Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sunday, and a quiet one!

Well its Sunday and after a whirlwind week which has included dog sitting I am finally trying to get myself and the chateau into some sort of order.
easier said than done!

I am still in a tizzy over the events of this week and boy has it been some week!

 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday saw me  settled in my seat on the boundary and ready for a champion performance.
And boy did I get it.

Thursday saw a day of cricket that I doubt I will ever see again, the bowling was outstanding and the batting was that of champions. I was totally exhausted by the time my head hit the hay.

By Friday lunchtime we all knew that short of a  terrific bit of batting from  Durham we were on our way to victory. And His Royal Ryanness did not disappoint at all taking 4 wickets and showing why he is pivotal  to the team.
Jack Brooks who has missed a huge part of the season with injury  took 3 wickets and after a worry on Thursday due to Patto missing due to family illness his return that afternoon and wicket was a huge celebration for both supporters and team alike.

The win was just what everyone needed.

we now face Somerset starting tomorrow and boy will that be a game!

The only downside for me was that TLJL was missing from the team and my worry is that I will not get to see the little smiler before the season ends.......................however I have it on good authority that if we are in a Championship winning position at Lords the whole team will probably be there!.

I would also like to say huge thanks to Gary, Mark, John, Michael and Olivia for making it a wonderful few days at HQ, great cricket friends.

So today I need to settle down to do some work and try to keep myself calm.

And tomorrow sees the wonderful Dave Callaghan commentating on his 400th Yorkshire match.

Long may he continue.

All that is left to say is


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