud of our players, they are the ones doing the job out there.

The season had been a bit of a rollercoaster, some false starts and then getting to the semis in the white ball competition. How important was this to you?

The players worked hard over the winter to improve their short form cricket.

There is plenty of improvement still to be made.

There is an opportunity for them to perform better and more consistently at Headingley.

Who do you see as  seriously upcoming talent in the team?

Matt Fisher

HMMMMMMM!!!!!! not quite the answer I wanted!!!! (laughs)

England have been dipping into the team regularly since you took over the reins, who do you foresee England looking at next?

There are a number of players who could challenge for places.

Lyth, Lees and Fisher

In the next season or so we will be losing a few of the squad I imagine, Ryan and Andrew will be retiring, how do you think that this will affect the team dynamic?

Galey still has a few years left and Ryan is still bowling well.
However when he goes, Galey's leadership will be missed

Will you be cheering us on next season?

Without a doubt!!!

What one memory of your time here will stay with you forever?

The friendships that I have made with the people that I have  worked with

So, Granddad, you head off back to Australia in a couple of weeks, a bit of R & R, babysitting?

Yes and Yes!!!!!

I  need to spend time with the family

And then onto  The Big Bash 06 with the Adelaide Strikers.

Yes, really looking forward to BBL06

A final with them in the New Year?

If we play well enough

And then on to a whole new challenge

Not sure what's round the corner, we'll have to wait and see!

Well for once I have run out of chatter!!!

Thank you for taking the time last season and now to talk to me

No worries.

There will be a huge hole at Headingley next season.

The club is in great hands with Martyn, Mark and Steve in charge.

The team will only get better.

I am looking forward to seeing YCCC having success on and off the field

I consider myself very lucky to have been given the chance to talk to Jason over the this season and the last.
These 'chats' are something that I will never forget.


Tuesday, 20 September 2016


And so day 2 dawns and we all rehash day 1

I am sad that TLJL's Momma can't be at Lords, I am cheering extra loud for TLML! ( so that must be loud).
Also sad to see that TLJL was not in the squad but at least he is at Lords!.
Get well soon to his momma as she is not too well at the moment.

And so at it began
It didn't take long before Brooksy had his first wicket and he continued until his haul was on 3.
Timmy Bresnan took one too, as did David Willey.

Middlesex batted well.

Gubbins got his cap which was presented by none other than El Presidenti!

Middlesex collected their first batting point before bad light took them off as floodlights were not allowed to be used! ( Probably Strauss refused to put 50p in the meter!).

Scores at close 208-5

And then at Taunton after some early wickets for Notts, Taunton got into their stride, but a batting collapse late afternoon saw their score on 322-9

So today I have checked the weather forecast  and it  looks as if they will have a full day of play.

I had a message forom Sophie last night and I am off to see South Africa with her next July.................ooohh the lovely Abraham Benjamin!

And talking South Africa, if rumours are to be believed then Yorkshire are signing the motormouth, super self inflated ego that is KP, I personally am hoping for Dale Steyn. OOOH that stare!

I cannot see Yorkshire signing KP AT ALL, he is the last thing they need on the team.

Right got to throw another 10 pairs of shoes in my case and get off to the office,

I am on my way to Lords this evening and to say that I am super excited is an understatement.

There is a treat of a blog tomorrow, look out for the link on my Twitter feed as I won't be able to post form a computer.

Until tomorrow


The 'Lords' Prayer

As the boys don glove and pad

Think about the games we've had

Captain Gale leading the team

As they go to chase the dream.

Early season, double tons,

Lyth and  Bairstow making runs.

Forget the injuries sustained

White ball games when it has rained

Remember sunshine, cheering a Patto wicket

Scarborough festival, the 'must have ticket'.

HRR doing what HRR does best

And never  forgetting all the rest.

And now with season end in sight

We are ready for the fight

Keeping  heads and hopes up high

One last push to reach for the sky.

Wear your White Rose over your heart

Every Yorkshireman!!, no man apart

Wear your Yorkshire Rose with pride

Back your team, back your 'side'

'For Yorkshire, boys' the rapturous cry

'For Gillespie' and his sad goodbye

'For the trophy' in our hands

'For Everyone' in the homeland

So as the boys don glove and pad

Think of all the games we've had

Whether at home or afar

Champions we forever are

Monday, 19 September 2016

The biggest week begins!

