Tuesday, 13 September 2016

That didn't go as planned!

well now!

Yesterday did not start too well after doing the blog I headed out the door of  the Chateau and couldn't get the key out of the door! So I had to go through the garage and escape that way.
a quick call to Paul the window/door man, and he said that he would come and put in a new lock at 5pm.


I tip up in Super swanky Lady Lainey office to find a stony silence and a box on my desk.

I ignored the boys gulped down some coffee  and then opened the box.

What do you think????

Well my super besty mate Shazza from Barnsley had sent me a copy of the brand spanking new autobiography of Abraham Benjamin!

I switched on the radio at 10.35 after taking a phone call to find that a wicket had just fallen at Headingley................................I quickly switched off and did some work.

By the time I switched back on we were 2 down and it didn't get any better.

Tim Bresnan hit the highest score of 38!!
And even His Royal Ryanness got the same number of runs as one of our England stars!

Oh dear!!!! ( and that's the Ladylike version)

I was wondering if a quick trip up the A1 for a 'talking to' was what the boys needed. That and a trip to narnia   ( under my stairs).

Then in the 2nd over of Somerset's innings, Brooksy scored, well he took a wicket and I began to feel better.

after coming off for bad light, Somerset posted 107-1.

Today the boys need to be quick out of the traps and  clear up before lunch.

I will not tolerate any messing about. They know they can roll Somerset over so they had best get on with it.

Meanwhile over in Lancashire, flipping Middlesex were doing very well.

To say that I am worried is an understatement.

So order of the day.

My boys go out and clear up the Somerset boys.

It chucks it down with rain for the next 3 days in Manchester. just over Old Trafford, torrential, monsoon type rain would be good.

I also had old London workmate, Phil call in for dinner. He has just gone back to work for our old company and is covering this area.
Wonderful to catch up and fantastic new car too.

And now I am off to the 'orifice', to see if I can concentrate on work.............................doubt it, my mind is too full of what  Yorkshire need to do today.


and in the words of our beloved leader.


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