Sunday, 25 September 2016

The morning after!

It's Saturday morning and I am up, dressed and packed ready to head back to the icy wastes of the North.

Before I leave London though lets look back at yesterday.

SO, I managed to crawl out of bed with the mother of all hangovers and a camera full of photos to prove that it had been some night.

I also found the VERY valuable teddy bear in bed with me!

So I set off to Lords  with a spring in my step and know that today is THE day.

We needed to bowl Middlesex out  and then put on the runs.

I met Steve and Jemima as I went in and  went to take my seat.

3 Chelsea pensioners came to sit in  front of me and you knew then that it was going to be a funny old day, their banter was hilarious.

They were all wearing Yorkshire Roses!

And then I found out that Steve Denison the Chairman had given them all one

Neil arrived, I went to see Harry and Blossom and Geoff in the committee room, where  by now the gentleman on the door was totally convinced that I was Harrys niece!

Well Middlesex decided to dig in and by lunch we were no further forward.

Neil and I took a walk over the hallowed turf and then bumped into Janey who had ventured down from Durham.
We then bumped into Dan from the Middle stump and  lots of Neil's friends from Kent.

I was receiving messages about my numerous appearances (again) on Sky.

Middlesex declared and Yorkshire were looking in a good position.

This was looking good. We were in the running.

Shortish story shorter.

A loss of wickets and a hat trick from Toby Roly-Poly saw us  done for.

As Middlesex came out to receive the trophy, it was all too much for I, Lady lainey and  I burst into tears, and sobbed.

And sobbed.

And was caught on sky sobbing and had some photographer taking pictutres of me crying.

And then my greatest pal El Presidenti of Middx himself, now at his last duty as President, went over and shook hands with Gillespie the Gallant in his last match as our beloved coach.

Well I was no good at all after that and a drink was the order of the day!

I was invited to dinner at Neils and Annes house and eventually arrived back at the hotel at 1.45am!

Not the ending to the season and the Gillespie era that we wanted, but it has been a wonderful season without a doubt!

And now I am off to the station!

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