It's Monday and it is the start of the biggest week in the Yorkshire's season.

Am I excited?
well actually I feel sick to the bottom of my stomach. It's nerves! and if I feel like this then I dread to think how my boys feel!!!

Yesterday saw the 13 man team announced, I was smiling because TLJL had been named which means one way or another I will get to see him smiling before the end of the season.

However Yorkshire also released a statement as to why we would not be seeing 'my son'; Jonny B, as the ECB would not release him to play.

I am not going into it on here, there was a lot of 'shouting' on Twitter and declaring of 'never buying a Yorkshire membership again'.

Firstly any member who said they wouldn't buy a membership again,


it is not the clubs fault, their hands are tied!!

secondly, do what you claim to be,  A SUPPORTER!

The club and the boys need the support now more than ever, they are going into the final match of the season without one of their own and need everyone to be pulling together for them.

I was shocked and saddened to see this and hope that it was just a knee jerk reaction

Adil Rashid had asked to be rested for the match, which provoked many tweets of a not so pleasant nature.

I have checked this morning and no reason has yet been released, but COME ON! Adil would not have asked without good reason, he is an intrinsic part of the team and there must be a valid reason.

I hope that this morning all those doubters will have their sensible heads on.

Pull together, get behind the boys.

And yes we may not like Andrew Strauss.................................but that's fine he's not from Yorkshire!

Here endeth the telling off for this morning!

Happy Monday!

PS, Come on Notts

PPS HRR has signed for another year!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sunny Sunday

Well I am up and about after a massively disturbed night with the 'car' guy across the road. No I hadn;t been out on the razz with him, he is the one who goes out, comes in at all strange hours and then sits in his car with the engine running for 30 minutes +.
I toddled off to bed about 10.30pm after falling asleep on the sofa. Went straight to sleep and then at 1.30am he went out. Cue the noise of the oversized exhaust.

Just dozing off at 2.20am and he came in . cue the engine running.

Just settling into sleep and then 3.45am he went out again!!

By this point I was not the happiest 'lapin'. He didn't return and I managed to get some shut eye.

He may get more than he bargained for if he does it again!

Anyhow back to yesterday, which was a glorious day here in Ladylaineyville. Washing was blowing on the line and I settled down to watch the cricket.

I was not really much bothered who won, as neither teams were in my top 10 choice.

Surrey went into bat and seemed to be chugging along nicely and then it all went a bit 'Pete Tong'.

Yep  even the motormouth Batty ( the oldest spinner in town!) couldn't pull anything back.

The  much rated Currans look outclassed.

As Jade Dernbach swaggered in I realised that I was willing 'The Bears' on!

Surrey closed on 136 all out

Well Trotty scored 82 in reply to Surrey and Warwickshire beat them in record time and  with 60,000 wickets in hand.( slight exaggeration )

This meant that all the Sky hacks could get done the pub earlier than expected and talk about the 'terrible' travelling time from Durham to London on the train. OMG!! 3 hours is a lifetime!

I did a spot to knitting, had a visit from Mr funky the Chauffeur and made a vegetable curry. Chatted to besty mate Shazza from Barnsley and brought the washing in!

Today involves, manicure, pedicure, hair 're oranging' and case packing.

So best get to it. It's a big week this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

it's a cricket day...on TV

Well I am up and dressed and the 2nd load of washing is in, the first is already blowing on the line.

I have food to prepare and then I can sit down and watch the Royal London one Day Final's day.

it is Surrey v Warwickshire and not a match that I would normally watch but hey, any port in a storm!

And talking Surrey, it was announced yesterday that Gareth batty had been selected to go to Bangladesh with the England team.............................seriously, they are taking the old motormouth with them!

Well who knows there is hope for a call up for His Royal Ryanness yet!

The squads for both the one day and the test team do look a bit like 'Yorkland' with Bairstow, Ballance, Root, Plunkett , Willey  and Rashid all being selected.

Lets hope that some of them bat a bit better than they did for their county.

The news of Batty did detract all of Twitter from the T20 debacle, so it was of some use.

The dame and I spent the evening on the phone to each other and  have set in motion holiday plans for next year, I am hoping to get to Liechtenstein  at some point and also back home to Le Touquet.
I must start planning!!!

