Friday, 16 September 2016

it's F(ryan)day and what a week he's had

Well today I am dedicating  part of F(ryan)day to  His Royal Ryanness ( well it is named after him).

At 38 years and 245 days ( as of this morning), he is still a pivotal part of the Yorkshire team and although he lost a good part of this season ( and boy did we miss him................... well OK I did), he returned to the field and showed that he is still a valuable wicket taker.

His current ( as of 16/9/16) First class wicket haul is 736 and  we are hoping to see that rise next week at Lords.

Next season he will be celebrating 20 years as a professional cricketer.

I personally am hoping that he holds the championship trophy next week as it would be a fitting end to a terrible season for him.
And if you ever seen near a football in warm up , let me know!

back to the championship race, as that is what it has come down to after yesterday.

We are now looking at Yorkshire, Middlesex and Somerset in contention.
So here is the plan.

Nottinghamshire, despite going down to division 2 next season need to show what they  are made of and .give Somerset a thrashing.

Middlesex are hosting my boys and I am expecting that if Lyth and Lees open the batting they go at it like a bull at a gate. none of those 'shit shots' ( technical cricket term) and rack up some runs.

Patto, HRR and Jack Brooks need to bowl brilliantly and  keep those southern boys restricted.

It is all to play for and it is going to be tense!
A draw will not suffice at Lords.

Am I excited about going to see this match?

Of course I am!

Yesterday Durham managed to stop themselves sliding down to division 2.  So at least I will not have far to travel to see my boys next season.

 Today is busy and also very wet as we are in the midst of a thunderstorm here in Ladylaineyville. I also have lots to do in the office before the weekend begins.

And so with that I will depart and wish you all a Happy F(ryan)day.

Roll on next week.

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