Saturday, 24 September 2016

F(ryan)day at Lords

So its F(ryan)day and yes indeed it is, the big fella managed to get us over the 'magical' 350 mark and did it with a 4.

However there was much more going on at Lords yesterday than that.

I arrived at the Grace Gate at the same time as our beloved leader Steve Denison and we quickly headed into the Long Room bar for a coffee.

Taking our seats we were joined by some of Steves friends, and I was joined by Jim and Craig.

Next up my old work colleague Neil arrived and we all settled down to see what would happen.

Well after lunch in The Lords Tavern we were back in place and the heavens opened.

So Neil took me up to the champagne bar,
Jim came up to join us and as the players came back out we went out onto the balcony.

OMG!!! I am sure that they heard me scream in Australia when HRR hit the 4 that took us over 350!
I hugged Jim and anyone else who was close to me regardless of whether they were Yorks or Middx!

Well then it was time to head to the  Long Room bar.

Now lets just say the remainder of the evening was a were a lot of the pictures taken.

I acquired a bear, one of only 10 made by Merrythought

The owner of the bear?
None other than the CEO of Arthur Price Cutlery!

I wish I remembered that conversation!

Into the Lords Tavern, accosted every Yorkshire player in sight

Went back to hotel

It was a grand day!

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