I have a busy weekend getting the Chateau into some sort of order and then getting my case packed for Lords. It is going to be some week next week.

So I am keeping this VERY sort as I have lots to do before the cricket starts.

Until tomorrow

Friday, 16 September 2016

it's F(ryan)day and what a week he's had

Well today I am dedicating  part of F(ryan)day to  His Royal Ryanness ( well it is named after him).

At 38 years and 245 days ( as of this morning), he is still a pivotal part of the Yorkshire team and although he lost a good part of this season ( and boy did we miss him................... well OK I did), he returned to the field and showed that he is still a valuable wicket taker.

His current ( as of 16/9/16) First class wicket haul is 736 and  we are hoping to see that rise next week at Lords.

Next season he will be celebrating 20 years as a professional cricketer.

I personally am hoping that he holds the championship trophy next week as it would be a fitting end to a terrible season for him.
And if you ever seen near a football in warm up , let me know!

back to the championship race, as that is what it has come down to after yesterday.

We are now looking at Yorkshire, Middlesex and Somerset in contention.
So here is the plan.

Nottinghamshire, despite going down to division 2 next season need to show what they  are made of and .give Somerset a thrashing.

Middlesex are hosting my boys and I am expecting that if Lyth and Lees open the batting they go at it like a bull at a gate. none of those 'shit shots' ( technical cricket term) and rack up some runs.

Patto, HRR and Jack Brooks need to bowl brilliantly and  keep those southern boys restricted.

It is all to play for and it is going to be tense!
A draw will not suffice at Lords.

Am I excited about going to see this match?

Of course I am!

Yesterday Durham managed to stop themselves sliding down to division 2.  So at least I will not have far to travel to see my boys next season.

 Today is busy and also very wet as we are in the midst of a thunderstorm here in Ladylaineyville. I also have lots to do in the office before the weekend begins.

And so with that I will depart and wish you all a Happy F(ryan)day.

Roll on next week.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

And so............................

With my feet firmly on the ground, I know that it is game on.

Middlesex were held up in their hopes of a win against Lancashire with  a magnificent century by Rob Jones and what better way to score your maiden century than by helping out my boys!

My boys were in a dire position by lunch and then we had a maiden century hit by Jake Lehmann which did not help us to win the game but did help to rectify some of the carnage that had occurred.

We lost but we went down fighting ( eventually). Lehmann will not be available at Lords.

Which could mean a possible appearance of TLJL...........................

Oh and I might get to see TLML, and  I promise not to shout and whistle at her son!

The main news was the announcement  from the ECB that they are in the process of killing off the County Championship and we will be playing 'circus cricket'  in an eight team tournament.( well that's not what thtey actually said but it is what they appear to want)

Hmmm, I will still support Yorkshire, Headingley,Leeds what ever they choose to be called, in what ever guise they adopt but I doubt that they will have my bum on a seat as I will be watching from home ( unless I am meeting Sophie that is)
Apparently this is not a franchised event (yet!!! that will be announced next year mark my words!).

They will not be using our county players but will 'mix and match'.

well we will have to see how it pans out and at the moment no amount of foot stamping is going to stop the ECB on their mission.

I honesty think that they are short sighted and  that they underestimate the value of County Cricket, look at the prospect of next week.
How many Yorkshire, Middlesex and Somerset fans are all at this moment standing with their fingers crossed?

How many of these fans are in a state of nervous excitement?

Well I am for one.

And I am taking this nervous excitement to super swanky Lady Lainey office where I will shout at boys become hyperactive by drinking way too much black coffee and look nervously pretty for 7 hours.........

....................whilst also putting quill to paper to the ECB!!!!!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Keep your eye on the prize!

and so to this mornings team talk!

1. Adam and Jake, the weight of the whole of Yorkshire may seem to be on your shoulders this morning, but look at it this way,what is that weight compared to lifting the weight of the championship trophy?

2.Somerset's bowling attack are smelling blood, so stick a plaster on the wounds and  bat for Yorkshire

3.Make sure His Royal Ryanness is on the 'fizzio's' bench until he is needed to bat.

4. Tim, if your heroics are needed today, make them count

5. come on boys you can do this.

