Thursday, 1 September 2016

Busy Thursday

 Ah the carefree days of childhood, when all you had to worry about was what time the ice cream van would arrive!

Not like now when the Big Boss in arriving from 'darn sarf' and I still have 2 O & M manuals to get finished plus all the other 'stuff' that happens at work.

Ah well it pays for me to get back home to France I suppose.

yesterday was  a great day in that after nearly 20 years I managed to catch up with an old Hampshire friend, albeit via a photo, but it was great to catch up with Terry, who used to look after me so well when I went down to watch the games at Northlands Road.
Mark the wonderful driver of my boys knew Terry and through him I managed to make contact. Brilliant to see my old pal again.

Talking my boys! they had a bit of a collapse early on and at one point were  57-3 which was not good however with the batting of Lehmann and Bresnan the ship was steadied and Jack Brooks putting on  29 and HRR adding 8 they were 275-9 at stumps.

The tail was wagging!!

Middlesex were also not doing too well as they were 6-2 in a very short space of time. I messaged El Presidenti, he took a while to come back to me but he was probably having a G & T.
His boys were all out for 242.

Durham had a major collapse. Captain Collywobble got him in the box apparently and  left the field 'gingerly' according to the mirth of the commentators on't wireless!

Today I expect HRR to put n a brilliant show of bowling backed up by Bressy and Brooksy.

I was sad to see that TLJL had been omitted from the team but I am guessing they are saving him for next week when I will be watching.

Right the birdsnest needs a wash so I will leave it there and head to the bathroom.

shock news last night is that my cuz Right hon Hooligan Robbo is besty pals with non other than the man with no lips!!!

OMG!!!  will be having words with the boy!

have a great day


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