Team talk to Lancashire

1. Make sure that you are all doing the rain dance today and tomorrow.

End of team talk.

There is no point rehashing yesterday as we all know what happened.
But a worthy mention is for the 'Rolls Royce' of Yorkshire, His Royal Ryanness who took 5-51.

I am always harping on about HRR, as you know, but his bowling figures speak for themselves and after breaking the bat of Trescothick with one delivery we know that there is still a lot of power behind those deliveries.
His run up may have slowed down slightly but he is still one of the most economical bowlers around, and truly competitive.

Gillespie the gallant had a spell in the comms box where he presented  Cally with a signed bat for his duties to the Yorkshire commentary.

And he also was pressed to comment on the Morgan question.
The answer was that if he had been in  Eoin Morgans position he would have gone to Bangladesh.

Well I love the fact that he still says it as it is.
And I am sure that a lot of people will agree.

Sad news that Phil Simmons has parted company with The West Indies.

Phil there is an empty seat at Yorkshire!
Lets have a bit of Caribbean zest in the Yorkshire cocktail!

And so let the battle recommence

Wear your white rose with pride.


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

That didn't go as planned!

well now!

Yesterday did not start too well after doing the blog I headed out the door of  the Chateau and couldn't get the key out of the door! So I had to go through the garage and escape that way.
a quick call to Paul the window/door man, and he said that he would come and put in a new lock at 5pm.


I tip up in Super swanky Lady Lainey office to find a stony silence and a box on my desk.

I ignored the boys gulped down some coffee  and then opened the box.

What do you think????

Well my super besty mate Shazza from Barnsley had sent me a copy of the brand spanking new autobiography of Abraham Benjamin!

I switched on the radio at 10.35 after taking a phone call to find that a wicket had just fallen at Headingley................................I quickly switched off and did some work.

By the time I switched back on we were 2 down and it didn't get any better.

Tim Bresnan hit the highest score of 38!!
And even His Royal Ryanness got the same number of runs as one of our England stars!

Oh dear!!!! ( and that's the Ladylike version)

I was wondering if a quick trip up the A1 for a 'talking to' was what the boys needed. That and a trip to narnia   ( under my stairs).

Then in the 2nd over of Somerset's innings, Brooksy scored, well he took a wicket and I began to feel better.

after coming off for bad light, Somerset posted 107-1.

Today the boys need to be quick out of the traps and  clear up before lunch.

I will not tolerate any messing about. They know they can roll Somerset over so they had best get on with it.

Meanwhile over in Lancashire, flipping Middlesex were doing very well.

To say that I am worried is an understatement.

So order of the day.

My boys go out and clear up the Somerset boys.

It chucks it down with rain for the next 3 days in Manchester. just over Old Trafford, torrential, monsoon type rain would be good.

I also had old London workmate, Phil call in for dinner. He has just gone back to work for our old company and is covering this area.
Wonderful to catch up and fantastic new car too.

And now I am off to the 'orifice', to see if I can concentrate on work.............................doubt it, my mind is too full of what  Yorkshire need to do today.


and in the words of our beloved leader.


Monday, 12 September 2016

Monday shmonday!

It's Monday and this morning there is a definite chill in the air, in fact it is downright chilly. Anyone off to HQ today should wrap up warmly just in case!

Yes today see the start of the penultimate match of the season as My boys take on Somerset. It's all kicking off at 10.30am!

And luckily for me it is on 5Live sport so I can tune in the Cally and tune out of office boys!

I wish I was there but I am still trying to recover from last week!

So these are the important matches this week

My boys v The Cider drinkers

El Presidenti's boys v The lot from the dark side

I will also be cheering the 'dark side on' but son't tell anybody!

Other good news that I had last evening,  TLJL scored a brilliant 107 runs yesterday for York CC as they became Black Sheep Champions 2016.

Well done to the whole team! and especially TLJL.

Other news that has caused a bit of a stir is that Eoin Morgan and Alex Hales will not tour Bangladesh in October due to security concerns. For some strange reason they have appointed Jos Butler captain!!??!!

Yesterday, here at the Chateau, was busy as my overnight visitor went home and then Dame Didi tipped up for a quick call before heading off to see Auntie Helen.

I spent a good part of the day sleeping and the remainder doing the most important thing.

And now I need to throw myself into the shower and get off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, a prospect that I am not relishing.

Until tomorrow.


Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sunday, and a quiet one!

Well its Sunday and after a whirlwind week which has included dog sitting I am finally trying to get myself and the chateau into some sort of order.
easier said than done!

I am still in a tizzy over the events of this week and boy has it been some week!

 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday saw me  settled in my seat on the boundary and ready for a champion performance.
And boy did I get it.

Thursday saw a day of cricket that I doubt I will ever see again, the bowling was outstanding and the batting was that of champions. I was totally exhausted by the time my head hit the hay.

By Friday lunchtime we all knew that short of a  terrific bit of batting from  Durham we were on our way to victory. And His Royal Ryanness did not disappoint at all taking 4 wickets and showing why he is pivotal  to the team.
Jack Brooks who has missed a huge part of the season with injury  took 3 wickets and after a worry on Thursday due to Patto missing due to family illness his return that afternoon and wicket was a huge celebration for both supporters and team alike.

The win was just what everyone needed.

we now face Somerset starting tomorrow and boy will that be a game!

The only downside for me was that TLJL was missing from the team and my worry is that I will not get to see the little smiler before the season ends.......................however I have it on good authority that if we are in a Championship winning position at Lords the whole team will probably be there!.

I would also like to say huge thanks to Gary, Mark, John, Michael and Olivia for making it a wonderful few days at HQ, great cricket friends.

So today I need to settle down to do some work and try to keep myself calm.

And tomorrow sees the wonderful Dave Callaghan commentating on his 400th Yorkshire match.

Long may he continue.

All that is left to say is


Saturday, 10 September 2016


 I have to say that I  really do consider myself a very lucky Lady.

In spite of everyone wanting to speak to him and time running out before his departure home, Jason (Gillespie the Gallant) took the time to talk to me, I kept it short with some fun, quick fire questions and I am very grateful for him taking the time.

What is your favourite food?

My own homemade Potato and Spinach curry.

What is your favourite drink?

Vegan Red wine

Favourite holiday spot?

East Coast of Sri Lanka

Last book you read?

The Good Murungu  by Alan Butcher

Best hotel on the cricket Circuit?

Worsley Park Marriott Hotel, Manchester 

Signiture dish to cook


Which CD do you have in the car?

Agharta by Miles Davis

Favourite Film of all time?

The Shawshank Redemption

Last film you saw at the cinema?

The BFG ( took the kids)

Which actor would yo like to play you in a film of your life?

George Clooney 

The job that you would give your right arm for?

Test match commentator, if not a coach

The person you least want to sit next to on the team coach

Bressie, terrible taste in music!

The person you like to sit next to on the team bus


Most treasured possesions?

My caps from Australia, South Australia, Yorkshire and Glamorgan

Happiest childhood memory?

Watching cricket, even on family holidays!
Everyone else on the beach and I would be watching cricket on TV

Place you want to retire too?

North Queensland

Washing up or drying?

Washing up

Your motto?

Enjoy what you are doing

I have to say a HUGE thank you to our coach for taking the time to answer these questions.

Friday, 9 September 2016

The one where Yorkshire are flipping brilliant......

OK here it is......................MY BOYS GAVE ME A DAY I MAY NEVER SEE AGAIN!

Lets rewind though.

Yesterday dawned very sunnny and rapidly got cloudier and cloudier.
I went down to meet up with Mark, who had flown in from Northern Ireland to support the boys.
Rain came down and we headed to the Long Room, where we rummaged through the book stall and then  went back out to watch the boys.

The boys went into bat and Lyth and Lees showed that they meant buisiness as they motored away.
 Sadly Lees fell on 88, but Lyth went onto 114 not out with Garry Ballance.
When Ballance lost his wicket, Yorkshire declared.

It was great to see Lyth back in the runs.


Durham came out to bat, and before the close of play they were 3 wickets down and Jack Brooks had a lot to celebrate........................................and did with his trademark hi speed lap of honour.

This does  not even scratch the surface of the day that we had, it really is hard to put into words the whole 'feel' of the day.

The 'feeling' in the ground   seemed to be of 'expectation' and then ' excitement'

My boys looked confident and in good form, they looked liked the champions that they are.

What will today hold?

Well I had best get dressed and downstairs to find out?

and before I forget, a huge well done to Jake Ball who only went and took  another 3 wickets yesterday to  put the pressure on  current leaders Middx.

And apologies for this being late posted but I have been trying to get some much needed sleep.

See you tomorrow when I hope the whole of Yorksire will be smiling

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Joyeux Anniversaire a ma soeur

Aujourd hui est l'anniversaire de mon soeurDame Didi!!!

Joyeux Anniversaire
Joyeux anniversaire
Joyeaux anniversaire avec un gland gateau
Et pisse -vous rire dans Hyper -U!!!
(family joke )

Have a super splendid day Didi xxxxxxxxxxxx

And now back to yesterday and cricket.

After sitting  in traffic a mere cock stride from home for an hour,my temper was getting to boiling point.  However I made it with time to spare and got myself seated in time for my boys coming out to finish their first innings.

And was it hot!!! The sun was blasting down and it was perfect cricket weather.

Well they put an extra 119 onto their overnight total and were bowled out for 460.

Lunch was called and then Durham came out to bat. Very early we nearly saw His Royal Ryanness in the wickets, but it was put down. Hmmm his face said it all.
It took  to the 10th over for the first wicket to fall.

Durham closed on 205-4

There needs to be some serious wicket taking this morning.

Also had a great catch up with Gary  as we put the cricket world to rights!

Over at Trent Bridge after the heroics of Jake Ball on Tuesday night Middx finished their first innings with a 6 run lead, and the aforementioned Jake Ball finished with figures of 5-66.

I need Steven Mullaney to play the innings of his life!

Come on you Trent bridge boys!!!

I am late 'blogging' this morning, I had a fairly good night sleep but it was very,very warm. I am now watching the groundsman have a cup of tea, and watching a programme on a mass burial site underneath Rome.
They think that it may have been the result of an epidemic that hit the Romans.
However what caught my attention was that one body was wearing a ring, which when tested turned out to be Jet, from North Yorkshire non the less!!!

Now time to throw myself into the shower and get ready for another day of cricket. It has been bright and sunny but the clouds are gathering as forecast.

Oh well as long as we get some play I don't mind!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Ah midweek and the weekend is so close that  I can nearly see it, I am not sure why I am wishing the week away as there are only 2 more weeks until the end of the County championship season and  total boredom/hibernation for me.

However talking County Championship, it was a bit of a day, yesterday.

there was no toss at Headingley and Yorkshire were put into bat. Hmmm, didn't seem good when Lyth went for 2, which was apparently a 'shit shot' ( very technical cricket term). I didn't see it but was reliably informed.
Alex Lees made 132 and  with half centuries from Ballance and Lehmann my boys were 341-5 overnight.

Sadly TLJL is not playing!!!! Will I get to see him play before the end of the season???

I chuffing well hope so.

Over at Trent Bridge, I checked in with El Presidenti and made sure that  he had been to see Dave Bracegirdle, Notts Comms man.
Notts were batting. Samit Patel hit a century!!!

However the Middx bowlers  were on form and Ollie Rayner, the young Sean Bean lookalike, took nearly as many wickets as Sean has had wives!! 3-46!!

Notts were all out for 241.

And then something very magical happened............................
Middx went into bat, Jake Ball was opening the bowling, and before the first over was over, well lets just say  with figures of 3-2 it speaks for itself!

I think that  Jake ball is now the favourite bowler of the whole of Yorkshire, and iI imagine that the Middx team were making dollies of him last night and sticking pins in it!.

Told you it was some day....................................

.......................and then there was Lady Laineys favourite Aussie, Glenn 'Hotelkeygate' Maxwell, he hit 145 not out ( shame he hadn't done that at Yorkshre last season ), with Australia  setting a new T20 record in International cricket.


I wonder what today will bring!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Even more tired!!!

So after a long and miserable day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office yesterday I decided that another early night was in order. Yep I headed 'up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire' just after 9.30 and must have fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

And then at 1.30am the man across the road came in and revved his car engine for about 40 minutes, by the time he was snoring in his bed I was tossing and turning and getting more and more grumpy.

I fell asleep just after 4am and am now struggling to keep my eyes open!

Not a great start to the day!

However today sees the start of the County Championship match at Headingley when my boys are taking on Durham.

News that Jonny B and Joey Root won't be playing  caused a mini storm on Twitter, but we have hardly had Joey all season and the rest of the boys have kept the team strong.

We have plenty of talent to chose from and I think that the captain will make the right choice.

Lets not look on this as a negative but a positive. We know that they will be doing their best.

I am busy packing up books to send to the booksale at the ground. What better way to clear the bookcase than to know that it will so some good.

I have to go back to the doctors to have my finger looked at again, hopefully this will be the last time. it still looks 'angry' but is much improved from last week and hugely better than the week before.

well all that is left to say this morning is


and as they are broadcasting Notts v Middlesex I will be listening in to our arch rivals and hope that Notts come out with all guns blazing!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Tired start to the week!

It's not a good sign when you are starting the week like this! Hardly able to drag yourself out of bed and feeling exhausted.

Even with a nap yesterday afternoon and an early night  ( albeit getting woken up by the man across the road revving his car at midnight and then 1.30am), I am starting the working week a tired old wreck, yes the party has taken it's toll.

However the up side is that I only have 17.5 hours in my working week this week and then I am off to watch my boys for a couple of days R & R.
And believe me by then I will need it!

I am still trying to get the O & M manual complete for a build in London and it is proving to be very difficult to get organised.

There was some cricket yesterday but  slept through most of it, which was lucky a England lost.

This week sees our now arch rivals Middlesex at Trent Bridge, whilst we host Durham.

So this is the plan, I need Nottinghamshire to step up, put their recent losses behind the and take Middlesex in hand.

Meanwhile I need Durham to 'do a Durham' and then all will be right with the world. ( well my world).

I am now just over 3 weeks away from total hibernation, when the county cricket season  comes to an end.
And then way that I feel this morning I could be doing with curling up in a ball, pulling my duvet over my head and sleeping for England.

Well this is super short, but as the children are back to school the roads are going to be chaotic this morning......................just what I need!!!!!

Until tomorrow...............

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Cricket against Domestic Violence

Today at Headingley they are using cricket to highlight domestic abuse.
It should be a great day with T20 matches involving celebrities and also lots for the children to do too.

Domestic abuse is not just about physical violence. Sometimes the effects of metal 'torture' can be harder to heal than physical injuries.
It is not just about woman being victims as it is prevalent to both sexes and all cultures.

Using cricket to  highlight this, lets hope that the message becomes widespread.

I know the effects of this and how your life can be blighted by someones cruel and malevolent behaviour.
Cricket has always been part of my life and it was and is part of my healing process, lets hope that it can get the message across and help others too.

have a fabulous day to everyone that is taking part or attending.
I wish I could be there but after last nights family knees up, I am not fit to drive to the end of the street!

And talking yesterday, well it didn't start too well as the washing machine decided to kick it's legs up  when it was full!!! Luckily I was able to get the washing out and after a frantic half hour,  I managed to sort out to get a new one, however it means that there will be no washing done today...................disaster.

And then there was the party!

What an evening that was.
Dame Didi and I finished off  bits and pieces and then we headed off to let out hair down.

All the family showed up except for the southern side who had sent apologies.

The monster children nephews did  keep the bar busy AND even got up to dance!

It was a great evening and everyone enjoyed themselves and we all had a chance to catch up.

Dane Didi  and I got back to the Chateau after the witching hour and she then opened her cards and some of her presents. before we headed to our beds.

And then there was cricket.......................

So rain was forecast at Edgbaston  and it poured, however they did get some play but not enough to secure a win.

My boys were also affected by the weather after taking 4 Hampshire wickets.

Both matches were drawn, but it saw Middlesex's lead of Division one cut to 4 points.

Its all to play for.

And now, well as there is no washing to be done, I might just go back to bed.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

It's the day of the big birthday bash

This is what the Walker/Robinson/Wilkinson/Rhymer/Gibsons will be doing tonight, Well the monster children nephews will probably be propping up the bar, but I know they will be singing along to the 'tunes'.

Yes today is the day of the Grand Birthday bash of Dame Didi.

I have a busy day ahead as I am taking delivery of all the food and also  trying to get the Chateau into some sort of order.(scrapped that plan already!)

Last night I inspected the extensive grounds of the chateau, which this year have taken a bit of a battering and have not been as well tended as in previous years.

However I am marking out the area ready for the new patio to be laid and will be getting down to that once the cricket season is at an end.

And talking cricket.....................

Yesterday at Southampton all seemed to be hunky dory  but 19 overs into the day, rain and bad light halted play which leaves the captain with a difficult decision today! If the weather is good do they declare and try to bowl Hampshire out?

well we will see at 11am.

I am however, baking sausage rolls and doing a rain dance for Edgbaston where Middlesex are on top in their game against Warwickshire. Never A Warks fan I cannot have the southern boys win, no matter how much I loves El Presidenti!

It is going  to go down to the wire, I just know it!

and now, I have curls to twirl, food to bake and things to do, so I am 'orf' to do them

have a super Saturday and


Friday, 2 September 2016

F(ryan)day youpi!!!!!

Yes indeedy it is F(ryan)day and  that means 7 working hours until the weekend and PARRTYYY!!!!!

yes tomorrow is the big Birthday Bash of mon sister Dame Didi, and to say that I am excited is an understatement.

Francesca my besty mate and Alternative therapist is  coming too so it should be a jolly good night.

However I have to get through today before I can really think about letting my hair down.

So yesterday saw my boys still at the crease. Brooksy and His Royal Ryanness were able to put on some more runs and saw the first innings close on a score of  281 all out.

Patterson took first blood and saw  Smith back to the pavilion on 1. HRR took 3 wickets which is seeing his FC haul creeping up. despite a stand by Ervine and Vince, Hampshire were all out for 222.

Yorkshire were back in the field and even with  the loss of Lees for 12 they were 69-1 overnight.

England were in one day action at Headingley and as the evening drew in Twitter came alive with photographs of the most amazing skies.

a freshly shaven Jonny B was drafted in at the last minute, after Jason Roy pulled out with a hamstring injury half an hour start of play. and boy did he show them why he should have been there in the first place.
A well batted 61 along with Stokes  69, saw him get man of the match.

he said that he shaved off his beard as he got told off by his mum ( not me ) after his Gran had been on the phone!

he also dedicated his half century to his Dad who would have been celebrating his birthday yesterday.
What a boy, makes a 'momma' proud!

England won the match and the series and Eoin Morgan nearly cracked a smile!

And so today I am hoping for great batting from the boys, we need a win.

Yesterday also saw the arrival of Simon, big Boss from 'darn sarf' who took us out to lunch. We went to 'Al Forno' in Darlington which was an unexpected hit. they pulled out all the stops to accommodate me and my vegan requirements and we all agreed that we would go again.

And now?

Well its time to get a wriggle on and head off to see my last 7 hours out for this week.

happy F(ryan)day one and all.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Busy Thursday

 Ah the carefree days of childhood, when all you had to worry about was what time the ice cream van would arrive!

Not like now when the Big Boss in arriving from 'darn sarf' and I still have 2 O & M manuals to get finished plus all the other 'stuff' that happens at work.

Ah well it pays for me to get back home to France I suppose.

yesterday was  a great day in that after nearly 20 years I managed to catch up with an old Hampshire friend, albeit via a photo, but it was great to catch up with Terry, who used to look after me so well when I went down to watch the games at Northlands Road.
Mark the wonderful driver of my boys knew Terry and through him I managed to make contact. Brilliant to see my old pal again.

Talking my boys! they had a bit of a collapse early on and at one point were  57-3 which was not good however with the batting of Lehmann and Bresnan the ship was steadied and Jack Brooks putting on  29 and HRR adding 8 they were 275-9 at stumps.

The tail was wagging!!

Middlesex were also not doing too well as they were 6-2 in a very short space of time. I messaged El Presidenti, he took a while to come back to me but he was probably having a G & T.
His boys were all out for 242.

Durham had a major collapse. Captain Collywobble got him in the box apparently and  left the field 'gingerly' according to the mirth of the commentators on't wireless!

Today I expect HRR to put n a brilliant show of bowling backed up by Bressy and Brooksy.

I was sad to see that TLJL had been omitted from the team but I am guessing they are saving him for next week when I will be watching.

Right the birdsnest needs a wash so I will leave it there and head to the bathroom.

shock news last night is that my cuz Right hon Hooligan Robbo is besty pals with non other than the man with no lips!!!

OMG!!!  will be having words with the boy!

have a great day